Favorite Anime Theme Songs

Adding more songs:
Log horizon OP1
Black Clover OP3, OP4
All FMA Brotherhood OPs
Fairy Tail Main theme
Death Note OP
Cautious Hero OP(btw go watch this show rn idc what ur doing)
Noragami OP1(OP2 was good too, I just like the first one more)
Bungo stray dogs
My hero academia op 1 and 4
Black clover op 4 and 10
Fairy tail
Free op 1 2 3
Durarara op 1
I really liked Sword Art Onlines opening: Crossing Field, really fast paced.
I forgot three more:
God Eater OP(great art style)
Soul Eater OP(great art style as well)
Ouran Highschool Host Club OP(great art, amazing storyline, cringier theme then Beypop lol)
I really love the bungo stray dogs openings.
Shiny Happy Days (Nekopara theme)
Crossing Fields (SAO)
Sparking Revolution
This is five of my favorite anime openings so far in order:
#1: My Hero Academia OP 1
#2: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 2
#3: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure OP 1
#4: The Promised Neverland OP 1
#5: Dr. Stone OP 1
Jojo ost #8: sekibetsu
Goodbye nostalgia (anthology song)
Nothing can be explained
1. OP 10 Black Clover
2.OP 1 Attack on Titan
3.OP 3 Naruto Shippuden
4.OP 1 Koi to Uso
5.OP 2 Beyblade Burst God

(Dec. 21, 2020  11:19 PM)Free... Hoya Wrote: I really love the bungo stray dogs openings.

Yeah they are good.
goirino's theme https://youtu.be/FucnoO9YKys
I'm personally pretty picky when it comes to anime music, so I only have 3 favourites or something.
1- YuGiOh SEVENS OP1 - Nanananananana
2- YuGiOh GX Dub Opening - Game On!
3- Beyblade Burst Cho-Z OP - Chouzetsu Muteki Blader.
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OP 1/2/3/5/7/8/9 (1: Hiroaki Tominaga - Sono Chi No Sadame, 2: CODA - Bloody Stream, 3. Jin Hashimoto - Stand Proud, 5. THE DU - Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town, 7. JO☆United - Great Days (Units Ver.), 8. CODA - Fighting Gold, 9. Daisuke Hasegawa - Traitor's Requiem)
Initial D: First Stage OP1/2 and ED 1 (1. m.o.v.e - Around The World, 2. m.o.v.e - BREAK IN2 THE NITE, (ED)1. m.o.v.e - Rage Your Dream)
Initial D: Second Stage OP (m.o.v.e - Blazin' Beat)
Initial D: Fifth Stage OP (m.o.v.e - Raise Up)
Initial D: Final Stage OP (m.o.v.e - Outsoar The Rainbow)
Wangan Midnight OP (TRF - Lights and Anymore)
Houseki No Kuni OP (YURiKA - Kyoumen no Nami)
Noragami OP (Hello Sleepwalkers - Goya no Machiawase)
Noragami: Aragoto OP (The Oral Cigarettes - Kyouran Hey Kids!!)
Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood OP1 (Yui - Again)
K: Return of Kings OP (Yui Horie - Asymmetry)
MAJOR S1 OP (Road To Major - Kokoro E)
MAJOR S2 OP (Road To Major - Saraba Aoki Omokage)
Digimon Tamers OP (Koji Wada - The Biggest Dreamer)
Neon Genesis Evangelion OP (Yoko Takahashi - Cruel Angel's Thesis)
Akame Ga Kill OP2 (Rika Mayama - Liar Mask)
Ajin OP1 (flumpool - Can You Sleep at Night?)
Hokuto no Ken OP (Crystal King - Ai o Torimodose!!)
Great Teacher Onizuka OP2 (Porno Graffiti - Hitori no Yoru)
One Punch Man OP 1 (JAM Project - The Hero!!)
Soul Eater OP1/2 (1.T.M Revolution - Resonance, 2. Tommy heavenly6 - Papermoon)
Jujutsu Kaisen OP (Eve - Kaikai Kitan)
Top 5 Themes

5. Beyblade Burst: Sparking OP - Sparking Revolution
4. Sword Art Online OP - Crossing Fields
3. JoJo's Bizarre Adventure OP 2 - BLOODY STREAM
2. Nekopara OP - Shiny Happy Days
1. Naruto OP 2 - Haruka Kanata
My Top 5 best anime theme
Blizzard- DBS broly
Ikiri wo soru- dai no daibouken
Fighting gold- JJBA
Hajimateikku takamatteiku- boruto
My war- attack on titan / renai circulation- bakemonogateri (not recommended for kids)
Mine is a 3 way tie between Colors (code geass) Hikaru Nara (Your lie in april) and Gurenge (Demon Slayer)
I love the beyblade burst Cho-Z intro
Update after rewatching some of my favorite animes and realizing that hey, their openings are better than I gave them credit for:

5- Beyblade Burst Cho-Z OP: Chouzetsu Muteki Blader!
4- Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS OP: Nanananananana
3- Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen OP: Two Souls - Toward The Truth
2- Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V OP 6: Pendulum Beat!
1- Beyblade Burst Dynamite Battle OP: Clash! Dynamite Battle (Gonna take a good while for this one to go down the list lol)
My favourite anime openings (as of now):

1. JoJo OP 2 - Bloody Stream
2. JoJo OP 5 - Crazy Noisy Bizarre Town
3. JoJo OP 6 - Chase
4. JoJo OP 4 - Sono Chi No Kioku (End of THE WORLD)
5. JoJo OP 3 - Stand Proud

(I know all these are JoJo, I just haven't finished it yet, so I haven't been able to watch other anime)
my favorite theme song in dragon ball z kai
We got the spin - beybade burst surge
1. DB Theme Song

2. Sparking Theme Song

3. Burst Theme Song
#1: Dragon Ball GT Intro

#2: Beyblade Burst Surge Intro

#3: One Piece Intro (First Arc)

#4: Beyblade Burst Sparking Outro