Face Contest: Beyblade Photography 2 Results!!

After tedious deliberation, the Committee has finally come to a conclusive top four in this second Face Contest: Beyblade Photography!

As announced, these four winners will be able to choose among the following Face Boosters:

This year's winners have taken photographs that are really inspired, thoughtful, and mindblowingly creative!

Without waiting any further, the winners are...






And Tris!

Congrats to all four of you! Your photos were all beautiful, picture composition was respected, but most importantly, there's a lot of meaning and creativity in them! You all did great work, and I think your fellow Members had already begun agreeing on that during the entry period.

Make sure to post your Face Booster choice right here!

Hopefully there'll be another Face Contest relatively soon. There were ninety-one entrants this time, so let's try and reach one hundred next! Thank you all for participating, there were dozens of other awesome photographs that were worth honorable mentions, but the Committee had to cut to only four entries.

So, once again, congratulations to the winners, and look forward to the next Face Contest which we'll try to make really soon!
Congrats to the winners!!
the winners pictures are awesome
Wow! Congratulations to the winners! I really wasn't thinking I'll be winning because of the tough competition around here! I'm truly honored. Can't wait until the next Bey-Photography contest!

Purple please! -crosses fingers-

Btw, this isn't in any order, is it? o.O.
congradulations to all of the winners these photos are all wonderful and very creative.
Congrats to all the winners. Your earned it.Stupid
Woo! I won!

I choose lucky blue.

EDIT: Oh yes, congrats to the other winners too!
Awesome, I'm thrilled you all liked the photo so much! Congrats to everybody!

I'll try my luck with Green, please!

EDIT: Actually, if I could get Orange I'd prefer that :3
Nice Work guys. they were very awesome pictures. Cant wait for the next one since i now have a new Sony camera to use. CANT WAIT. congrats to the winners. Grin
dat gecko.

Congratulations to all who entered, like Kai-V said, all entries were spectacular. And a super-congrats to all who placed Smile
Man, good job guys. While I thought mine was pretty good, you 4's was obviously better. Congrats you guys!dafuuq? I swear, I was already thinking of what Face Booster to get!!! Mine was beast and so was some insomniac's!!
Congrats to the four winners!
Can't wait 'till the next one. I'll have to put more thought into to it Grin
Congrat's to the winner's, y'all really earned it!
Nwolf didn't win?! Gasp

JK, you guys. Congratulations!
Congrats to all the winners
Wow, the winner's pics were amazing. Congrats! Btw, can't wait for the next contest! Wink
Wow... It's really great to see this after such a long day.
I'd like Face Booster Orange, please.
Thanks everyone, for your congrats Smile it means a lot.
Can't wait until next contest! ^o^
cant wait until the next one. congrats guys!
Just wondering, who were the honaralble mentions?
I want I feel sime credit that I did well.
Congrats to all the winners! All of the entries were great(except mine), and I thought there were several that would have placed if there were more spots.
Great contest, congrats to everyone who entered, simply because you all had great pictures!