Face Contest: Beyblade Photography 2 Results!!

Congrats to the winners! You guys had awesome pics.Cute This was my first Face Contest, and it was awesome!! Can't wait for the next one!
Congratulations to all the winners! Your photos were great!
Who, I didn't even know the results were in, lol.

When I saw Tris's name, I got really excited because I thought it said TriSix, lol.

Congrats everyone who won!
those were awesome pics i cant wait for the next one even though my beys are carppy i will win
You dig yourself deeper, and deeper, into the hole, spamming in threads that are alreadly closed. Please don't make this mistake again, or the Moderators will have to suspend.
I will at least use this short momentum to award the Face Boosters finally :

Tris, you shuffle your Face Booster to reveal a...


Gill Face! [Image: GillFace.png]

Cannon, your Face Booster suddenly explodes, and the smoke clears to a...


Libra Face! [Image: libraface.png]

Ingulit, you inadvertently walk on your Face Booster and the splatter on the ground has an odd resemblance to a...


An Escolpio Face! [Image: escolpioface.png]

Raigeko13, a strange light shines upon your Face Booster and illuminates its content, which is a...


Capricorne Face! [Image: capricorneface.png]

Again, congratulations for everyone, and be on the edge of your seat for an exciting announcement coming up.

One of my favorites! Ironic, since I am a Capricorn too :3

Thank you, and the committee very much. Smile
Where do you get these stories .. Haha, kidding.

The Libra face brightens up the current faces I have. Smile

Thank you!
(Sep. 18, 2012  6:49 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Tris, you shuffle your Face Booster to reveal a...
Gill Face! [Image: GillFace.png]

I'm extremely late in replying to this thread.

Wow. Your stories sound like the brief descriptions from Neopets.

Whoo! Did you hear that guys? I'm the first one on the list this time. Hah! Cannon.

Thank you for the Gil face!
Remind me to walk on my Face Boosters from now on, haha! I love it!

Ditto the Neopets comment; I should check to make sure the green Scorpio face isn't the result of stepping on my pea Chia!