FS Discussion (ZeroG)

Ever since I got BBG-24 I've always been wondering: Why? Why did they put it in there?

I tried it out for myself, and I was particularly impressed with it, despite being an outclassed tip in today's metagame. It has some decent, although not the best stamina, and it rode along sway pretty well.

PS. I took some random combos outta several threads, so pardon me.
Full Launch, Ifraid^2 always launched first.
SO- Sway Out
Ifraid Ifraid W145FS vs. Diablo Kerbecs E230(Disk on lower mode)GCF

II wins: 18 wins (13 SO, 4 OS, 1 KO)
Diablo wins: 2 wins ( 2 KO)
FS win percentage: 90%
I wasn't exactly too surprised about this, since Diablo's two KOs were one-hits and GCF wasn't really able to continually hit Ifraid^2 and it just went on to sway it.

RD always launched first with Left-String Beylauncher, Death launched around 50%
Revizer Dragooon LW160FS vs. Death(Defense) Cancer W145GF
RD wins: 2 wins (2 KO)
Death wins: 8 wins (7 OS, 1 KO)
FS win rate: 20%
I stopped at 10, since this was kind of obvious over where the battles were going. Death and GF were simply eating up Reviser Dragooon.

Weak Launch for Flash, but GB is always launched first
Goreim Begirados W145FS vs. Flash(Attack) Orion W145GF

GB wins: 10 wins (9 OS, 1 KO)
Flash wins: 0 wins
FS win rate: 100%
This was a little dumb since it didn't go anywhere like the previous test. I used Goreim Begirados for the circular view from the top, and things didn't go well for Flash. GB's Synchrom weight was too influential on the performance on Flash. It would usually be fine in the first few seconds of battle, as GF would make FS sway, but the stadium movement was minimal. Only a few tilts can be viewed, and this is viewed like in the anime where Dragooon battled Right-rotating beys in the ZeroG stadium. This was somewhat bad to Flash though. The moment GB returned to that circular disk surrounding the center of the stadium, Flash had almost controlled all of the stadium movements, so the tilts were larger but this didn't really affect GB and Giga Flat lost.

GB always launched first and again, weak launch
Goreim Begirados W145FS vs. Revizer Dragooon SA165GF
GB wins: 0 wins
RD wins: 5 wins (4 OS, 1 KO)
FS win rate: 0%

While I do acknowledge the balance issue that FS has, I really liked its sway when used with a synchrom or some MW like Diablo for the weight. It does act something like TB, but like FS, TB also has a balance issue. The first test I did was the only one I really wanted to do, but I tried out some other random combos with GF to see how FS might perform to something way superior to it, although I pretty much got the same results.
Could you make a video for this, because I would like to see how it really works. Would really appreciate it if ou made one.

But for the Ifraid Ifraid W145FS vs Diablo Kerbecs E230GCF results, I'm actually quite surprised with it as I assumed that because with the swaying of Diablo, combined with the imbalance of FS would cause Ifraid to be severely PWNED. Could you post some benchmarks soon? I will try to get some testing on this.
Nice tests BH145WD.What condition was the FS in mint,worn,or semi-worn? I will try to get some tests later on.
(Jan. 13, 2013  11:04 PM)BeybladePants11 Wrote: Nice tests BH145WD.What condition was the FS in mint,worn,or sem-worn? I will try to get some tests later on.

eh probably mint. I did do a test spin prior to doing any tests.

One Direction I have a video, but I'm too lazy to upload it. Maybe another day.
3 Segment Grip
Beylauncher LR/L

NOTE:The only Zero-G Beyblade I have as of right now are Saumrai Ifraid and Thief Phoenic,I also don't have Duo

Phoenic Ifraid W145FS vs MF-H Variares CH120LRF
PI:9 Wins (3 OS,6 KO/SO)
V:11 Wins (1 OS,10 KO/SO)

Phoenic Ifraid W145FS vs MF-H Diablo Kerbecs E230CF
PI:12 Wins (7 OS,5 KO/SO)
DK:8 Wins (5 OS,4 KO/SO)

Ifraid Phoenic W145FS vs MF-H Death Aquario E230CS
PI:0 Wins
DA:10 Wins (All OS)

Ifraid Phoenic W145FS vs MF-F Phantom Bull ED145WD
PI:10 Wins (All KO/SO)
PB:0 Wins
Nice tests!

In my opinion, FS seems to be a lot like FB in Zero-G. I haven't actually used any of my FSs in Zero-G, but I will say FB is really good, so if FS is like it at all, it probably is good too.
Have we all forgotten about the 20 Round MINIMUM or something? As interesting as this is, the vast majority of tests posted have only 10, sometimes even FIVE rounds, which is ludicrous. The swaying aspect of Zero G means 20 rounds should be an absolute minimum, even if you're getting 10-0, especially while it's still in such an early stage. I'm getting real tired of finding 10 round tests and then people making broad statements based on them...

However, I'm glad to see FS showing at least some promise, it was basically intended to be the change tip of (early) MFB (and doesn't do too bad a job, it's just that it's plastic and has greater competition, for the most part). I'm curious about applications in balance, though there are other tips competing there, I guess.
I agree with th!nk.
Stopping at 10 rounds,especially in Zero-G,is kind of,not done,even BB-10 for that matter.
Anyways,I know it'll be dumb to put FS on 230 heights,but can someone test Revizer Revizer E230FS?