Dragoon V2 BB Rewrite

Eh, there's no real need. I'm confident it's ready to go so I'll put it up after dinner.
Cool then.
I just copied that into Word (to see how many words), and the total count for it is 3767 words..

My god, a lot of effort must have been put into that.
As the outro says, the base is probably the most versatile of the generation, the only types that can't really use it are compacts and weight defense and in the latter case, the force smash combo listed here largely does the same thing but better, in fact it's arguably more versatile than either from the testing I've donhttp://thinkblargh.wordpress.com/e.

Bunch of unique and useful parts, as well as there being a lot of misunderstandings about the parts comparative performance that needed to be addressed properly. I did actually try to keep it short, I managed to trim off about 800 words in the last big revision I did by simplifying the combination descriptions a bit.

But yeah, it took about a month, hopefully everyone understands a little better, I know it was still slow, but it was a busy month. As I said, the amount of research and testing that went into this one was pretty hefty so hopefully there's also some value in it for everyone who actually reads it (and you should).

Anyway, this is up, and we can all forget the horror and hilarity of the old one now.

Good work, everyone.
August 26th is now a holiday I will always celebrate.

August 26th 2012: Beywiki Dragoon V2 day

This has been a long time coming. To those of you who took part in this process, you have my thanks.