Dragon Ball: The Movie

I've seen the bootleg. It's hardly a horrible movie. Not a great one, but I've seen much worse.

Major gripe is with the pacing. But apparently the bootleg flooting around is only 71 minutes, while the USA theatres are showing listings at 100 minutes. So that's about a half hour of footage missing.

Also to note, the movie has made 21 Million thus far in Asia with a budget of 45 million.

And I'll still be there April 10, 2009.
Lmao, i was looking my 1st grade journal and the topic was "If you could make a movie what would it be?" and i wrote about making a Dragon Ball Z movie.

For anyone that wants to see, I can take pics but it may be sort of hard to read because my camera has really low quality.
im so excited about this movie i hope its good im going to watch it right away.
i don't know if it's going to be a good dbz movie but it will be a good fighting movie
It's not a DBZ movie.
Just got back from a screening at Yorkdale.

I and my 10 friends really enjoyed it.

Remember, stay durring the ends credits for a bit for something that sets up the sequel.
i think the movie was rather good. Everyone is bagging it out but i think people are being to critical. I do think it could hae been better but really its what i expected.