Draft: Dranzer V (Volcano)

This is kinda late, but I have the Hasbro version of Dranzer V and I was reading the article and looking through the pictures, and the Hasbro version has a different tip. Instead of a sharp point for endurance mode, Hasbro's is basically a metal semi-flat tip. I didn't see anything mentioned about Hasbro's tip change in the article or this topic so I assumed it wasn't known.
All brands have that shape for the stamina part.
^ Are you sure? In the Beywiki pictures the endurance mode tip comes to a complete sharp point, and mine is only a semi-flat tip.
NVM you're right. I guess mine is hasbro then. Guess that needs to be added and depending on whether th!nk knew about them and tested then it will have to be altered.
I was completely unaware. Hard to avoid missing hasbro-exclusive stuff though unless people notice it, seeing as I only really have takara reference material.

Can someone please post pictures? That will get super confusing because of Takara's name for the Attack Mode tip.

And yeah I'm super-curious as to how it performs, whether stamina mode is stable enough for zombie usage or not. If it actually is a semi-flat tip, then I'd suspect it might perform even better for zombies (well, more stamina, less defense and attack i.e. less versatility), and give survival mode some use.

Comparative tests of the hasbro version in attack vs stamina mode as a zombie would be awesome. A Wolborg 1 Base+SG zombie might be good to do it against as the two are closely matched when vcb is in attack mode, using opposite spin of course. Maybe even with Wide Defense on the wolborg zombie... I'll try it out once my family aren't sleeping.

Anyway, I'd like to get this sorted ASAP as I don't like having stuff like this missing. I'd actually like to get a hasbro one myself but that's usually a pain.
Unfortunately I can't but it looks completely different to that sharp tip. Similar to Driger V's tip. Can't really say tbh.
Are you able to try it out against anything that could give you an idea of the comparative performance of attack and hasbro endurance mode?

Here's a preliminary mold variations section I whipped up in 5 minutes.

Quote:===Mold Variations==
The [[Hasbro]] version of Volcano Change Base swaps the Metal Sharp tip of Endurance Mode for a Metal Semi-Flat tip, similar to that of [[Driger V]]. While there is very little testing on this version, based on the performance of that tip shape, it is expected to provide a much more worthwhile Endurance Mode, which could be used for [[Zombie]] customization, thanks to its improved stability. It should provide similar performance to Attack Mode, but with a stronger focus on [[Survival]], at the expense of versatility. Due to the incredibly poor performance of the original Endurance Mode tip, the Hasbro version would be preferable, and could be used in place of Attack Mode for Survival-type customs.

That said, we shouldn't include uncertainty on the wiki, so testing or observations to confirm/disprove it are needed.

EDIT: To be honest, the tip of Nocto's (a sonokong one) doesn't look the same as mine either, mine is slightly flattened on the end, but not to the degree I'm interpreting of your posts. A picture would be really helpful at this point.
I'm coming home on the weekend so I can definately take pictures of the tip. I recently obrtained an MFB attack stadium so I could do testing if I have time. It's just my collection isn't really great. My collection has changed since this post. What should I use for the combos? My storm grip is pretty old, but maybe it's a little better in the MFB attack stadium. My wolborg is the Hasbro one, so it has the aggressive tip.
Eeeh, unless you have a wide survivor/defense you can't really test volcano change base's survival because it relies on the weight disk for LAD.

Anyway, seeing as my tip is slightly different from the pictures I'll get a photo of it, in case it's the same as you guys. A flattened end isn't abnormal for sharp tips, particularly metal ones. But yeah.
Here: http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b267/A...485189.jpg

Is that what you guys are describing, or?
^ Yeah basically, but I think on mine the flat part is a bit wider, but I need to check to be sure.
Hm, hopefully Ultra can confirm either way. If it's that size then it's what I was describing in the article, and is identical to the takara tomy version, so SonoKong would've changed the mold to completely sharpen it, which I doubt would alter performance significantly (it'd just be slightly more unstable).
Here's the pics:
Okay, compared to what you posted think, the flat bit on Hasbro's version seems wider, only a tiny bit wider, but definitely wider. Uncertain
Mmm, looks different to me, albeit only slightly. Not sure if that would fix the stability enough. I also think for the takara version, it's an issue with regaining stability, rather than losing it, which also makes it much harder to measure...

I may add a preliminary mold differences section to it tomorrow, only addressing the differences in the tip of the three brands and nothing more.
Okay then what kind of movement pattern does the sharp tipped version have? I'm guessing not much if anything?
The Takara version (not completely sharp, slightly flattened tip) does have some movement, though it doesn't really leave the centre circle of the stadium (it doesn't pass the change in incline before the tornado ridge).
The movement pattern is very irregular, and seems to be primarily due to wobbling.

It's the same pattern I get out of SG Sharp Base, which has a somewhat similar tip shape, albeit slightly wider and taller.

It also doesn't have any real stability issues when solo spun, like many sharp tips, it loses balance on its won only at very low RPM's. In battle, or course, it's a whole different story.