Draft: Dranzer V (Volcano)

Okay, I wouldn't call what I wrote a "major overhaul" so to speak, but it's something. It's 3:00AM where I am, so this is what I can do for now:
NOTE: I completely messed up the second combo. I think it may have been a better option to stick with the SG and just use the Dragoon V2 tip instead, but I'll leave it up to Th!nk on this.
Not bad, though Grip Base has an inbuilt SG, and the weight disks still aren't right (Wide Defense is the best for almost everything, and this AR is no exception), also for an AR like this it's only worth mentioning one combination (in this case grip base).
Also, Wide Survivor is the lightest legal weight disk, so it's weight won't do much and generally in plastics, power comes from speed rather than weight, once the recoil is controlled. There are a couple of combos where Wide Survivor works better than Wide Defense for attack but generally unless you've compared the two in that combo, stick with wide defense for safety.

Also, in terms of recoil control, Wide Defense and an HMC will control recoil for any worthwhile AR, and usually an MG Core is all that's needed as long as you practice launching SG MF2 enough to be able to hit opponents.

Also, the Magnetic shaft isn't that notable, as it's a standard feature of V/V2 series beys.

Don't take my criticism too harshly, there's plenty of good stuff in there too and you've done a pretty good job, I tend to be over critical of plastics stuff for a few reasons, so yeah.

I'll post mine too, still going on that base section, haha.
Okay, here we go. You may want to go through and check my spelling and grammar but it should be fine. Took longer than I thought, and I'm still not 100% happy with it, but I don't think I've ever been 100% happy with a draft anyway. Notes in a spoiler at the end of the post, which everyone focussed on the article should read.

| image = dranzer_v.jpg
| full item name = Dranzer Volcano
| item number = A-47
| beyblade system = [[MG System]]
| beyblade type = [[Balance]]
| starter or booster = [[Starter]]

==Attack Ring : Cross Attacker ==
* '''Weight:''' 5 grams
Cross Attacker takes the form of four sets of phoenix heads, tailed by a single wing each. Each wing has a sharp upper slope, however these slopes are fairly short, resulting in significantly weaker [[Upper Attack]] than the mainstays of the type, [[Master Dragoon|Upper Dragoon]], [[Dranzer GT|Triangle Wing]], and [[Driger G|Triple Tiger]]. The sharp ends of the wings provide moderately effective [[Smash Attack]] in Right Spin, and while not nearly as effective as [[Trygle|Triple Wing]] or [[Griffolyon|Cross Griffon]], due to a combination of limited range and slight recoil issues, Cross Attacker can still be used if one lacks one of the many superior alternatives.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization===

* '''AR''': Cross Attacker ([[Dranzer V]])
* '''WD''': [[Wide Defense]]
* '''BB''': Grip Base ([[Dragoon Grip Attacker]])

== Weight Disk (WD): 10 Balance ==
See [[Balance Weight Disks|10 Balance]].

== Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (Dranzer V South MG Core Ver.)==
Dranzer V comes with a unique S-MG Core, which has a shorter magnet than the regular version found in other Beyblades. The purpose of this is to decrease the overall height of [[Dranzer V|Volcano Change Base]], allowing the lower half to sit closer to the upper half, making it the best choice for that base in almost all situations. The trade-off of this is decreased weight, meaning a regular MG Core is preferred for most other combinations.

For more information on the regular South Magnecore this Spin Gear is based on, see [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Right SG (S-MG Core)]]

== Blade Base (BB): Volcano Change Base ==
* '''Weight:''' 7 grams

Carrying on the tradition of Dranzer BB's having a mode change gimmick, Volcano Change Base has two halves, the Upper Half is fixed to the rest of the Beyblade like a regular Blade Base, whilst the Lower half can be removed and flipped over to switch between a Flat or Sharp metal tips, for Attack and Survival mode respectively.

The upper half of the base is fairly simple, being a thin section that attaches to the Spin Gear like any other Blade Base. It is much shallower than other BBs, barely protruding past the bottom of the SG, but can only legally be used with its own lower half.

The lower half consists of a metal shaft with one flat end and one sharp. The centre of this shaft has a wider section, a circular metal platform, which supports a free-spinning plastic disk. This disk provides the base with some Life-After-Death, however it is rarely enough to sufficiently compensate for the poor stability of the Metal Sharp tip, and its usefulness to any combination using the base in Attack Mode is minor at best.
The shaft is inserted into the Spin Gear, and held in place by the magnetic attraction of its shaft to the Spin Gear. Due to this, the base can only be used with an MG Core, though a sufficiently tight-fitting Neo SG Core can also hold the lower section in place.

As previously mentioned, the Base's Survival Mode is greatly hindered by the poor stability of its sharp metal tip, which renders it unable to outspin even [[Compact]] Customizations in either spin direction. This is only further worsened by the fact it does not use a bearing to support the free spinning disk section, resulting in less efficient [[Spin Stealing]] ability when compared to proper [[Zombie]] setups.
The main use of this base lies in its Attack Mode, which has the smallest Metal Flat tip in plastics – very similar in diameter to MFB's [[Screw Capricorne 90MF|Metal Flat]] Bottom. While this results in lower speed, it does provide good controllability, and the survival granted by the use of metal for the tip is also helpful, meaning it is a fairly easy base to use.

However, a number of flaws prevent this base from being particularly notable as an attack base. The most noticeable issue is the height of the base, meaning most Attack AR's are unable to make sufficient contact when using this base. While the height issue is somewhat addressed by Dranzer V's unique MG Core, it is still not enough to fully compensate for this issue. Also, as mentioned above, the relatively low speed is a concern. While the additional survival and control this base provides is nice, most rubber attack tips, when launched with a [[Sliding Shoot]] are just as easy to control and their additional speed and power means they do not require the stamina of a metal tip.
Furthermore, Volcano Change Base is far from the best metal flat tipped base – while it is certainly the most controllable, both [[Gaia Dragoon V|SG Metal Flat 2]] and the shaft of [[Driger F|Driger F's]] SG (Full Auto Clutch Version) are much more aggressive, and overall this makes them much more effective. The latter also provides a much better combination of [[Attack]] and [[Survival]] abilities given an appropriate setup.
As with all metal tips, Volcano Change Base also suffers from fairly poor recoil control when compared to a rubber tip. While no better or worse at this than the other metal-tipped Attack bases, this should be kept in mind when using this base.

Overall, Volcano Change Base is considered to fall just short in most areas. However, if one has nothing better, it is still a worthwhile Attack base, and it is certainly an interesting part to experiment with.

==Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization==
While not a top tier Attack Base, Volcano Change Base can be fairly effective if used in a setup that compensates for its shortcomings, an example of which is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Triple Tiger ([[Driger G]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Right SG]] ([[Dranzer V]] S-MG Core Ver.)
* '''BB:''' Volcano Change Base (Attack Mode) ([[Dranzer V]])

Triple Tiger's contact points are situated lower than any other top tier [[Smash Attack]] AR, which allows them to make contact on taller bases such as Volcano Change Base. Wide Defense is used to enhance the Smash Attack of this combination, and also supports the [[Survival]] abilities of the metal tip, though if one does not have access to Wide Defense, [[Balance Weight Disks|10 Balance]] is a decent substitute. This also allows the combination to be constructed from only two fairly cheap beyblades, making it one of the more economical [[Attack]] setups of the Plastic generation.

== Gallery ==


==Other Version==
*[[Dranzer V]] – White Recolor
*[[Dranzer V]] – Red Recolor (A-80 Beystadium Magne Dome)
*[[Dranzer V]] – Yellow Recolor
*[[Dranzer V]] – SonoKong Version – Has smaller parts and slightly different MG Core, meaning it isn't fully compatible with regular BeyBlades.

== Overall ==
[[Dranzer V]] is very much a jack of all trades, master of none. It's parts are decent, but not particularly outstanding in their respective fields, and it fails to live up to the example set by [[Dranzer S]], with which it shares many similarities. However, it is fairly easy to find, relatively inexpensive, and even passable out of the box. The base is easy to use and one of the most economical Attack Bases of the generation. As such, while certainly not a must have, '''Dranzer V is a decent buy for beginners or those with restricted budgets.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]

Yay contributing! It's been a while since I've posted anything like this for beywiki (or anywhere really), haha.

We need to do a sonokong article ASAP, to cover the small sized parts from pre-G-Rev beys. I'm exhausted atm but I'll try to do it some time soon.
Are we sure about the small part thing? It's just no one really seems to talk about it. Anyway other than that it's a major improvement on Sparta's, mine and Benji's efforts.
Seeing as both Sparta and Fluke have posted about it now, I would be surprised if it weren't true. As I said when talking to Fluke about it, I have an SOK Dranzer S coming too so I'll post when that arrives, but right now I'm fairly sure of it tbh.
Actually, I used Dranzer V uncustomized (and even with Sonic Tiger) in a tournament a few months ago, and could actually get no movement off the Attack mode of the BB. Confused
It is a bit too thin, i.e. it has too small a diameter for a plastic bey IMO.
Also, as already mentioned, the Sharp tip has exceptionally bad balance, thus rendering Volcano Change Base's LAD useless.
But well, seeing that the Attack Mode gets too little movement (at least for me), we can actually really consider its Life After Death capabilities in this mode. As it is, we are speaking of LAD here, and not Compacts; so its not really important(IMO) to have a bey that doesn't move around.
It does have decent LAD in Attack Mode too; actually better than in Stamina mode. And the height actually allows it more LAD then its expected to have. Of course the LAD isn't as much as compared to SCB or something of that class, but yeah. Also, I did face tough combos such as the SCB LAD combo, and the Dragon Breaker combo.
Coming back to the point-
To be honest, if one manages to get movement out of Attack mode (which I managed to do for 5 seconds in one match), its the BEST thing that could happen to you. This is because, the free spinning plastic disk needs to graze up/down a slope to have more Life After Death. If it stays around at the center (which would happen in Sharp-tip mode), the LAD is really not great. This could also be verified by a simple experiment (or just logic/imagination). Imagine a toy-car wheel in your stadium. If it comes to the center, it stops. But as long as its on the slopes, it continues moving around until it comes the center.
Coming back to point(again)- This might just be in a BB-10, but yeah. This is just from my experience; and I know that a competitive situation differs from a testing scenario.

Also, my Dranzer V is in a near-perfect condition, and it even opens very easily. So if you all need any help, I'd be pleased to help you all.
Quite odd that you're not getting aggressive movement, I did experiment with it right before I started righting and mine (also in excellent condition) moves fairly quickly and is nice and controllable, and maintains aggression well throughout most of the match, and videos I've seen of other people's act the same. It's a very nice base to use, actually, I really like the controllability and consistency.

Onto the more positive part, your post made me sit back down and test attack mode in a purely survival oriented setup, something I hadn't done, and it seems to be doing very well. I tested some setups with decent survival ability when I experimented with it before rewriting the draft and they showed little promise, but it looks like I didn't go far enough.

Will edit my version of the draft to reflect this after doing a little more testing.

EDIT: It's a viable zombie base in attack mode. Nice find, Jan. Not one of the best choices for it, as my wolborg 4 combo seems to do well against it as long as I wind the EG, and not so well without winding, which is quite similar to Wolborg 1's SG (Takara) in Wolborg 2's base. Wolborg 1's SG, even the takara version, is one of the less effective zombie SG's, but yeah, it's very impressive given the part we're talking about, and you should be proud for bringing it to light.

I'll probably have to leave the edit til tomorrow as there's now a fair bit to write and edit now. Will also probably end up putting more emphasis on the dranzer s comparison because the two are really similar, both need attack mode because their stamina mode's metal sharp tips suck, both of their attack modes are good for survival, and so on.

I also want to experiment with it a little further, from a personal standpoint, in terms of a balance customization. Maybe it's just because I love the way the base moves, but I see more potential.
Did you try it in a BB-10? Probably it isn't as aggressive in a BB-10? Confused

Or maybe I just don't launch too hard... Tongue_out
Oh, its great to know that my suggestion actually holds true even in a testing environment and not just in a tourney. I really like the Volcano Change Base for this, as according to me, its the only 'decent' aggressive base that also exhibits LAD. Something that might be helpful at times; its been good for me at least...
I don't know if this quality would be worth the mention or not, especially because I wonder about the uses of such a setup, but yeah!
I just tried that - the attack duration is slightly shorter, but it makes a much tighter flower pattern, and it's still a very nice base in terms of performance.

If you re-read my post I added something just along those lines, haha, I think there's potential for a decent balance setup here, though it may just end up being a slightly less effective version of that weird and awesome opposite spin upper attack/spin stealing combo, haha. I'm about to go and compare the stamina of the two base setups if I can stop them KOing each other, and I'll work from there, but it's late here.

EDIT: Okay, so I worked out why I didn't notice the LAD in attack mode in my testing - I generally stuck to overhanging AR's and the height of the base coupled with it's small width means those make contact with the stadium at the end of the battle, wrecking the life after death. This also reduces the chance of there being a really great balance combo for the base, as the main AR's that work decently for mixes of Attack and Survival are Master Dragoon and Dranzer GT's, both being overhanging. Furthermore, non overhanging AR's will struggle to make good contact on Volcano Change. I did stick to left spin as almost everything you will want to be spin stealing against is right spin. That does lower the AR pool but yeah, it's pretty much neccessary.

Nonetheless, it's still a solid zombie base *and* a usable attack base, which not only makes it one of the better bases out there, it also fulfills the attack/stamina thing it was designed for, even if it does it all in attack mode and sucks in survival mode.

Other notes: the base demonstrates that Wide Defense doesn't have bad LAD, which is something I might stick in my wide defense blog post if I remember. As for why attack mode is so much better than stamina mode, I think the main factor is actually just stability, stamina mode is a thin metal sharp tip, it wobbles everywhere and generally falls over, while attack mode doesn't. I don't think it has as much to do with the ring making more contact, just generally that the blade stays upright (and therefore has lower friction with the surface) for more of the battle. The aggression is a nice touch, especially coupled with the destabilising effects of opposite spin.
YAY! I am sooo happy! Eee

I never knew that the "weird" combos that I used due to shortage of parts could actually get any uses, haha!

But yeah, I saw potential in it from the very start (as you may know already, if you remember the PMs I sent you).
I always spoke of its LAD, but never specified Attack mode, which is probably why you looked down upon this base earlier. Tongue_out

The extremely small diameter of the BB (gosh, I think its the smallest BB ever) seems to help too, I believe. It probably allows the WDs to "stick out" more, thus providing more fly-wheel effect and stuff.
Not too sure about it, as there's nothing it can be compared with anyway...

As for the stability point, yes that is correct. The very reason that its so stable (in comparison to Stamina mode) in Attack mode gets it going.
As for the ring making contact, that is actually what seems to be the determining factor here IMO. As attack mode generally keeps the bey moving around the slope, and because of the fact that this base's LAD is different in comparison to those orthodox Zombie bases(which actually just stay at the center, and make use of their smooth and circular bases); movement is pretty important for this base. Something related to Inertia of Motion probably...
I actually may be wrong, as I NEVER used it in left spin (I always used it in right spin, especially because most of my opponents were in left-spin). But yeah, from how it performed at the tourney I used it in, it guaranteed me a win if it started moving around (i.e. sometimes I didn't get movement out of Attack mode, and the bey sat at the center. And it actually lost pretty easily).
So probably the movement it gets in attack mode influences the nature of contact made by the free-spinning ring, thus giving it a unique, aggressive LAD(i.e. when in solo spin. The aggressive movement usually doesn't occur in a battle, because of the opponent bey).
You should be happy Smile

Yeah, Bluezee mentioned it to me once before back when I was getting into plastics but only mentioned the stamina mode too, so you're hardly alone, haha.

Anyway, I've got some of it written already but I'm kinda busy tonight, so I may have to finish it tomorrow. Apologies for the delay, I will do it ASAP, but I'm sorting some stuff out IRL lately so yeah Tongue_out
Don't worry man. If Kei posts here i'll give you a free bey haha.
Th!nk may have forgotten about this, so I'm going to go ahead and try my hand at another edit, keeping in mind to actually give some credit to VCB, hah.
Th!nk is working on another one behind the scenes so I don't really think there's much point.
I haven't forgotten, and I'm almost done, I'm just not happy with the flow of what I've done at the moment. Please try to understand that I have a lot of work on my plate at the moment related to plastics remembrance, as well as the fact I was hoping to take a few days break from the WBO to get my head in a better place, that doesn't look like it's going to eventuate any more.

In future, if you think I've forgotten something or decided not to do it, PM me to ask before posting those kinds of assertions, please.
Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't realize. It's just that you hadn't posted in a while and I was getting worried.

Don't worry, I totally understand. Sorry for jumping the gun on you. Please, take your time.
Still going with this, sorry, been busy trying to fix the wiki up as a whole and doing a couple of other things. I'm almost done it though. That said, there is something I need to write out about the use of the term zombies first...

Anyway, thought I'd mention that the Magnecore of Dranzer V is the same weight as a standard one. I've currently weighed four standard ones, two were basically the same weight and two were .1g heavier, which is normal variation. What I suspect this means is that the roof of an Magnecore has the struts that are visible at the bottom of Dranzer V's or something similar, i.e. the magnet is the same length and they just adjusted the casings. Of course, I cannot guarantee this as the various cores aren't able to be disassembled (they're fused after the cap is put on), and while I'm tempted to cut open a Metal Weight core or something I'd really rather not.
I have some spare ones, and since my Dranzer V is SK and is all weird anyways I'll go ahead and look at that. I'll post a picture here of what it looks like.
Oh don't do the dranzer v one, it's regular cores I'm interested in. It's okay though, I've found a pretty bad condition MW core I can take apart so chill.
Finally, it is done:
| image = dranzer_v.jpg
| full item name = Dranzer Volcano
| item number = A-47
| beyblade system = [[5 Layer System]], [[Magnecore]]
| beyblade type = [[Balance]]
| starter or booster = Starter

* '''''Note:''' The [[Sonokong]] version of '''Dranzer V''', like all pre-Engine Gear System Sonokong Beyblades, comes with smaller parts than [[Takara]] and [[Hasbro]] Beyblades, and as a result is not fully compatible with them.''

* '''''Note:''' Dranzer V's unique South Magnecore was never officially named as anything other than 'South Magnecore'. The name used in this article is therefore unofficial, but used to differentiate it from the regular South Magnecore.''

==Attack Ring (AR): Cross Attacker ==
* '''Weight:''' 5.6g
Cross Attacker is a fairly small Attack Ring, taking the form of four phoenix heads, each followed by a wing. Each wing has a steep slope, suitable for [[Upper Attack]] in right spin, though due to their short length and the fact they lack any additional ability to reach under opponents, they produce noticeably less Upper Attack than mainstays of the type, such as [[Kid Dragoon|Kid-]] and [[Master Dragoon|Master Dragoon's]] Upper Dragoon, or even [[Driger G|Driger G's]] Triple Tiger. The sets of phoenix heads and wings are each separated by a single small spike, the leading edge of which juts out parallel from the Attack Ring. The miniscule size of these spikes mean they rarely make contact with the opponent, though their flat faces would likely result in little more than additional [[Recoil]] if they did.

The sharp ends of the wings provide moderately effective [[Smash Attack]] in right spin, and while not nearly as effective as [[Trygle|Triple Wing]] or [[Griffolyon|Cross Griffon]] due to a combination of limited range and slight Recoil issues due to the angle of its contact points, Cross Attacker is still a decent choice if superior alternatives are unavailable.

In left spin, the rounded front edges of the wings and the small protrusions on their outer edges form the main contact points. Both of these surfaces produce a large amount of Recoil due to their sheer size and the inability to focus hits that results from their shapes. As a result, Cross Attacker should not be used in left spin for any type of customization.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization===
* '''AR''': Cross Attacker ([[Dranzer V]])
* '''WD''': [[Wide Defense]]
* '''BB''': Grip Base ([[Dragoon Grip Attacker]])

While not a top tier choice, Cross Attacker can be used fairly effectively in a standard Smash Attack setup. Grip Base provides excellent speed, and is a relatively short base, allowing Cross Attacker to exert some [[Upper Attack]] in addition to the Smash Attack it produces. Wide Defense has decent weight to control the combination's [[Recoil]], and its externalized weight distribution maximises the speed and movement of the customization. While Cross Attacker's issues limit the customization as a whole, it is still a highly effective [[Attack]] type Beyblade, and should not be underestimated.

== Weight Disk (WD): Ten Balance ==
* '''Weight:''' 14.9g
See [[Balance Weight Disks|Ten Balance]].

== Spin Gear (SG): Neo Right SG (South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version))==
* '''Weight (Total):''' 5.6g
* '''Weight (Core):''' 3.3g

Dranzer V comes with a unique South [[Magnecore]], designed to allow Volcano Change Base to be slightly shorter than allowed by a regular Magnecore. To allow this, two major alterations are made. Firstly, the magnet sits higher in the Core - small protrusions hold it up so it sits partially inside the cap of the plastic shell, and the obstructions present there in other Cores are removed. In addition to this, the gear section at the bottom of the Core and the cylinder it surrounds are shortened, the latter to a lesser degree. These alterations allow the lower half to sit much higher and more snugly than it otherwise could, and the resulting shorter height noticeably improves Volcano Change Base's performance.

In addition to its use with Volcano Change Base, the alteration to the lower section allows three interchangeable Tips, those of [[Dragoon V|Magne Flat Base]], [[Wolborg 03 (Ariel)| SG Grip Base]] and [[Dragoon V2|Customize Grip Base]] to sit slightly higher in the Bases they are compatible with, resulting in a shorter combination overall.

While this may seem useful, given height is a common complaint about these Tips, the extent to which it lowers their height makes it a double edged sword for the only one of them which is considered competitive, that of Customize Grip Base. Customize Grip Base's Tip is raised to a point where if used with its own Base, the sides of the Base's shaft section often make contact with the stadium floor, creating scraping issues early in matches, and reducing the combination's movement later. As no other Base allows the use of Support Parts with Customize Grip Base's Tip, this means a choice between taller height with the use of Attack Rings and Support Parts that can compensate for it, and in the latter case improve weight distribution and Life After Death, and lower height but using the inferior Magnet Flat Base or SG Grip Base (of which only the rarer Black version is resilient enough for competitive use). Worsening this, [[Dragoon Grip Attacker|Grip Base]] is a much better choice for right spin customs in this height range, meaning any real use is left to left spin customs, many of which benefit more from the Life After Death and weight distribution benefits of Support Parts, though this remains the main competitive use of this aspect of South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version).

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization===

* '''AR:''' G Upper ([[Dragoon GT]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Left SG]]
* '''SG Core:''' South Magnecore ([[Dranzer V]] Version)
*'''BB:''' Magnet Flat Base ([[Dragoon V]])
* '''Tip:''' Customize Grip Base Tip ([[Dragoon V2]])

G Upper is one of the few Attack Rings that significantly benefits from Dranzer V's unique Core, as it suffers from [[Recoil]] issues on [[Dragoon V2|Customize Grip Base]] due to the height of that Base, rendering it ineffective.
However, not only does this setup bring it down to a much more suitable height, but it truly allows G Upper to shine, its superior range and moderate [[Upper Attack]] ability making it a better choice than [[Dragoon G|Eight Spiker]], its better synergy with the Base making it a better choice than [[Flash Leopard 2|Panther Head]], and its comparatively low [[Recoil]] making it a safe choice for the Tip, unlike any of the more powerful alternatives, which all suffer more severe Recoil. Wide Defense is chosen to allow for optimum speed and aggression while having enough weight to control any Recoil produced. The combination of high speed, good height, and an excellent Attack Ring make for a very powerful Smash Attack customization which easily earns its top tier status.

== Blade Base (BB): Volcano Change Base ==
* '''Weight:''' 6.6g
Carrying on the tradition of Dranzer Blade Bases having a mode change gimmick, '''Volcano Change Base''' has two modes, [[Attack]] Mode and [[Endurance]] Mode. This is achieved through a unique two-part design which uses the Magnecore system's magnetic gimmick to hold the Base together.

The upper half of the Base is fairly simple, a small, mostly circular part that has little structural purpose, serving mainly to cover the Spin Gear and give the appearance of a complete Blade Base when combined with its lower half. It is so short, in fact, that it ends at the same height as the bottom of the Spin Gear Core. While it does house the Base Clips, they themselves only serve to hold this part of the Base in place.

The lower half of Volcano Change Base consists of a metal shaft with one end Flat, labelled Semi-Flat by [[Takara]] presumably due to its relatively small width (given a lack of significant bevelling), and used for Attack Mode, and the other Sharp, used for [[Endurance]] Mode. In the middle of this shaft is a small circular platform, which is surrounded by a free-spinning plastic disk, which, while not supported by a bearing, allows for comparable Life After Death to weaker bearing-based setups.
This lower half is unique in that it is only held in place by the magnetic attraction of a Magnecore, with one end of the shaft being inserted into the hole at the bottom of the Core, making contact with the magnet inside.

Volcano Change Base's Endurance Mode is simply worthless, the abysmal stability of the Metal Sharp tip means that even with the Life After Death of the free spinning disk, combinations using it are easily outspun, if its pitiful defenses even allow it to survive long enough for Survival to be of any value. This poor performance negates the value of being able to change modes without disassembling the Beyblade.

As such, Attack Mode is where all of Volcano Change Base's value resides, the relatively small width of its tip allowing for excellent controllability compared to other metal-tipped Attack Bases, especially considering its relatively low friction, and the relatively tall height of the base is easily compensated for by low hanging Attack Rings such as [[Driger G|Triple Tiger]] or [[Driger V2|Upper Claw]]. While considered outclassed by [[Gaia Dragoon V|SG Metal Flat Base (Gaia Dragoon V Version)]] and the shaft of [[Driger F|Driger F's]] SG (Full Auto Clutch Version), due to their faster movement and the latter offering a much more effective combination of Attack and Survival properties (given appropriate customization), Volcano Change Base's excellent ease of use and the forgiving nature of its decent [[Survival]] ability means it is a good base for those new to [[Plastic Beyblade|Plastic Generation]] Attack types, though as with all metal-tipped Attack Bases, the relatively poor recoil control should be accounted for.

However, Volcano Change Base's use is not limited to Attack. In fact, it is arguably more useful for its oft-overlooked Survival ability. The good stability and fairly low friction of Attack Mode combined with Volcano Change Base's innate Life After Death allows it to be used successfully for [[Zombie]] customizations. While not a top tier choice, Volcano Change Base provides similar Survival ability to the Base and Spin Gear of [[Wolborg]], but with far more versatility, due to the aggressive nature of the Tip and the superior [[Defense]] resulting from its ability to catch the Tornado Ridge, making it one of the better second tier Zombie Bases. It should be noted, however, that due to Volcano Change Base's small width, it is one of a few Bases which rely on the Weight Disk for Life After Death, making [[Wide Survivor]] more important than ever.

As a whole, then, Volcano Change Base is a versatile, reliable and incredibly easy to use Blade Base which falls just short of greatness due to the availability of more focused alternatives.

===Rule Clarifications===
* Volcano Change Base's two halves are considered a single part, and as such may not be used separately.

* While some abnormally tight Cores can hold the lower part of Volcano Change Base in place without magnetism, this is an unintended consequence of random variation in molding rather than an intended feature, and as such it is illegal to use Volcano Change Base without a Magnecore.

===Use in [[Smash Attack]] Customization===
While not a top tier Attack Base, Volcano Change Base can be fairly effective if used in a setup that compensates for its shortcomings, an example of which is as follows:

* '''AR:''' Triple Tiger ([[Driger G]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Defense]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Right SG]]
* '''SG Core:''' South Magnecore (Dranzer V Version) ([[Dranzer V]]
* '''BB:''' Volcano Change Base (Attack Mode) ([[Dranzer V]])

Unlike most competitive [[Smash Attack]] ARs, Triple Tiger's contact points are situated at the level of the Weight Disk, which helps compensate for the height of taller Blade Bases, such as Volcano Change Base. Wide Defense is used to enhance the Smash Attack of this combination, and also supports the [[Survival]] abilities of the metal Tip, resulting in a well balanced combination that is quite forgiving for players new to [[Attack]] in the [[Plastic Beyblade|Plastic Generation]].

===Use in [[Zombie]] Customization===
The following is an example of a relatively affordable (yet rather effective) Zombie customization using '''Volcano Change Base'''.

* '''AR:''' Scissor Attacker ([[Metal Dranzer]])
* '''WD:''' [[Wide Survivor]]
* '''SG:''' [[Spin_Gear#V_and_V2_Series_Spin_Gears|Neo Left SG]]
* '''SG Core:''' South Magnecore ([[Dranzer V]] Version)
* '''BB:''' Volcano Change Base (Attack Mode) ([[Dranzer V]])

This is a fairly standard Zombie setup - Scissor Attacker has excellent [[Survival]] ability in left spin, and aligns well with Wide Survivor, only slightly protruding past the edge of the Weight Disk, perfect for [[Spin Stealing]]. Wide Survivor's circular design allows for optimum Life After Death, as Volcano Change Base allows it to make contact with the ground near the end of Battles, as well as having excellent Survival and Spin Stealing ability. [[Wide Defense]] could be used for more [[Defense]] and [[Attack]], however the significant Stamina trade off is rarely worthwhile.

== Gallery ==

==Other Versions==
*[[Dranzer V]] - White Version
*[[Dranzer V]] - A-80 [[Beystadium Magne Dome]] - Hyper Red Version (Red) - comes with a unique North Magnecore (Dranzer V Version).
*[[Dranzer V]] - Toys 'R' Us Ultimate BeyStadium (Black Lightning Version) - Thunder Phoenix Version (Yellow)

While it doesn't excel in any particular field, [[Dranzer V]] is a very well rounded Beyblade, with a fairly useful Weight Disk, passable Attack Ring, and a Blade Base which offers solid performance in Attack and Survival and most notably, impressive ease of use. These factors combine to create a Beyblade that is not only decent out of the box, but quite simple to improve, making it a great choice for Bladers who are new to [[Plastic Beyblade|Plastic Beyblades]]. Lastly, the unique Spin Gear is interesting if not particularly useful, and Neo Spin Gear Casings are always a positive inclusion. '''While not a must have, Dranzer V is a useful Beyblade to own, especially for beginners.'''

[[CategoryTongue_outlastic Beyblade]]

Okay, there we go. Sorry for the delay but hopefully you can see some of the causes of it there.
Along with taking a few days to get the weights done (and that's a few th!nk-days, which can be up to 48 hours long thanks to my odd sleeping patterns), I actually rewrote the base and SG sections again today, because the amount of changes I made meant even after an initial rewrite the whole thing looked kinda patched together and I wasn't happy with it, so I basically read through my draft, closed it, and rewrote it from memory. Worked quite well IMO, and obviously I made sure I didn't leave anything out.

Then I decided I'd throw in an SG combo seeing as it technically has use in a Top Tier combo, which I had to write and do some final testing of to ensure I hadn't omitted it for a reason, which delayed me a few more hours seeing as I'd woken up in the evening and by the time I'd decided to include it, it was 3 AM, so I had to wait until everyone else had woken up.

The other versions section is awkward and honestly I'm not even completely sure I have the formatting right, but only because practically every article formats it differently and a lot of them just leave out details such as version names, what they came in, but then you have the entire list headed by the beyblade's name, which is entirely redundant for plastics and HMS.
I've formatted it as best as I could, though I'm still not entirely happy with the system I don't have the time right now to sort it out.

Recolor Notes: names taken from here: http://www.kcn.ne.jp/~kids/bb/bey/special-v.htm
White Version is described as department store limited, no explanation of what store, and I couldn't dig anything up though that's not really something I'm good at.
The other issue I had with it was the formatting. The standard method of formatting recolors is rather awkward for beys that come from a set and also have names.
Red Version comes with a north magnecore using the dranzer v mold rather than the south magnecore. Zain confirmed the molding for me.
Yellow one comes with what I assume is a recolor of the Ultimate Beystadium, and is called Thunder Phoenix Version. My translation/interpretation mightn't be perfect here though.

Normally wouldn’t throw a sonokong version into other versions but it's kinda necessary as a warning right now until we get a sonokong article up for plastics at least.

Weights are my own. I only have one Dranzer V but the only other weights I could find were of SonoKong ones. I don't include bit chips in AR weights because bit chips may be swapped and there's a significant difference between the different bit chip weights, and Driger S for example can come with both types.
I do include clips in base weights... I don't know exactly why, just because it's normal. I do weigh them separately though so in future it can all be fixed if that changes, which it may, given large base clips are the only way Draciel S's base can be the heaviest (otherwise even with an HMC and four balls, Zeus's Base+Right EG (Circle Defenser)+Circle Survivor is slightly heavier, or at least mine is.) That said, maybe we should simply cut clip weights out because they break so often and are hard to keep track of... Iunno. Uncertain

Mode names are based on Kanji, admittedly google translated but they're the only related meanings for those I found, and the kanji for Endurance does seem to be difference from Stamina and Survival
As for the tip names, yes, they legitimately consider that a semi flat tip, which they did with Right/Left EG Metal Semi Flat, which leads me to think it's due to the width because it is the thinnest flat shaped tip I own, as far as I know (even storm grip base's tip is thicker lol).
Also, I made Endurance and Stamina redirect to Survival, seeing as only survival had an article (which stated endurance/stamina were alternate names) and the names are used interchangeably.

Anyway I'll put this up in a little, I've been over it a few times but as with anything I've worked on for a long time, I may overlook something because I'm tired of it.
Haha..thats a pretty lengthy one..but i enjoy reading it....looks great for me evn for the overall section...
But..should "..making it a great choit for beginning bladers. " be better using beginner as well..?haha
But the rest looks perfect for me..
Mmm, I'll tweak that sentence a little in a few minutes.
Article Added! Good work everyone, and sorry I took so long to get it finished.
Man, how can those articles be so big.
(Sep. 20, 2012  4:57 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Man, how can those articles be so big.

Lots of useful parts, generally. In this case a decent AR, unique SG that has some uses which have both upsides and downsides, and a blade base that works for both attack and survival, however for both it's quite unique.

That said, most of the plastic articles currently up overlook a huge number of uses for parts. I could make articles that short if I were so negligent and lazy about it too.

Still, articles like Trygle 2 and Master Driger exist too, and are more than sufficient.