Discuss your yu-gi-oh decks here.

Lol, two of my close friends use those decks Tongue_out

Still working on my Macrosaurs here but it's changed quite a lot Smile
I have a mix deck but im working on my version of a E hero deck and a crystal beast deck.
I use crystal beasts, but I don't understand why people dislike them so much. I know you can just heavy storm to get rid of them in the s/t zone, but try and give them another chance.
Well if they survive long enough than theres raibow dragon than theres the big boy hamon the thunder
(Aug. 15, 2012  6:02 PM)kai12 Wrote: Well if they survive long enough than theres raibow dragon than theres the big boy hamon the thunder

Note: I use crystal beasts, I did not ask why people use them.
Well im explaing why they people could hate them not why people use them or they could be other reason why people hate them i really dont know why.
i use a mix deck of all my ultimate cards from all generations
Meh, decided to put up my decklist for next format, side deck isn't ready yet, but w/e.

Monsters (19):
Spells (9):
Traps (13):
Extra (15):
Any help is appreciated.
well in my deck i have the combo of heavy or dark and have starlight road set so i can sp summon it quick, so i can dark hole or heavy storm my self
me i take random cards and beat my friends with them hehehe
My crystal beast deck

2 Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth
2 Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat
2 Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle
2 Crystal Beast Emerald Tortoise
2 Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle
3 Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus
3 Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger
1 Rainbow Dragon
2 Summoner Monk
1 malefic rainbow dragon
1 Hmon, lord of striking thunder

1 Ancient City - Rainbow Ruins
3 Crystal Abundance
2 Crystal Beacon
2 Crystal Blessing
2 Crystal Promise
2 Crystal Release
1 Rare Value
1 terraforming

2 crystal raigeki
1 Mirror Force
2 call of the haunted
1 torrential tribute

I would post numbers, but I really am not in the mood. lol...
hi i am looking for any useful caeds for my deck if anyone will sell some

i am working on a new deck preferebly dragons warriors dark world thanks my deck has already been posted here previosly thanks Grin
im trading some Yu-gi-oh cards for MFB and Zero g check out my thread
This is not the thread to advertise your thread.
I'm sad and have a roid deck. XD
(Aug. 19, 2012  7:53 PM)ChampionOfHades Wrote: I'm sad and have a roid deck. XD

Don't be sad, roids aren't that bad if you know how to use them.
I use my dragon deck that specializes on special summoning my strong cards and eliminating my opponents cards before they can use them against me. Key cards are Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, Lord of D, Snipe Hunter, Chaos Sorcerer, Dark Armed Dragon, Eclipse Wyvern, Lightpulsar Dragon.

I also make it impossible to empty my field.
Just got advanced dark and added it to my deck, so...

Depends i have two full decks one with old Yu-gi-oh and i have newer version
I use Photon Control, Infernity, Hieratic, Psychic, Destiny Heroes, Neo-Spacians, Steelswarm, Heroics, and i am about to make a Flamesworn deck. My favorite is Destiny Heroes. I beat Madolches with them, twice :]. p.s if anyone want to duel me my name is Neoblade online.
Lol blew off 30-35 dollars on redu, and I got 1 puddingcess.

I hate my life.

Anyways, I run madolches, as of now.


1 madoche Baaple
2 buttlerusk
1 puddingcess
3 couxveiler?
2 mail men (lol if I dun no card names, I dun have the deck with me so.
3 puppy things


2 tickets
2 mst
1 enemy controller
1 monster reborn
3 tea break

2 coth
1 ultimate offering
3 waltz
3 lesson
3 party things


3 madolche xyzs
1 utopia
1 leviathan Dragon

I know the main deck has 33 cards, but as I said, I dun have the deck with me, and I only mention the cards from the top of my head.
Absolutly love warrior decks. My main deck is a mix of cards, but mainly warriors.

I'm getting a Machine structure deck on Monday I think and I will be using that as a Base to make a machine deck.
my deck nothing fancy they all fallow the advance format (Just to be safe that and it provides a challenge) this deck is a mish mash of things that represent me and things I think would come in handy please tell me your thoughts.

my deck is this.
BW Armed Wing
BW Silverwind The Ascendant
Dark Simorgh
2X BW Bora the Spear
3X BW Shura the Blue Flame
2X BW Ghibli the Searing Wing
2X BW Gust the Backblast
BW Fane the Steel Chain
BW Mistral the Silver Shield
Sonic Chick
BW Calima the Haze
T.G. Jet Falcon
BW Gale the Whirlwind
BW Kochi the Daybreak
Foolish Return
2X De-Synchro
Mind Trust
2X Cards for Black Feathers
B Whirlwind
Raptor Wing Strike
Tribute to The Doomed
2X BW Bombardment
2X Fake Feather
2X Ebon Arrow.
I cant type.
I made my machine deck, but it's still kinda forming. i need good cards to put in it.

Right now I'm planning to make a Fiend structure deck, but thats gonna be tough to the the very large amount of fiend related cards I have. I'm gonna limit it to 40 cards though. My warrior deck is gonna be 50 cards, I have 48 in it right now and I need two more monster cards, actually make that three since I'm probably gonna put Summoned Skull in my fiend deck. Not sure how many cards in my machine deck, but that deck is gonna be either 50 or 60 cards, or somewhere in the middle.

What cards are a necessity to put in fiend decks? I will also be putting some Gravekeeper monsters in it from the Marik structure deck.