[Deleted] Team Calix

[Image: WblBTuc.jpg]
Team Calix

We are Team Calix. We Move as a group, we fight as a group, and we never. Ever back down from a fight.

Do you think that you are the best in the world? Think again. Team Calix is a top-notch team that will fight and win every possible fight. We are currently accepting applications. If you would like to join, please fill out the joining application listed below. But before that, please keep in mind that Team Calix is a worldwide team, going to worldwide competitions, crushing many players on the way.

Please comment "I" If you are interested.

WBO Username:
What type of Bey do you use? (Attack, Stamina, Defense?):
Top 3 Beys (With all named parts):
Do you have a grip? A special launcher?:
Source of communication?:

Thank you!
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Sorry Dual. I just joined very recently. I am a noob.
No problem, just read over the rules and pm mods if you're not sure about something.
You shouldn't encourage one-worded posts.