Customize Weight Disks

(Jun. 29, 2013  5:10 AM)Time Wrote: This is a huge necro, but I stumbled across it so I might as well contribute cwd free defense ring comes as a bonus part not separate from cwd defense ring in sea dragon

... What?

No, it really doesn't... Speaking from knowing people who have got it in RB's etc, it's one CWD per bey. Maybe you got very lucky or something or a seller threw in both, but that is definitely not normal - if that happened to you keep in mind that you might be an exception to the norm in cases like this, for future reference...

By the way, seeing as I'm here. When I have time I'll update this article, as I'm familiar with most CWD's and the performance of a few obscure ones. Also have to update a lot of stuff on HMS beywiki to take into account using RB2 Heavy CWD Metal Part with other CWD's, but I'm busy with plastics at the moment (the plastics situation is much more dire, haha).