Connecticut [USA] Tournament Discussion

That would be awesome! I should be around that weekend, but we don't have to worry about plans for a few more months lol
is there going to be any tournaments in the summer?
Yup. Just take a look at the OP. We've got a pretty awesome summer schedule planned.
So if we're looking to Connecticon, would we be doing it on Friday or Sunday?

It's now $50 for a Saturday pass- which is $10 more than last summer's. I'm pretty much basing which day I go around the event, since I can't do all weekend, haha.
It'll be Saturday.

Event Date - July 12, 2014
Event Time - 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

I'm just waiting until it's closer to the date to create the event thread.
Alright. I'll be going either way, haha.

Thanks for letting me know ahead of time, I may want to pre-order my ticket. Tongue_out
What's nice is that we'll actually have a designated area for the tournament. Now that they know the approximate size of the space we'll need, we'll have a marked-out area of floorspace to use.
Yeah, I probably wouldn't have made it to last year's if you didn't find me.

The staff members had no idea where it was, so I basically passed where we were supposed to be a bunch of times.
They felt pretty bad about moving us, which is why they gave us so much Con Cash for prizes!
I was thinking- since the CT Con event would only be for players who'd already be going/dedicated players due to the cost of the ticket, would anyone be up for another tournament, that day after (Sunday, July 13)?

I'd be up for hosting in Berlin; either indoors or outdoors; most likely indoors, though.
CT top 10 has been updated!
Woo, as of today it's been a year since CT's first official WBO event. Naijalak first took the initiative to host in our state, followed by me and The Supreme One, and look at us now; one of the most active communities/areas around.

I'm proud to be a WBO Beyblader, more importantly one in CT.
Damn straight! Here's to another year, and bigger and better events!
Those insertions are fantastic.
(Apr. 29, 2014  4:09 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Those insertions are fantastic.
The actual thing will be even more fantastic Wink
More information coming soon
VERY nice! I love it Smile
Just saying, the Gollum/Golem and name was alllll me. Wink

But The Supreme One has pretty rad photoshop skills.
Sorry to double post, but new updates:

I'll be hosting a tournament, Bey Meets World, in Berlin on Tuesday, June 17, at around 3:00 pm. More information once I post the official topic, most likely Monday.

The Supreme One's and my tournament series, The Lord of the Energy Rings is set to kick-off in Berlin on Saturday June 28. Again, more info when the official topic is posted.

Doubt any of you could quite do it, but figure it's worth a shot. If any of you would consider coming down to Maryland this tournament aims to be huge, it would be well worth it for you: Thread is live:
Looks like it'll be really fun! Unfortunately I won't be able to make it, but good luck with the event & hopefully a few out-of-state bladers will be able to make trip.
Man, that looks sweet. Kinda rough for me to get down there with one or two of the kids, though. One of these days I swear I'll get at least one of them to an out-of-state tournament!
It is fairly short notice, but CT is only (haha) like a 6 hour drive from MD if traffic isn't too bad and if you're going to come to an out of state one I'm trying to make this one the one to come to
That actually sounds really fun plus I'd be able to see some other members I met at AN again, but the distance would be a big "no no" with my parents. A paid trip to Toronto is one thing, but driving for 12 hours total probably wouldn't appeal to my dad, haha.

Best of luck for that tournament, though. Tongue_out
Ask to go to DC and then just be like oh yeah there's this big beyblade tournament....