Colored Metal Wheels

Poll: What do you do?

Never Use them
Use them
Buy two
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I use it. Cuz i don'thave it.
I'll use them.
It's too dumb if you buy them but not use them.
Unless it's rare, I'll use everything except for the coloured wheel. However, if the situation was similar to Vulcan, then I would use the coloured wheel because it's top-tier. I feel so bad when I just take away the beauty of the beyblade, especially as I enjoy taking photos of them. I still haven't used my Galaxy wheel Pinching_eyes_2 I'm just gonna wait until it's like £5 because Galaxy isn't all that.
(Jan. 28, 2011  9:50 PM)Megablader9 Wrote: Not really. The paint chips, and the wheel could suck, so it'd be a waste of a cool recolor.

Not really, the spray paint never chips so I can recolour when I feel like it
i use them but i feel horrable about using my cyber colored wheel and my lightning and storm medal wheels...
So far, I haven't used my paint metal wheels. I get versions which aren't painted for use. If they don't release versions without paint, I'd double up. But I haven't done so yet.
If the bey that I REALLY want but has a coloured metal wheel then I get 2 or if it's limited edition but if it's one that's not what I want then i'd just use it.
Surprised, I use my beys with no shame.
What's more intimidating in battle, using a perfect looking beyblade? Or using one that you've worn the carp out of? I think we all know the answer...
Anyway ya, the only one I would never use is the Mercury wheel, if I spend $60 on a single beyblade then I am not using it ever lol.
If I had Mercury, I would obviously never use it. But other than that I always use them. It's no big deal to me since I don't have any "Rare" beyblades such as Mercury Anubis.
Dan Thats exactly what I was thinking.
I use them cause I just think what the hell I didn't buy it just to look at. I hate the fact that nobody uses the mercury wheel cause that is why there is no testing at all on how it performs.
There is actually tests done, at its decent at best. Search.
If I had the original Mercury Anubis (not this blue recolor carp.) I would not use it. Any other version would have been beat to hell right now.
I only use it if it's not rare (e.g. Gravity, Meteo) or if it's rare and top-tier (e.g. Vulcan) but I will NEVER use a rare one with uncolored alternatives/or if it's bad competitively (e.g. Burn from Burn Phoenix 90WF Blizzard ver., Sol from Sol Blaze V145AS Gold ver.)
Normally I take off the paint , I don't like to see painted wheels chipping off .
If I had Mercury Anubis ( Blue version ) I would use it , and test it . I really don't like that blue color ...
But I wouldn't use Sol because there's no use in that wheel .
But thats my opinion .
Buy 2. Except Cyber. I wasn't gonna buy 2 of the DS game, and if I did, the 2nd would be Bakushin Susanow or Counter Leone. And it was my 4th bey, 1st 3 were LLD, Dark Bullcarp, and Earth Eagle (who is now so beat up, its CW is deformed, and Earth practically looks like a light wheel). So guess what I did to Cyber.

I used it. And it's bad, so it wasn't even worth it.

Even though the exposed part of Hyper is barely painted, I'm not using it. It's too awesome-looking, and probably bad-performing anyway.
I use transparent acrylic gloss enamel spray to mantain them, so the color can last a lot of time and I can use my wheel
I buy 2 liminteds but for Hell Kerbecs, reshuffles etc I just buy one and use it.
i use them until the paint is chipped bad engouhg to be noticed when spinning then i remove it with paint remover
Well I seriously don't care if it's painted. They are made for being used so that's what I do. Anyway if no one uses a recolour or a coloured metal wheel then why nt show it off Grin
well i would always say 'never use rare beys', but there is always temptation when the bey stairs at you, right in the eyes, looking sad lonely, and unscratched, so the next thing you know i rip it in the stadium with regret, this reminds me of quetz.... i had now regret with vulcan tho Joyful_2
Well, I don't buy them.

I have enough money only to buy competitive beyblades, and to play with them.
I am only a competitive player, not a rare collector, although I do buy new beyblades to test.
well the only bey i got that is remotely painted was meteo, it chipped as soon as i used it and i thought "that is some carp paint", so i just continued to use it. i was planning to get rid of it's paint and then repaint it, too bad i lost it at a friends house before i could do that or actually use it in a proper battle, I'm hoping to find it soon.
My answer is like Electric's though I also buy rare beys for collection/reselling in the future.
What is the point of buying a bey if you don't use it? "Oh no the paint chips, its the end of the world!!" Seriously? As you can probably tell I use my beys.
I use them. I really like how they look scratched; it proves how many battles you have been in and/or how intense they were.