Colored Metal Wheels

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(Aug. 25, 2011  10:42 PM)IfritDulux Wrote: If Hasbro Release Vulcan in a starter and not in a video game im buying 3, one for using, one for keeping out of the box but in mint condition and one for keeping NIB and the same with Mercury when they release it

No, you keep one for collection, one for use, and one for loaning purposes! (Lucky Star reference.) But yeah, I don't really care for not using a part unless it is Fury, which is STILL in its box. It's been there since February.
About Mercury Anubis getting released by Hasbro...I don't think that will happen...why? they haven't released a single wbba exclusive bey not a single one (Burn Pisces, Burn Phoenix Blizzard, Infinity Libra, Gold/Red Storm Pegasis, and many more) and now you are expecting Anubis to be released as a starter? same goes with beys like Sol Blaze i bet all of my beys that those will never be released by hasbro. Just look at what Hasbro did during the plastic generation... BBA limited beys and movie exclusive were never released (Dark Dragoon, Dark Dranzer, Dark Draciel, Dark Driger)

And whatever you do Vulcan Horuseus will always come with a game...when did Hasbro release something as a starter that was originally with a game?
Really, LR Blader, about Vulcan, you can't confirm that it won't have a starter. Mecury Anubis, that's in the show, so Hasbro will most likely release it. Your argument about special MFBs not being released, those all came with Coco (or Coro or whatever) magazine, which we don't have in places that aren't Japan/Hong Kong/the surrounding areas. Dark Poseidon, who needs it aside from collection purposes? You could easily find Dark, Aquario, 145, and WD. They might release it though. Hasbro does like money. Also, stop ranting at Hasbro and go over to the Metal Fusion/Masters thread. They have really steppud lately. [/rant]
I only use the coloured metal wheel of my Burn Pisces and Hell Kerbecs (BB-99).
My gold Burn wheel chips off easily while my gold Hell wheel chips off hardly. Maybe due to the whether? Coz I often battle with my Hell as well and it doesn't really chip off paints.
Hell has more protrusions and sharper contact points than Burn, which has more surface area on the sides where contact is made, so of course your Burn would scratch up more easily. If you scrape the side of a jagged cliff, you won't see much of a difference, but if you scratch a smooth, flat wall, you will definitely see more of the mark. It has absolutely nothing to do with the weather, LOL.
I use my red Lighning, but only beause it's my best attack wheel at the moment.
I would buy 2 colored metal wheels, one from each brand model. The one I use for battle are the Hasbro colored metal wheels, the Takara Tomy colored metal wheels such as Gravity and Hell (both which I own) are for collection. Cute
Just use them in MY opinion exept its rare
Just buy 2
Well, I wish to preserve every bey I get.
I can't see a Metal Wheel tarnish. And if its a painted one, I can't see its paint chip off.
Luckily, we can retain a MW's shine after it tarnishes.
As for painted ones, I really wish to preserve them. But, I can't resist from playing with them...
I also qualify as a 'low-budget' blader, and hence buying two is out of the question...
So, I do not wish to use painted wheels, but end up using them...
Rare or not rare, I use all of my colored metal wheels in battle. In my opinion beyblades are suppose to be used in battle.
I use them, I don't enjoy what they look like after a battle. Beys like gravity destroyer, I know people who put
black sharpie on the wheel . I've considered colored sharpies as an option to see if That will make them look
better. However if its the wrong shade, The bey might look worse .
I use all of my painted wheels, except for Poison on Poison Giraffe S130MB. The purple on it looks schweet!
Never use them EVER! Mwahahahahahaha!
I tend to use most of my painted wheels, haha. I hate to see paint chip, but most of the painted MWs I use for battle are kinda tough to get unpainted. But if I also have an unpainted version of a MW I have, I'll just use that instead.
I hate using painted wheels, but no matter what... I end up using them.

I bought a second Gravity Destroyer just for collection, and I am going to buy another Galaxy Pegasus because my old one looks like it went through a shredder.
I use my painted wheels if they're viable. Luckily, most that are painted aren't thanks to weight creep, as sad as that might be :\
well my brothers and i use colored beys but if its really expensive say like sol blaze times three and they're bought at the same time we use them sometimes unless we feel like using them Smile but since the beys are takara tomy or sono kong the paint is very high quality
Unless I have 2, the chances of me using a painted wheel, uncommon or not, are very slim. And I usually cannot afford to buy 2 of the same bey; I would rather have a different bey
i buy two of every beyblade i buy(even ones with non-colored metal wheels).One for collection and One for battle
i just HATE taking away all the beauty in a beyblade.
so that my tip for buying colored beys............just buy two!
and i only use painted ones if their top-tier.
and i respect others feelings on this
I don't keep all my painted wheels mint,but I do for most of them.
(Jan. 03, 2013  11:40 AM)BeybladePants11 Wrote: I don't keep all my painted wheels mint,but I do for most of them.
have you ever tried spray painting or something?

None of the colored wheels in our household are rare, so we just use them. You can tell which colored Beys are "well loved" Smile
I use all mine because beyblades are meant to be played with so I do just that