Colored Metal Wheels

Poll: What do you do?

Never Use them
Use them
Buy two
Total: 100% 239 vote(s)
What do you guys do with Metal wheels that are colored?

Do you keep them mint and not use them
Use them anyway, you don't care if the paint chips
Buy two, one to use one to keep safe

or whatever.

What I do personally is, I don't use them. I like looking at them and keeping them looking cool, unless I get one that I have to use because it is really useful (Vulcan, but I don't have one)
I use them unless they're a collector's item.
I use them. I don't care if its rare or none rare. Unless its like a recolour of a bey (Like Black Lightning L-Drago), then no.
don't care at all
Cuz i do have some markers that are the same color as most of my rare wheels
In my opinion, beys shouldn't be kept mint as they're meant for battling with. There are a few exceptions though:

#1. I already have the part/bey.
#2. The part/bey is useless, but looks amazing.
#3. The bey is a special recolour.
#4. The bey is rare.
I buy two if necessary. But if I see a prediction that the coloured wheel beyblade I currently have will be turned into a CoroCoro limited (like Hell Kerbecs with a "new" part) then I will wait to get that before I use it. I will use my coloured wheel when the beyblade gradually gets "old" in time comparison to when I got it.
I'll Use Them.
Because I Know I Can Easily Get Another Later On.
i use most of mine the only one
i dont use is my special l drago recolor
I use them for tournaments, but I keep duplicate non colours for practice.

Although I use Bakushin for practice quite often since it's only available in white and it's a great 230 destroyer.
Well, considering my only "Colored Wheels" are Bakushin and Cyber... Yes. It doesn't really matter to me though. I don't care what wheel it is, I would still use it. (Unless it's really rare... For Example: I would using something like Counter or Vulcan but I would NEVER use Mercury)
Well, I think Nano said "not Mercury" because to get it, you would have to pay about $60+, so you can't really buy two that easily, and you would like to keep it mint for collection purposes/reselling in the future.
I use all of my painted wheels. The only bey I refuse to use is Fury Capricorne. HF gets deformed easily, and I am afraid I might not like Fury anymore if it turns out carpish. Plus, Capricorne's paint seems to wear easily. Like the Red Pegasis' Clear Wheel.
(Jan. 28, 2011  9:08 PM)Zeox Wrote: Well, I think Nano said "not Mercury" because to get it, you would have to pay about $60+, so you can't really buy two that easily, and you would like to keep it mint for collection purposes/reselling in the future.
I'm not Nano... I'm Bey-Heart... (Why does everybody think I'm Nano?)

(Jan. 28, 2011  8:55 PM)Deikailo Wrote: Why not Mercury?
Because it looks so awsome!! The only reason I would ever use it was if it got released by Hasbro. It would be so much cheaper after that.
i use them all the time i use it on my storm wolf thats how it wins all the time
Wha? How? The paint does nothing to the bey. In fact, the painted Storm looks Horrid on Wolf! I use mine with a plain Pegasis CW.
I don't use rare painted beys, such as Mercury.

Good looking beys, like Hell Kerbecs and MF-H Pegasis 85RF are too good looking to be used, so I have to buy doubles. Sometimes, temptation takes over me, and I use non-multiples that I will get like Vulcan Horuseus and Libra.
I only have the blue storm and a cyber, but I use both. It seems silly to not use something just because of it's color.
Not really. The paint chips, and the wheel could suck, so it'd be a waste of a cool recolor.
what's the point of having a metal wheel if your not gonna use it?
maybe for collection?
I really don't want to use my galaxy wheel until I get another one.
I don't want to use my Pegasis from super deck set, since I have another one.
I do however, use my libra from super deck set
Like most people i buy two of them if the paint chips of , but then again there are ways to paint the metal wheel back so why worry so much just have fun with the beys you bought , but like someone said if Mercury Anabus was involved , i would just use it's 85XF for combos & keep Mercury Anabus with different track & bottom , facing front so from a collectors point of view it looks good , also the combo bug inside me is also satisfied