Clear Wheels Stamina Testing

Does Darkhelm (hasbro) have the same stamina capabilities as Hades (TT)? Can somebody test that?
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hey is there anyone who has both the hasbro and TT cygnus' cause if someone can test them for a comparison for stamina i'd highly appreciate it. test done with duo 230 or phantom ad145 either d or wd or even ewd. whichever you guys prefer. thank you
excuse me, i have a stamina problem with my hasbro spiral fox. could anyone test the best stamina energy ring for spiral, tr145, and w2d? hopefully this will solve the problem.
Could you test Zurafa, and Orion.
Bringing this thread back up, since my post is significant enought to do so.

I was doing solo spin times with various metal wheels comparing the Cancer/Gasher Clear Wheel with the Pegasis II Clear Wheel, because th!nk recently mentioned that he had gotten some great solo spin times with his Sono Kong Pegasis II. There is a slight mold differential, making the Sono Kong one more balanced. I'm not sure where th!nk posted it. I used the Hasbro Pegasis II from the Galaxy Pegasus starter. Even with this slight mold differential, I got some pretty nice results I must say, even though th!nk really stressed the use of the Sono Kong one.

I used AD145WD for each set of tests. The WD is MINT and I changed the custom each spin. I launched at full power each time.

In order spins (Click to View)

Burn solo spin times
Burn Pegasis II average: ~2:44
Burn Cancer average: ~2:46

Earth solo spin times
Earth Pegasis II average: ~2:33
Earth Cancer average: ~2:33

Phantom solo spin times
Phantom Pegasis II average: ~2:35
Phantom Cancer average: ~2:25

I'd really like it if someone with the Sono Kong Peg II could do some tests like this because I want to see how much more significantly better it is.

Tell me if I messed up somewhere I did this all on my phone.
These are absolutely great results.

Excellent. This gives us some substance to work with.

I'll be busy with company from out of town for the next several days, but I'll try to get some solo-spins posted next week if I can.
Thanks for the solo-spin times Tri Pro Seagull. Wink

Do you have a Duo to do a comparison with? Do you have any other clear wheels you may be able to test as well?
I was gonna do Duo but I'm burnt out on solo spin times, haha. It fits extremely weird on Duo anyways. I might do some tomorrow.

As for stamina clear wheels, I don't have any other good ones like Cygnus or Hades. I might try Sag II tomorrow and see how it does.
Awesome, knew it, thankyou for doing those. Matches what I get on Phantom as well as the fact Takara/Hasbro PegasisII doesn't seem to do quite as well on other wheels. Also keep in mind that if PegasisII is taking hits on a stamina type, it's going to hurt a lot so yeah.

FWIW SagII actually kinda sucks for me at least, it's a real shame. Great defensive choice on Earth in Limited though.

However, I'm curious, could you or someone else do some spins of Unicorno II? Using Metal Fury Scythe would be good as I'm getting some interesting results there myself (I know it sounds crazy but I can't get better solo spins out of anything). A non-hasbro Kerbecs would be interesting too, though my solo spins had it falling just short of cancer.