Clash of the Gods: Armies on Olympus (Team Format)

  Los Angeles, California
10 bladers registered
Grand Park
200 N Grand Ave
  Meet on the Hill St entrance
4:00 PM on 09/30/2017
Hosted by

Only official Beyblade Burst gear can be used.

Full Rules
5 cash  or Free with Passport*

Free entry with Blader Passport

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This is a two-part event, first half will be Burst Format, second half will be Team Format. If you intend to participate in Team Format expect an all-day event.

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Time:
-Registration will start at 11:00AM
-Event will begin at 12:00PM

-Team Event will begin around 4:00 PM

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Directions:

Find the directions to Grand Park right here. We will be meeting near the fountain. 
[Image: e7258087e6d54903aacdfbc8540c9367.jpg]

-If you do not own any Beyblades, we will  have spares to lend out

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Prizes:
»3 on 3 Battle Booster Set - Team Format

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Host/Judges:
I am the main host of this event, Achi-Baba, and @[Alta] will be co-hosts.
Hey ThaKingTai, I notice the start time for this event is listed as "4". Do you mean 4:00PM? The description for the event says 11:00AM Registration, 12:00PM Start.

Also keep this in mind from the help text below the start time field when editing the event details: "Format: 10:00 AM. Always include four digits and AM or PM (or use 24 hours if your country uses it)."
Yea, I mean 4:00PM, lol. I'll fix it by the end of the night. Thanks Kei.
How long is this the team tournament gonna last???
JoJo [Jp0t]
(Sep. 19, 2017  4:24 AM)Lebron_Shane Wrote: How long is this the team tournament gonna last???

I'd say 2 hours at the most, depending on how many teams will be competing. It is definitely shorter than the individual tournament.
I am so dad I live in the UK Unhappy

Love your Yt btw
Thank you very much.