Christmas: What are you doing? What do you want?

For me, it's Christmas down the street at my Grandmothers house, which is about a block away... And since my family is Mexican-American, we open presents (or gifts) as early as 10PM Christmas Eve. The reason is because of the Mexican tradition to unwrap gifts at 12:00AM Christmas, whereas the American tradition is Christmas Morning. We barely got our tree a week ago, so the gift suspense aint that bad. Along with that, i'm wrapping something for my cousin that'll make him mad. Toilet Paper, a whoopie cushion, and $5. He deserves it, because last year, he gave me a LIVE Waterbug in a jar and it was huge... But i got my cousin a real gift too, a tech Deck Penny Skateboard. Happy Holidays!
Since we're Polish, we celebrate christmas eve. And since we're American, we celebrate christams day. Double the chrsitmas! But just found out my aunt is bringing her boyfriend over for christmas eve. It makes me mad because both of their divorces are processing so technically they are cheating. None of my business i know, but for some reason it makes me upset he's coming over.
I'm getting all beyblade.
BBG-24 Ultimate Synchrom DX Set Defense and Stamina
BBG-27 Gladiator Bahamdia SP230GF
BBG-26 Samurai Pegasis W105R2F
Dark Night Dragooon LW160BSF
Archer Gryph C145S
Beserker Begirados SR200BWD
BBG-19 Zero-G String Launcher

And, Recently, It's been told I will be getting pairs of brightly colored socks. yay.

I'll also,might,be getting this totally sick pen set. Yep,that's my asbergers kicking in.
i want bandid genbull ,big bang pegasus, driger g and the super attack stadium
I seriously want to get some basketball shoes, my old ones are falling apart.
Well, it was to late to get those Beyblades Posted above.

But, I got a new LapTop! Along With L-Drago Guardian D125B, SomeDragoonHmsThing, and Samurai Ifraid But, for some reason, it came with two tracks and no tips...

And some clothes and cologne
Dragoon MS? nice purchase.
You know who to call if you don't like it ... Wink
Was the 'Dragoon' purple? Or white?

Fail with the Ifraid though, haha. Was it from Takara or Sono-Kong?
(Dec. 25, 2012  3:34 PM)*Ginga* Wrote: Dragoon MS? nice purchase.
You know who to call if you don't like it ... Wink
So that's what It's called? I'm not sure which one it is. The tite was in japanese.

The Ifraid was Takara. Well, atleast I got X2 W145
Strata/Gaia Dragoon MS is the purple one, Dragoon MS/MSUV are the white ones.

MS/MF/MSUV are all abbreviated of course.
(Dec. 25, 2012  3:43 PM)Cannon Wrote: Strata/Gaia Dragoon MS is the purple one, Dragoon MS/MSUV are the white ones.

MS/MF/MSUV are all abbreviated of course.

Dragoon MS, Then. Ha, Excuse me for my ignorance. I'm new to this.

Its not been quite good for me. Christmas didn't seem like Christmas at all. Unhappy
It was not the least bit fun. It was rather gloomy, to be honest. Seems like the magic of Christmas faded away from India, or I simply didn't (couldn't) notice...

Anyway, I just wish I could get any random beyblade this Christmas. There's just the Hasbro Metal Masters beys here, so I'd probably choose a Rock Zurafa or a Ray Unicorno...
I haven't really wished for any particular bey for this Christmas, but I'd probably get whichever one is available, and is competitively viable. Ray Unicorno tops the list, if I were to consider all the Metal Wheels and Tracks I have. I REALLY need a CS.
Then again, I just wish that I do not miss out on something else which might be just as important/appealing.
This year was a good one, I got a lot of good stuff and some of my favrites were
-Master Sword replica (Legend of Zelda, it's a real sword)
-PSP 1001
-Kingdom Hearts BSB (PSP)
-Megaman Mavrick hunter X (PSP)
-Megaman Powered Up (PSP)
-New phone
-zelda watch
-3 volumes of Kingdom hearts manga
and best of all
-EarthBound (SNES, I've been waiting 3 years to play it!)
Didn't get any beys, yet, but my friend (Blader239) often dose get me a hasbro bey or something little like that sometimes. But I doubt it this time. XD
Merry Christmas bladers! So here is what I got,Death Quetzalcoatl (Hasbro Spark FX),Mystic Zone 2 Pack w/ Vulcan Horuseus 145D and Hell/Hades Gil 100R2F,and the Destroyer Dome.I was really disappointed when I didn't get all the 4D Beyblades.I still have a package coming in the mail and it is the Meteo L-Drago Reshuffle set! I celebrated Christmas at my uncle's house and it was really fun.


Death Quetzalcoatl 125SF:

Mystic Zone 2 Pack:

Destroyer Dome:
What I got for christmas! (Btw I woke up at like 7 which is unusual since I'm usually the first one up)

Pajama Bottoms!
a snuggle blanket (one with the sleeves) that has batman on it!
a new comforter
Tackle box shelves for my beyblades
Rex wreck double pack
Bakushin Susanow! YEAH BOY!
Cartoon Cartoons DVD with Ed edd eddy, johnny bravo, courage the cowardly dog and Dexters lab
A Walrus Pillow pet
A squishables Cthulhu (I call him kiwi)
A Eureka hand vacuum
Skull Head phones

All in all a good haul I was psyched! too bad it didn't last long XD
A few kilos of Bionicle parts from a bricklink order, both small pieces and large, about $170 with shipping, including an infected Hau, which I've wanted for years.
A few bionicle sets: Jaller Mahri, Jaller Inika, Nuparu Mahri, Bitil Mistika, Kirop, Radiak, Hydraxon, Gadunka, Klakk and Click (the latter two Brickmaster exclusives. The former is dumb and I'll be using it for parts, but the latter is a really neat littly guy (and he can cling around my wrist which is neat)).
Game Grumps Seven Asses T-Shirt (Limited Edition) - Luckily, the small I accidentally ordered is a decent fit, just a pain to put on.
A book about the lego group (by DK, whose books I've liked since childhood and are still pleasant to flick through)
A set of various types of pliers for my electronics/guitar work, so I don't have to borrow mum's all the time.
A photo frame with an adorable picture of my Dog in it.
A bunch of lollies/chocolate etc, some undies, and a small torch. I think that rounds it out.
Falalalala, qua, quack, quack, quack!

I got:

•TT ver. Death Quetzalcoatl
•Hasbro ver. Spiral Fox
•Destroyer Dome (for me and my little sis)
•Pokémon White
•a Hello Kitty sweater
•a desk
•a chair
•Bubble Yum gum
•duck-shaped earphones
•a robot-shaped USB Port
•a new USB Flash Drive worth 8 GB
SOOO what I got for Christmas...:

1.) A cool looking Wallet
2.) Some sort of drinking thingamajig
3.) A 2 GB worth of USB

I feel so jealous with all of your presents -.- there's always next time...
Christmas is getting dull for me recently... Last year my best friend was in LA for Christmas, so I was bored at home with no Minecraft yet. But well, this year is worse.

Stuck in China, freezing cold, without my brothers and having like, no good control over Mandarin, urrgh.

But well, I did get my Minecraft Premium Gift Card from one of my good friends
Woolen Red Pullover, real warm, which is good
Two Shirts
Running Shoes for School

Should be getting:
Basketball Shoes
Wristbands for Basketball
Fedora Hat
and some other stuff my parents said I would get...

Oh, and of course, my awesome 4/4 violin <3
Not to mention the Intuos 5 Small Touch I'm getting for sure...

Decent Christmas, nothing really fun like how 200X was...
I only get one present every Christmas from my parents, so... I got a Harry Potter Years 5-7 Wii game, ahah. Plus from my uncle, I got clothes that wouldn't fit me.
this looks fun, telling people wut u got for christmas...i think ill join in.
i obtained("got" is such a boring word, lets find the longest synonyms we can for it) one set of 25 watercolor paints, another set of about 12 paints, and another watercolor set of about 15-20 paint tubes. now on to stuff besides paints, heh..."Today Is A Beautiful Day" by Supercell CD, a new cruiser bike(caramel colored), $100, $35 Barnes and Nobles gift card, and other little stocking stuffers and stuff from my uncle's CMA gift basket. Tongue_out ...amazing christmas we had this year. ha

I got:

110 dollars Smile
Beyblade Zero-G Ultimate Stamina and Attack DX-Set
Nerf Disk Blaster
New York Knicks shirt and snapback
and a Tony Hawk winter hat

Best Christmas presents ever!
I got:
Acrylic Paint Kit
Dragon Ball Seasons 1-5 DVD
Yu Yu Hakusho Seasons 1-4 DVD
$100, which is probably going to be spent on manga.
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2(got this on november as an early gift)
Batman Arkham City GOTY edition
The Sly Collection
Fifa 13
Toriko(manga) vols 3-12(hasn't arrived yet, coming in the mail soon)
Neko Ramen vol 1(coming in the mail soon)
32 inch Tv

I hope everybody had a great christmas! Merry Christmas WBO!
I was very much spoilt this year!

I got:
- BBG-24 Synchrom DX Set Attack & Balance.
- BBG-25 Synchrom DX Set Stamina & Defense.
- x2 BBG-26 Samurai Pegasis.
- x2 BBG-27 Gladiator Bahamdia.
- Pegasis Leone Rev Up Launcher VS Set (The one with the cool Pegasis Attack Stadium).
- Gold Dark Knight Dragooon.
- Phantom Orion Skeleton Ver.
- Angry Birds Mini Speaker
- Nite Finder EX-3 Nerf Gun
- Lots of Chocolates/Sweets
- Shower gel/etc.
- Stand up magnifying glass.
- £20 from one of my Nan's (This actually meant a lot to me as we haven't spoke for around 5 or 6 years because of a argument we had, I was literally gobsmacked when I opened the card).

I sure there are a few other things I might be forgetting! My dad got me and my sister a Nerf Gun each it was totally random and I've never played with one before but we actually had loads of fun using them, we are such big kids! Spent hours running round the house on Christmas shooting each other, the dog loved chasing after me, my sister and the darts too she wore herself out haha.

Overall it was a very nice Christmas! I hope everyone else enjoyed their Christmases from what I've seen some people got some very nice stuff!
I got

2 Beywheel 2 packs(Cetus and Lacerta)
1 Beywheel(Toxic Stinger Scorpio)
2 Pokemon tins(Mewtwo and Darkrai EX
1 Pokemon Booster Box of Boundaries Crossed
1 Pokemon Blister of Bounadries Crossed
1 Pokemon World Championship Deck 2012(Shuto Itagaki)
BBG-14,15,23(Bandid Genbull F23TB itself)
BBG-26,27(Still hasen't arrived yet

I would say this was one of my best Christmases ever!