Challenge Time!!!

CHALLENGE TIME !!!!!!!!!!!

Today I have a beyblade challenge for u, if this challenge gets good results I will be making mores now let's put down some rules:
2. I am the judge of if the participate succeeds
3. NO ARGUING ok now that that's over here is the challenge
For proof that u won u have to post a video or post results if u are unable to do a video and if it sounds realistic I will put u on the bey master list ( winner list).

Beymaster list : 1. DRAGON KING
This needs to go in the Your Creations forum.

Oh and when it's moved, Phantom Cygnus 85MF. No video needed. It can out spin top tier stamina combos so a video would be a waste of time.
Dude I know u have a channel, to post the results is only for people that are seriously unable to post a vid and can a mod please move this to the your creations forum please
okay lik Tri said ask a MOD to move this Grin but first get permission from Insomniac. and when it`s moved Duo Sagittario II AD145HF I`ll use my Darkhelm FX stadium
Please read the first post and don't post here if you have a channel but aren't going to post a vid ok, i did an easy one because i want to move up to harder ones and I already PMed insomniac about it.