Buying my nephew Beyblades!

Nice! he's loaded lol, he might be a bit too young for those but it looks fun!
omg lol the dont need anymore beyblades. THATS A LOT. LOL.
Yep their loaded for battles!!!
(Apr. 15, 2021  10:20 PM)VynRuki Wrote: *snip*

I just wanna say, you’re a great uncle. The joy on his face seeing all those Beys was amazing, and the fact that you spent all that money for him.

You’re a great uncle, enjoy playing Beys with your nephew
wow thats more TT beyblades than I will ever have!
you are a great uncle my dude!

*starts crying at my 4.7 TT beyblade collection*
Dang. This makes you the cool uncle. I hope to be the cool uncle one day.
Needed a feels good moment today, good going!
If he ever becomes interested in competitive then he is pretty much all set. Just needs World and The End and he's set.

A pog collection and a really pog uncle moment
Lucky Im jelous
WOW! You must be an amazing uncle! I'm kinda jealous tho :p
how nice of you