[Buying]  Buying : HMS and Dragoon Gt

oh im looked for used one dosent matter if there are no sticker i will still take it
Yeah i bought a DRanzer Ms from ebay for 22 it come in one more week
yea ive seen it on ebay as well but i dont enough Unhappy cause of dragoon ms
edit first post and found purscahsed a dranzer ms
edited first post again
There are a couple members selling ice blue wolborg ms, look at shops. I believe khel might have one. And I will be getting a dragoon ms so if I sell it I will contact u first.
^thanks im going to wait till i get more money in a week or 2 to buy even more stuff .
I have a used Dragoon MS, PM me if interested.
blah i pmed you
If you are just going to bump you should only do it every couple of days, not everyday.
Are you so sure. I got a used Dragoon MS with little to no stickers, I might consider selling it for $40 waiting for unleasheds offer, it seems the stickers are worth more than the bey...
Blah : Sorry about that
Littlechipz: does is shippng inlude with the 40$ also it depend on the running core
hmmm have a look at my thread for a wolborg MS it's not the saint shield version but the coro coro gold version
Heart has a NIB dragoon ms for sale.
yea i ask him im just wait till i get the money
Edited first post look for dragoon mf it must have good condtion rc
Dragoon MFs cost more than MS just to tell you.
I have a white one I'm willing to sell though.
Edit: Looking for any wolborg ms
Heart has wolborg and khel has an ice blue one.
i asked khel but hasn't responded to my pm yet it been a 1 week or more . going to ask heart for one