[Buying]  A sexy wishlist for a sexy child

hi guiz i will only buy parts not whole bladez unless specifiklee stated
i live in the yoo-kay
if we trade for sumthing than you send first.

**** =very high want
*** =high want
** =medium want
* =low want

silver hell
f:d (slightly worn)

wants: (preferably all nib/nib)


metal flat ****
metal face's (remodel only) ***
variaries ****
scythe kronos whole bey ****
strongest blader set ****
4 bb-116 rbv8

advance averazer ***
advance striker **
magical ape *****
samurai changer *****
round shell ms ****
dems *****
hms grip***
hms random boosters un opened (any)

plastic gen:
all dragoon
all driger
all dranzer
all draciel

a plastic launcher and grip
ur going to japan soon
Check JH1026's WBO or Ebay Shop
link please.
Just go to the selling section...it is extremely easy to find as it is on the first page...
bump, update
I've got a Dragoon MF for sale.
pm me roughly what you are looking for price wise and if you are after anything beyblade related... Smile
I have Samurai Changer, Magical Ape MS, and Wolborg MS, all opened, mint, without stickers. Would you be interested in that or do you just strictly want NIB?
im interested in the wolborg and the samurai changer, pm me with rough prices...
bump, update
hmmm i might be able to get WOLBORG... might
bunni pm me

I already have a wolborg for sale. Unless you mean wolborg ms. Also I have a plastic grip and some of the main characters blades.
ok pm me, are you comin to the next tourney?
Yes i'm coming to the one in August.
bump, update Smile