Burst Format rulebook now available; Odin Layer banned from WBO tournaments

Bey Brad
Hey World Bladers,

Today we're releasing our first rulebook for Beyblade Burst. It's available here and will be used for all Beyblade Burst events hosted by the WBO starting immediately.

What’s New

We’ve put in a lot of work towards streamlining these rules and making them easier to understand for Bladers of any skill level, in addition to helping tournaments go more smoothly. The biggest change made is the switch to mandatory double-blind selection; during the Beyblade selection phase of the match, both Bladers are to select their Beyblades in secret. The complicated stalling clause rule is no more.

Another meaningful addition is the Tournament Code of Conduct, which outlines what’s expected of Bladers participating in a WBO event. One of the reasons previous rulebooks were so big is that they were constantly being updated to react to ways that Bladers were attempting to exploit the rules. By simplifying them and clearly stating that attempts at circumventing them won’t be accepted, we’re trusting Bladers and judges to use their best judgement.

Other than that, the expectations are pretty basic: be nice, help new players, and keep the tournament running smoothly. Not very different from what you were already doing anyway, right?

One thing I would stress is that booing or taunting other Bladers isn’t OK, even if it’s meant as a joke. There’s no way to know if the other person is actually hurt by it and just trying to laugh it off, and it makes us look pretty bad to new Bladers and outsiders.

As with all rules in the WBO rulebooks, breaking them could lead to a suspension or ban from both the WBO website and tournaments — something we hate to do, but will do as necessary. So play fair and be good to your fellow Bladers!

Odin Layer Banned from WBO Tournaments

Since this is our first Burst rulebook release, it seemed fitting to take the opportunity to announce that we’ve decided to ban the Odin Layer from WBO tournaments. You can read the full discussion thread if you’re curious how we came to this decision, but I think the blurb in the rulebook sums it up nicely:

Quote:The Layer Odin is currently banned from use in World Beyblade Organization events due to its extremely high rate of victory compared to all other Layers in the game, when used in certain combinations. Due to its lack of reliable counters, the game became unhealthily centered around it.

This ban will be reviewed as new products are released.

We’re sincerely thankful for all of the feedback we received from the Blader community, which was invaluable in helping us reach this conclusion. There are definitely some who won’t be happy about this, but to be clear: none of us are happy to ban parts from formats that don’t normally restrict parts usage, so we’re hoping to bring Odin back into play as soon as a new release can bring balance to the game, or if some previously-undiscovered strategy comes to light.

You can continue to discuss the ban in the original thread.

Going Forward

You might’ve noticed that the new rules are on Google Docs. We’ll be using Google Docs for future documentation releases since it’s easy to update, distribute, and access from any device.

Rule changes that have been made for the Burst format don’t apply to other formats, but we may update those rulebooks in the future to be more in-line with this one.

And that’s it! Again, if you have thoughts on the new rules, feel free to post them in this thread.
Ah yes, Odin is no more! :')

Time to read up on the double-blind section! ^^;

Thank you to the Commitee for this! Smile
Woah.. Odin banned(Sadly and Happily).. We here barely got hands on Odin lol. We plan to host one in March preferably in the end of March Grin Hopefully it gets approved hah Grin
So just to clarify, dyeing a layer would constitute physically altering right?
Bey Brad
(Feb. 03, 2016  5:21 PM)Zoroaste Wrote: So just to clarify, dyeing a layer would constitute physically altering right?

This is a good question. Takara-Tomy's rules forbid disassembling the Layer. I'm not sure I think this rule is necessary — especially since it's impossible to prove if this has been done anyway — and I don't really have a problem with dying parts. We should discuss it.

Have you dyed any parts? It seems somewhat common in Japan but I've never seen anyone here do it I think.
Nah, I haven't, but I was thinking about learning how. I think it should be allowed as long as it doesn't change the weight or size of the part. But I guess we would have to be able to tell that it doesn't change and that might get complicated (requiring judges to have scales for one)
Or maybe, if you have dyed parts, then you are required to bring your own scale?
Bey Brad
Well, dye shouldn't impact the weight or size at all. If you do try it, let me know how it goes Grin
Ok cool. I will research it and try it and make a thread about it if I get the time. I have a decent scale too, so I should be able to tell if it changes the weight at all. I am guess it might, but not even by a hundredth of a gram
I'm glad that double-blind is mandatory - experienced Bladers would always force Stalling Clause anyways; making it double-blind makes it so newer players won't be taken advantage of.

Also, I see that repaints are now prohibited entirely as opposed to the old "performance-affecting" clause. I understand the need for simplicity (and the difficulty of enforcing such a rule), but I was planning on repainting some Disks since they are subject to less wear than MFB parts.
Thank you very much, committee! This really motivates me, a new player, to master rubber tipped attack types. <3
Man, I knew Odin was good, but not THAT good. Hopefully the dual layers makes this a short ban.
The Rule Book is Straight and Simple. I really Love the Writing Style.
Odin is banned now Happy ( and a bit sad too as Maximum told that we here barely got our hands on it here.)
But with new products comes hope that it maybe unbanned but that is to be seen afterwards.
Hatsoff to The Comitee for all their efforts towards it.
Its Time For Burst !!!!!!!
Cheers !!!
Thanks for all the work WBO! 2016 has been great!
Well i guess buying an Odin with credits was a waste
(Feb. 03, 2016  11:00 PM)geetster99 Wrote: Well i guess buying an Odin with credits was a waste

Keep it mint for when it's unbanned, and until then, you have blow! Grin sorry geester, Crying
Angry Face
(Feb. 03, 2016  11:08 PM)ZachBob Wrote:
(Feb. 03, 2016  11:00 PM)geetster99 Wrote: Well i guess buying an Odin with credits was a waste

Keep it mint for when it's unbanned, and until then, you have blow! Grin sorry geester, Crying

how about buying 5 and winning 1 from the scavenger hunt yet never having even touched one irl? ha ha.. Crying

Personal reasons aside, though, if it's best for the game, not much else really matters. Good to see a rulebook out for Burst, I'll have a printed copy on hand this Saturday.
Naijalak Retired
Oh, sweet Odin. We rarely knew ye.
Bey Brad
(Feb. 03, 2016  11:00 PM)geetster99 Wrote: Well i guess buying an Odin with credits was a waste

Ideally, we'll be able to bring it back while it's still a force to be reckoned with, but not the force to be reckoned with. Smile

I was really excited to use purple Odin + red Heavy + gold Defense, alas ...
[Image: 4136682.jpg]

I cannot emphasize enough how much better I think this game will be with mandatory double blind. So much less deception, so much less emphasis on non-blading skills (faking attaching to launchers), and so much less butthurt due to non-competitive reasons when someone falls victim to said deception (meaning so much less explaining to subsequently upset parents in some cases). You still need to be observant at the tournament to learn what the other bladers have, what they're comfortable with using, etc. etc., things that can be done in a much more friendly and healthy way than trying to deceive your opponent.

Two thumbs way, way up.

EDIT: And no more Stalling Clause makes the rulebook soooooo much leaner [Image: aww.gif]
Well that's that, I was really glad to hear that this problem is officially solved!
hey yeah i own deathsyther oval accel if my bey was banned i would feel the same about odin but rules are rulesWink
I'd like to see these rules adopted by the other formats as quickly as possible. Basically all the age-old rules quibbles are solved by common sense and embracing the double-blind.
'm happy beacause Odin is banned! Thank god first event in my city [which is yet to propose] will be OHD free

i also like double-blind selection rule, but i can still guess what blader can use hehe
Actually, we can announce that the rule changes do apply to our other formats and you can check out the updated Organized Play Rulebook here for now : https://worldbeyblade.org/universalrules.pdf