Burger King Beyblades

YES I REMEMBER THOSE THINGS I actually didnt know i was gonna get those XD
I got driger. I cant find it now though.
(Jun. 22, 2011  4:10 AM)LeonTempestXIII Wrote:
(Jun. 21, 2011  1:49 AM)strikerlord Wrote: just went to the vestal, NY dollar store, and they have LOADS of these! but they only have the tyson & yellow dragoon ones.

Where ypu able to buy some? When it comes to beyblade, there is nothing better in my mind then good old beyblade nostalgia!

(Jun. 22, 2011  3:20 AM)darkwolf1 Wrote: I had constantly used them as training for my real beys. can you say fake bey graveyard?
A funny story, some kid who had his broken, buried the fake bey. clay baked tombstone and all the works.

R.I.P. Some Kid's broken burger king beyblade...you are in a better place now...sniff...

yup, 2 dragoons.
the launcher often stalls, though.
are these real spinning beyblades or are just displays you can put in your room?
Yeha i remember to those burger king ones my first beyblade was a Bistool from burger king ( i still have it ) and i had dragoon, galux, dranzer and draciel from burger king. it was so cool i was allways asking to my parentes to eat in burger king but sometimes they said no but its ok, it was good times when i was in the kindergarten and in the school i was allways battling with my friends, and the tourneys were the best part.
Good Times...
Omg, I remember this, I had a Driger and Dranzer. But sometimes they get stuck in their launchers, and other times the battles are mostly stamina battles on the launcher. Still, these are pretty good for a happy meal, although, they should invest in better happy meals.
When i was little i thought these were better(me now Argh! ).My first real beyblade was a dark bull last year

^2$ Galux^

Loool just found mine Grin
(Sep. 08, 2011  10:26 PM)Thermal Blaze Wrote: Loool just found mine Grin

Just found a lot that I think has one, too.
I also have a Dragoon one. I lost it but I still have the action figure of Tyson.
Were these actual official five pieced beyblade? I remembered getting a yelow Dragoon? But i dont have it anymore...
weren't those the plastic shaped beyblades that came with a figure of the blades owner? i remember gettiing a Kai and Mariah with Dranzer and Galux. Little fast food toys but yeah.. little 2-3inch figures. maybe im not thinking of the same ones. this is what im talking about.

[Image: BK-2003-Beyblade-C1_zpse5eda4e1.jpg]
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