Blader Rewards 5th Wave

Hey Kei, I see that big bang Pegasus part set is gone
I sent a message about it to you that I wanted to exchange it it was send to me right ?
Yo !
Thanks for processing the tournament Kai-V. I just exchanged my credits for Aero Knight MS Grin
In-depth rules for the Awakening Amaterios campaign have been added. A must-read for organizers!
For the HMS beys are the NIB or used?
Been meaning to post....I just recently got the Vs Battle Set package a couple days ago. Thanks WBO for the generosity!
(Feb. 07, 2016  8:42 PM)Ultra Wrote: For the HMS beys are the NIB or used?

Yeah i think so
Hey Thank you
I received the set. Tomorrow my brother will collect it from his friend's home
Hey all! Better late than never: we're finally revealing the Face designs for our Awakening Amaterios campaign. Yes, designs. We've changed things up a bit from how we originally announced it:

[Image: aIktlKm.png] [Image: sLpirSj.png] [Image: IwTF6cc.png]
Shard of Amaterios — Shell of Amaterios — Jewel of Amaterios

Rather than collecting multiples of the same face, your Amaterios Face will upgrade through three phases depending on how many events you've had the longest winning streak at. Once you've obtained the Jewel of Amaterios, Amaterios Aero Assault is yours!

Thanks to Kei for the awesome Face designs. The main post's been updated with this information. We'll start doling these out to those who've earned them thus far.
Interesting design for the Shard, Shell and Jewel of Amaterios! Unexpected, but pleasant surprise. Great job, WBO Committee Smile
Looks awesome, great job Kei! Grin
(Mar. 07, 2016  3:22 AM)*Ginga* Wrote: Looks awesome, great job Kei! Grin

Thank you! Glad to finally get it posted. I think the idea to progress from the Shard, to the Shell, and finally to the Jewel of Amaterios works really well.
WOW really nice design! intresting [also looks extremely fun to me]

@[Bey Brad] who's idea to create Shard and Jewel of amaterios was?

Edit:- @[Kei] thanks for making such awesome design!! i'm really excited for burst events in my area
The original "Shard of Amaterios" was my idea, but it was Kei's idea to have the Face evolve rather than accumulating multiple Faces.
Today I got my phantom Orion. Thanks

Sildron got his big bang Pegasus parts set..... But I can't seem to recall who took the zero G metal face
Can you confirm if possible ?
[Image: PicsArt_03-23-10.59.44_zpsilrvccd1.png]
These Faces are finally live!

[Image: shardofamaterios.png] [Image: shellofamaterios.png] [Image: jewelofamaterios.png]
Shard of Amaterios — Shell of Amaterios — Jewel of Amaterios

All of them should be awarded already up until some March events. If you find a mistake or a valiant battler missing, let us know, but make sure to recalculate the results because it is highly possible that there was actually a draw between two or more Bladers for who had the most consecutive wins.
they are beautyful!
Kei I'm waiting for your reply since February. I sent many messages but still have not received any response
Please check your inbox
Okay I'm having a problem here and I'd like to ask, where is my prize from the credits campaign that I ordered months ago? On January 6th 2016 I sent this to Kei:
Thunder Dome Wrote:Can I get a Gachapon Random Layer with my credits, thanks!

"Insert Address Here"
Well I assumed that months later I would've gotten a response sooner or later, but about a month later on February 16 2016 Kei messaged me:
Thunder Dome Wrote:
Kei Wrote:Hi there,

Can I get your phone number? I'm going to need it to ship your prize. Thanks!
"Phone Number"
So I gave him my number and expected something to happen, like another message back or maybe the item would actually be sent. April 17th it still hadn't arrived so I messaged Kei on Facebook and he asked me to message him on the WBO. I message him on the WBO:
Thunder Dome Wrote:Hey, have you guys shipped the random Burst Layer set I ordered from the credits campaign months ago? I believe I ordered it a long time ago, but I still haven't received it. Thanks!

Kei read this and still hadn't replied. This seems very unprofessional and I'd like to know whats going on here.

@[Bey Brad] @[Kai-V] @[Kei]
No idea about Kei, but Brad shipped one of his Layer capsule this Saturday for someone, which was slightly overdue but it was done. Kei was busy with his trip to Japan, but other than that...
Hey Thunder Dome — that was indeed my fault, but it was shipped this weekend, along with a bunch of other Blader Rewards. Sincere apologies for the wait. Think you'll be fairly pleased with the RNG gods, at least. Smile
Yeah, sorry Thunder Dome! I had messaged Brad shortly after you PMed me recently to see if he could ship it soon, but didn't get a chance to respond back to you. Thanks for your patience!
Kei I just received the aero Knight MS and yash got his Advance averager MS ( I'll post the pics lager )

Lol I'm just waiting to get the WBO T shirt that I had won

Edit -
[Image: IMG_20160509_173450_zpsqemv1uoy.jpg]
[Image: IMG_20160509_173436_zpszvbctkhu.jpg]
(May. 09, 2016  9:10 AM)ashton pinto Wrote: Kei I just received the aero Knight MS and yash got his Advance averager MS ( I'll post the pics lager )

Lol I'm just waiting to get the WBO T shirt that I had won

Hey Ashton, PMing you about the t-shirt now.