Big Community Announcements + HMS Face Contest Winners!

Bey Brad
The positive reaction to the Mentor shift is really appreciated guys. Kudos.
I really like it, the name just seems more welcoming.
(Aug. 28, 2015  3:24 AM)J.I.N.B.E.E! Wrote: I really like it, the name just seems more welcoming.

Along with it makes it seem fair; Advanced always felt more over shadowing, now Mentor sounds helpful. Joyful_3
Congratulations, both to the HMS Face winners and the new staff! Grin
I think that Mentor sounds a lot better than Advanced member. The term Mentor sounds very welcoming to new members, whereas if a new user sees a group of people called Advanced it could make them feel a little uneasy and like there not as important IMO.
Tri Retired
Woooaaah! Big stuff like this always makes me want to come back and be and active helpful member again! Congrats guys! I know you'll do great things for this community!

lol Mitsu I remember when I became a your creations mod and you congratulated me and now I'm doing it!
TL14 Retired
How can I become a mentor?
Bey Brad
(Aug. 28, 2015  12:49 PM)Zera Wrote: How can I become a mentor?

Don't call us, we'll call you. Wink
Bladerguy2 Retired
Great job guys. Glad to see those people now on staff and I'm excited to see where we go from here. I think burst might be the greatest thing that's ever happened to this place. Mentors Corcle sounds a lot less exclusive. I remember when I first joined I felt sad because I was not advanced. Haha. The next thing the WBO needs is Bladers from Colorado. Hahaha.

And congrats to the HMS winners. I wish those really existed. I really like both. Good picks.
Oh my gosh!!! What a thread full of freakingly awesome news!! Stupid First Brad returns and now this! Eee

First of all: It´s so incredibly awesome that LMAO and Mitsu are "officials" now!!! You both are so indispensable for the community that it actually was just a matter of time that you were promoted! So I guess, Mitsu is the youngest global mod that has ever been on WBO, isn´t he?

Also, THANKS A LOT for that Design Contest result!!! Eee I´m so happy, because it was practically the only thing that was really fun during my exams and it was even rewarded... Thank you so much!! :') I guess I´ll choose the yellow one. Cute
Also, congrats to Jinbee for winning this, too! Your concept was REALLY something special!

And on top of that: That mentor system is really the best idea of the year! The name itself already brings the long-term bladers and the newbies much more together than the hierarchically structured "advanced" and "normal" members system. Really great job! That shows really well that it´s the duty of the beyblade "oldies" to enthuse the newbies with beyblade and make the community grow. AWESOME!!!
Thanks ~Stoney~, your metal ball gimmick was really cool as well, reviving HMS would have been awesome.

Oh god I hope the Red Face Booster gets me something good.
Congrats to LMAO and Mitsu! Can't believe someone my age and someone younger then me became mods! Never the less great job!

Sad I haven't been able to make it up there yet. I guess it just isn't meant to be. Good luck to the new mods and committee members though!
Wow, congratulations on becoming mods, Mitsu & LMAO! Strange to see the first person I talked to when I joined now committee member and the person who made my signature a mod! Sweet job on achieving this you two! Smile
Thunder Dome
I never really got to say this but congratulations to LMAO for making committee and Mitsu for becoming a Global Moderator. You both really deserve this and are really good guys in general I know you guys will do an amazing job in your new positions!
Congrats LMAO and Mitsu!
Congrats, Mitsu LMAO Smile
Wow! The WBO changed a lot while I was gone! Congrats LMAO and Mitsu! You guys are amazing!^-^
Leone19 Retired
(Aug. 28, 2015  2:30 AM)Leone19 Wrote: Like the idea of a Mentor Circle, so it doesn't set anyone higher than another. Great to see.

Also, super super congrats to my BeyBro LMAO. First friend I made on this site back in 2012-2013 and now my teammate. Can't express more happiness for LMAO, he truly deserves it.

Congrats to Mitsu, as well. I didn't even notice he was promoted until a few days ago and forgot to congratulate him on this page, haha.
All of the members who replied to our invitation to join the Mentors group have now been added! Everyone, please welcome
to the brand new Mentors group!

If you haven't been contacted to join the group, do not worry! We will always be monitoring the community for new members who exemplify the qualities we are looking for in potential Mentors. To paraphrase Brad, Mentors should be a force for education within the community both on the forums and off, and should actively assist new players in mastering everything from the basics of type-countering to the most advanced shooting techniques and gameplay concepts. They should set an example for the rest of the community to follow. We think that everyone on this initial group of Mentors demonstrates these things in one way or another. Smile
Thanks for the opportunity, I will do my best to fulfill the duties of a mentor!
Congratulations to all of you! You all very much deserve it. Smile

Hoping to see some posts from you guys in the Mentor's Circle!
Congratulations to everyone on that list!

You all definitely deserve it!
How exciting! Can't wait to begin this new chapter in my time on the WBO. Hopefully with the Burst purchases I made recently, I'll be able to contribute even more to the community both on and off the site.
This makes me happy to be apart of this new group. This is sort of the reason why i started back beyblading all those years ago.
Congratulations to all the mentors! Hopefully you continue to inspire the next generation of Balders to be the best that they can!