Beyblade METALBURST! my new series

so i saw @ultra destinus and his story @[ My new series page] and kinda got inspired by how good his work was (definitely check out his story). So i decided to combine Burst and Metal because i like both, so this is that. @ultra destinus will be helping me too, i will release the first episode the moment i get a reply for the start of the story from him. Stay tuned THE EPISODE WILL BE OUT SOON
I will be uploading chapter one very soon!! Keep a look out people!!!
I already made a fanfiction in 2012 called Beyblade Heroes: Metal Burst with exploding MFB beys. I also filmed some videos with the Beys:
That video was filmed on January 7th 2012.

Without further ado here is beyblade metal burst episode 1 \

Chapter one
Every story has a beginning, for our heroes, this is it.

Spring, a soft meadow smell, birds chirping, and suddenly… DRIIINGGGGG!!! The alarm clock rang loudly. Eraba Ramashita sat up quickly, banging his head into his brother’s. “OWWWCHH!!!” said Baransu Ramashita, sitting up after having fallen over, “I knew you had a big head bro, but I didn’t know you were hard headed as well!” “I don’t,” said Eraba sitting up, “you're just a flower is all!” “Ohhh I'm gonna get you for that!” Baransu replied and chased Eraba out of his bedroom and down the stairs, where their mother was waiting.

“Eraba! Baransu! What are you two doing!? You’ll be late if you don’t get dressed soon!” shouted their mother (Akemi Ramashita) as they ran into the kitchen. “Sorry mom,” said the two boys sheepishly as they walked back up to their rooms.

An hour later both of them had dressed and got their black WBO duffel bags and they were downstairs waiting. Eraba with his trademarked WBO red beyblade jacket, his orange 21 pilots t-shirt and his crisp white jeans. His curly blue hair glinted against his white highlights. His orange eyes seemed to be burning with excitement.

Meanwhile Baransu was dressed in a black WBO jacket, white t-shirt and blue jeans. His green hair permanently stood up in spikes without any gel, Baransu adored this, and his blue eyes seemed to be calculating some impossible task: traveling with his brother. (DUN DUN DAAAA!!!!)

The two brothers set out after saying goodbye to their mother. “Take good care of your brother,” Akemi had whispered to Baransu, as he was fifteen, one year older than Eraba who was fourteen. “Don’t worry,” He had replied, “I will.” And deep down he realized, he meant it.

“Where are we going?” Eraba asked as the two of them walked forward. “To the beyblade shop obviously!” said Baransu in reply. After a few minutes they arrived. “HELLO!” greeted the jolly shopkeeper as they entered her shop, “by how light your bags look, I'm guessing that y’all are here to buy some beyblades, just go over to the right and you can pick both a metal and a burst beyblade each, once you have done that come over here and get your very own double launcher, well don’t just look at me, GO!” “Ok, Thanks!” The two boys said a they walked over to the Parts section.

Eraba was the first to form a beyblade. it’s face bolt was a charging black bull, it had a pure white energy ring, which had two yellow bolts of lightning arcing from the center. The metal rim was circular with medium thickness that was moderately good at defense and still contained stamina. The spin track was white with medium height, and the performance tip was a defense type. Charge Taurus was its name.
Next Eraba made his burst Beyblade. His bey has a custom-made stamina type performance tip called Bastion, a tip which has a pointed metal piece on the bottom that can spin for good amount of time. Next was the special forge disc called Stable. The disc was round like spread but it had 5 bumps for extra stamina. Last was the Energy Layer, Tearing Taurus. It resembled Miniboros Except It had two large horns that were built for attack and power

Now Baransu brought forward his beys; The metal one had a white puma etched across it's facebolt, the energy ring was black and had two swords stretching from the center. The metal rim was shaped like two pumas and looked like they delivered a great smash attack, the spin track was short, not very short though, and the performance tip was a rubber attack type. He named it Strike Puma.
Next his burst Beyblade. Baransu chose the Xtreme tip for maximum attack, a special Forge disc called Punch, which has two massive bulges in the side to help the layer’s attacks, and a custom energy layer called Punch Puma It looked similar to Odax But it had two panthers etched onto the layer and uses four claws, two on one side and two on the other in order to give the strongest attack power possible.

The two brothers presented their beyblades to the shopkeeper, got their launchers and… started arguing. “Mine is better!” shouted Baransu, “It’s a superb attack type and it will blow your cow out of the stadium and my burst bey, Punch Puma will burst yours immediately!” “No way!” shouted Eraba in return, “My balance type and My stamina type will destroy yours! And it’s NOT a cow!” “Oh yeah?” said Baransu suddenly whipping out his launcher, “well put your bey where your mouth is and battle me then!” “That’s enough!” said the shopkeeper, interrupting them suddenly, “I’d rather you not destroy my shop, here please take these expandable stadiums and go to the bey park, they’re complimentary. Go on now, Shoo!”

An hour later the two boys made it to the bey park and set up the double stadium, then they stood on either side of it and got ready to launch. They got the shopkeeper to officiate. "3… 2… 1… LET IT RIIIIIPPP!!!!!" the brothers said while launching their beys.

Chapter 2 will be released soon! we just need to write it first.
yes we have started on the draft. we will be releasing it soon
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Guys its time for episode 2!!! so grab your popcorn! IT'S BEYBLADE METALBURST!!!!!

Eraba and baransu had just started their journey and created both metal and burst beyblades:
Eraba- Charge Taurus(metal) and Tearing Taurus(Burst)
Baransu- Strike Puma(metal) and Punch Puma(Burst)
And they promptly started fighting soon after. They then went to the bey park to settle the argument once and for all.

Chapter 2!
Brothers Clash!

Eraba and Baransu launched their beys into the center of the stadium. Immediately Strike Puma started circling the stadium gathering speed, meanwhile Taurus instead went for the strategic “claim the center” technique. “HA!” Baransu mocked, “Coward!” Eraba kept his cool, but showed just a tiny smirk on his face… what is he planning?

Suddenly Strike Puma came crashing down, slamming into Taurus. “HA!” Baransu shouted, but then his face started to gradually become shocked replacing his earlier smile; Taurus hadn’t moved at all! Eraba smirked, “If you had paid attention you would have noticed, your bey was strong alright, but just let me point something out…” Baransu’s face turned ash-colored “Oh no…” “Your bey hit me… exactly as I put in some extra spin, so…” Eraba waited for baransu to reply. “…It hurt me about ten times than it hurt you…” Baransu finished

Suddenly he smirked, “Heh, who would’ve thought… meh, I still got this! Strike Puma! Special move!” suddenly his bey’s avatar began to form… a glowing black puma… with swords on its back… “PREDATORS SLASH!” Suddenly the two blades on the avatars back fanned out on either side and the puma bared its fangs… “GO!”

Strike Puma slammed into Taurus again and again, knocking it back and forth like a cat playing with a ball of wool… or a puma. “Arghh, Taurus hold on!” shouted Eraba, and to himslef he said “I need to figure something out… wait, is it worth it?” he looked at his bey being knocked around… “Worth it!” He decided.

“Taurus!” Eraba shouted, “Now it’s our turn! SPECIAL MOVE!” Taurus’s avatar began to form; A Bull, ready to charge, with lightning cackling around it “LIGHTNING CHARGE!” then Taurus did something surprising; instead of immediately hurtling like Puma, he started circling the outer ring, gaining speed, and then suddenly, as fast as lightning, It struck, using all of its power, it spun in a vibrational pattern. “HA!” Baransu said, laughing at Taurus’s seemingly out of control move, “Learn to control your bey!”

As quick as he said it, Taurus struck, the impact sent Strike Puma flying out of the ring. “Eraba wins by way of stadium out!” said the shopkeeper (Bet you forgot he was there). Baransu, dumbstruck, went to pick up his bey, “How?” Eraba smiled, “Easy,” he replied, “the vibrations generated a bipolar magnetic reversal force, that generates electricity, and power, so that combination was able to even outclass an attack type like puma.”

Eraba continued, “But your attack was good, you actually had me worried for a second there.” Baransu smiled, “Don’t you go getting all sentimental on me, we still have our burst battle to begin, now come on lets get started!!” Eraba shook his head, “Still as impatient as ever.”

They walked over to the other stadium, specially customized for burst beys. They took their positions at either side of the stadium and the shopkeeper started the countdown. “3…2…1… LET IT RIIIPPPP” the brothers said, launching their burst beys.

Eraba and His Brother, Baransu, began their battle in the park to settle their dispute once and for all. Eraba won the first battle with his metal bey Charge Taurus, but Baransu and Puma aren’t done yet. The second round is up next. But which blader will take this match?
Beyblade METALBURST Chapter 3.

Eraba and Baransu set up their beys, Tearing Taurus and Punch Puma and immediately some trash talk went down. “Hey Eraba,” Baransu spoke. “Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t bulls the prey of big cats?” Eraba looked at his older brother with a smug look and said “Didn’t charge Taurus beat you the last time? I think bulls are the predators and pumas are scaredy-cats.” “Didn’t you ever pay attention in biology class, Newbie?” Baransu retaliated.

“Are you two done with the smack attacks yet? We’re burning daylight here.” The shopkeeper said, waiting for the two teens to start the match. “Oh, sorry. We’re ready now! Eraba and Baransu replied. “3. 2. 1, LET IT RIIIP!!” the bladers shouted.

the battle started off with Tearing Taurus taking the center while Punch Puma was doing the standard attack type motion pattern. Hit by hit, Baransu was wearing Taurus down with his attack power, but every blow he gave to Taurus had a Recoil affect on Puma as well. “Heh. this doesn’t look too good for your kitty cat, eh bro? Eraba retorted. Baransu growled at the fact that his younger brother was winning for the second when suddenly, he had an idea. “Aha! I’ve got an good plan that’ll burst that cow to pieces!” he said slyly. Eraba was confused about Baransu’s idea, but he continued with his strategy, but Puma hit Taurus with high speed and force, bringing Taurus Down a click.

“Heh, I can take a small hit! It’s Not like that will burst my bey!” Eraba mocked, but he didn’t know Baransu Was plotting something else in mind. “Wow, Blind much?” said Baransu, pointing down at the dish. Eraba didn’t know what his brother was talking about until he saw Puma Delivering a barrage of attacks, Making Taurus’s clicks go down to one. “Puma, Sink your claws into your prey! Predators Slash!” Baransu shouted. Punch Puma’s Avatar Formed and swiped it’s claws at Taurus, making Eraba’s bey lose all it’s clicks.

“Puma wins by a Burst Finish! Baransu Ramashita wins Game Two!” Announced the Shopkeeper. “See? I told you Cats are better than Cows!” Baransu Teased. “Oh, For crying out loud, Baransu, IT’S A BULL!” Shouted Eraba, Irritated at his brother’s words, And the two boys started to bicker again until they heard the sounds of beys clashing on the other side of the park. “Hey, do you hear that?” Baransu asked. “Yeah, it sounds like a Beyblade battle is going on. Let’s go check it out!” Eraba added.
The teenagers retracted their portable stadium, said their goodbyes to the shopkeeper, and went to investigate the battle.

To be Continued

Guys finally ep 3 comes out. I know ive been dormant for a while, BUT ITS GOOD TO BE BACK
Oh My god @[CrazyBay]! Where have you been?! Finally, new episode! Thanks!
hey suhasini, yh i was out of wifi for a while… busy with school and all but im back, thakns btw
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Well, stick around for a long time! And the new episode is awesome! Nice going!
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(Jul. 13, 2018  3:43 PM)CrazyBay Wrote: hey suhasini, yh i was out of wifi for a while… busy with school and all but im back, thakns btw
Well, stick around for a long time! And the new episode is awesome! Nice going!

course i will, and thanks
ahh sorry, i got distracted again, but i'm back, and I,ve got a new episode cooking

Whip those popcorn bags out once more for: BEYBLADE METALBURST!!!

Baransu won the match after his brother, leaving them at at tie
The two brothers, their problem unresolve began to fight again,
They hear a battle, let's find out what happens

Eraba and Baransu ran over towards where a crowd had gathered to watch a battle. "Go Falcon!" said one of the bladers, a girl with long brown hair, blue jeans and a beyblade t-shirt. Baransu whipped out his bey-checker and pointed it at her bey, it was a metal bey,  it's facebolt looked like aquila's but was orange and it had wing designs etched into the plastic, the energy ring was shaped like to beaks interjoined their ends sticking out like hooks, the metal wheel was shaped like two wings with razor sharp feathers projecting out. It's spin track was extremely long and it had a stamina-attack tip.

Her opponent was an ardent attack type, but that was only given  away by it's speed and aggresiveness, it was to fat to accurately use the bey checker on it. The man commanding it was tall and buff, wearing a leather jacket, jeans and a Venom t-shirt. He was shouting commands at his bey and simply laughing off attacks, though his bey didn't seem like it could handle anymore fighting, he seemed to either not notice, or not care. His bey was making a sound like it was wailing in pain, it's sides were being slowly

Eraba cringed every time his bey seemed to hit hers, and whenever hers hit his. Both beys seemed on the brink of being destroyed, even though they were metals, they seemed to be holding together, then he noticed something. Though the girls bey was losing speed and strength at a mediocre rate, the mans one didn't seem to lose any at all, this is fishy, thought Eraba, and was about to say something when the girls beyblade stopped spinning.

The girl collected both her beyblades, and handed over her entire bag over, to the big bulky man! she turned away fast, but Eraba saw a tear glint in her eye as she walked away. Eraba, extremely angry, despite his brothers protests, went over and shouted "THIS MAN IS CHEATING!" He pointed at him and said: "His bey has being illegally modified witha motor so that it keeps spinning!" To Eraba's surprise, instead of doing something, the people just dissipated faster. "You shouldn't have said anything," said a man as he ran by.

The girl stopped and started weeping in one place, and the big man started walking towards Eraba, "Hey pipsqueak, you should've minded your own business, now battle me and win, and I'll let the girl have her stuff back, lose… and I get, you and your friend here's things, and by the way, saying "no" is not an option." He seemed serious, Baransu whispered something in Eraba's ear and both of them smiled.

Eraba stood up straight, nodded at his brother, who nodded back, turned to the brute and said, with that amused smile; "Bring it!"

To Be Continued
KNOCK! KNOCK! It’s time for BEYBLADE METALBURST! So get your popcorn and cola and gits readin


Eraba and Baransu started they burst battle
Baransu rushes in headfirst but ends up getting hurt with each attack
Eraba seems confident and tries the same tactic as last time.
Baransu finally manages to defeat Eraba when suddenly they hear a noise on the other side of the park!


“Go Thunder Aegis!” the mystery battler called out. Her metal bey, a mere yellow flash on the stadium, slammed the other bey like lightning hitting a building. “Grr, Hang on Inferno Aries!” the blader opposite her called out. Suddenly, like a flash of lightning, Aegis struck and knocked It’s opponent out of the arena.

“Well, this isn’t over yet!” yelled the loser, “We still have our burst battle to complete!” The girl who won looked a bit upset and replied, “I haven’t got a burst bey… mine was stolen.” “Ha!” Shouted the boy, brightening up, “that means I’ve won!” The girl looked away fast and started walking away, jerking ever so slightly.

“WAIT!” shouted Eraba, “I’ll fight for her!” The girl looked around, a tear at the corner of her eye. “Well boy! I’m Wally, and I'm the best, so BRING IT ON!” “Fine well I'm Eraba, and I say put your bey where your mouth is!” The boy growled and started to set up the stadium. The girl turned around and started to watch.

The boys stood on either side of the arena, 3! 2! 1! Let It Rip!
Tearing Taurus started with the claim the center technique. “You Idiot!” Baransu shouted, “Didn’t your cow learn anything from our match?!” Eraba’s eyes blazed, “IT’S A BULL!” suddenly Taurus’ avatar formed, a charging bull with a matador’s cape torn to shreds on its horns. “TAURUS! SPECIAL MOVE!” Eraba shouted, “DARK HORN!” The avatars horns suddenly started pulsating between black and orange. Taurus slammed into Aries and threw it out of the arena, bursting it at the same time.

“Whoa, bro that was harsh.” Baransu commented as he walked towards Eraba. “How’d you know I was gonna do that?” Eraba asked as he picked his bey up. “I didn’t.” Baransu replied, grinning. “-Excuse me,” someone said suddenly. Eraba and Baransu turned and saw that it was the girl. “I’m Jess, thanks for battling for me!”

Jess was lean; she wore blue jeans and a yellow t-shirt that had a picture of Voldemort talking to Pinocchio saying; “So all you have to do is lie?” She had emerald eyes and a pretty face. Her hair was red and ran down to her spine. She spoke in a soft way and seemed to float as she moved. “I'm new around here, and my bey was stolen so, thanks for stepping up for me”

Eraba grinned and gave her a thumbs up, he’d remembered seeing Gingka the old legendary blade and had made him his roll model. Jess smiled back and was about to speak when she saw something out of the corner of her eye. “HEY! THAT’s THE GUY WHO STOLE MY BEY!!!”

hope u like it