Beyblade Collection

(Jan. 12, 2011  8:12 PM)桃太郎 Wrote: Attack Stadium > New Beys, then once you have the Stadium, you can go nuts on new Beys. =P

@clericlaw: It's a Face given to people who have 50 or more Beyblades.

does it matter if u got doubles of beyblades?
(Jan. 13, 2011  5:19 AM)IdrAsBlade Wrote: does it matter if u got doubles of beyblades?
You can have only fifty Lightning L Drago and it would be OK.
all the hasbro mfb beyblades except for burn pheonix and poison serpent
Hi all

My bey's are all Hasbro Metal fusion

Storm Pegasus 105 RF
Flame Sagittario C145 S
Rock Pegasus 105 WD

I don't have any stadiums or accsesories

From StormPegy
here is mine:
I HOPE that i have enough to get a rose face...
yup its time u get a rose gold face
And are those in the left side fake

BB-03 Sagittario 145S
BB-05 Pegasis 145D
BB-08 Leone 105F
BB-23 L Drago 105F
BB-30 Rock Leone 145WB
BB-32 Storm Pegasis 105RF
Dark Wolf DF145FS
BB-35 Flame Sagitarrio C145S X2
BB-37 Bey: Clay Leone D125FS
BB-40 Dark Bull H145SD X2 (Lost the useful parts on one of them)
BB-43 Lightning L-Drago 100HF
BB-45 Clay Aries ED145B
BB-47 Earth Aquila 145WD X2
BB-50 Storm Capricorne M145Q
BB-51 Extreme Beystadium and Rock Orso
BB-55 Dark Cancer CH120SF
BB-56 Killer Gemios DF145FS
Dark Capricorne 105RF
Storm Aquario M145Q
BB-59 Burn Phoenix 135MS
BB-60 Beys gotten: Earth Virgo GB145BS
Rock Libra 100WD
BB-65 Rock Escolpio T125JB
BB-70 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
BB-71 Ray Unicorno D125CS
BB-75 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
Rock Orso ED145D
Earth Virgo T125ES
BB-78 Rock Giraffe R145WB
BB-80 Gravity Perseus AD145WD
BB-82 Beys: Poison Phoenix WA130SD
Poison Unicorno 130HF,
Storm Serpent T125HF
BB-83 Pisces DF145BS
BB-86 Counter Escolpio 145D
Cyber Aquario 105RF
Poison Giraffe S130MB
BB-91 Ray Gil 100RSF
MF Earth Aquila 105HF/S
4 Layers Special Edition:Virgo DF145BS
Pisces D125BS
Aries 125D

COMING (Already Ordered):
BB-96 Beyblade Super Deck Set
BB-98 Ultimate Reshuffle Set L-Drago Ver.
BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Gold Sol Blaze
BBP-01 Vulcan Horuseus 145D
(Jan. 13, 2011  1:36 PM)aquila112 Wrote: yup its time u get a rose gold face
And are those in the left side fake
Nope, theyre real!
my little collection.

libra is mia in this shot. Pinching_eyes_2
got my flame sagitario in a double pack but i didn't get any stickers for it!
rock orso i got with duo tron so no back.
and i haven't been able to find storm capricorn and rock scorpio yet. Unhappy
my collection

c145s flame segetario
bristling leopard
Updated collection.

Storm Pegasus
Dark Bull
Lightning L-Drago
Rock Leone
Storm Capricorne
Rock Aquario
Earth Eagle
Dark Libra
Burn Fireblaze
Flame Saggitario
Dark Wolf
Earth Virgo
Evil Gemios
Dark Cancer

Dark Wolf
Storm Pegasus
Galaxy Pegasus
Ray Unicorno
Ray Gil
Gravity Perseus
Vulcan Horuseus
Libra (Super Deck set)
Pegasis x2 (Super Deck set Version and normal)
Burn Cancer (Super Deck set)
Meteo L Drago
Flame Byxis
Rock Giraffe
Grand Ketos (WD145)

Hasbro Launchers, Stadiums and Accessories

2 Launcher Grips
2 String Launchers
1 Pegasus Thunder Whip stadium

Takara Tomy Launchers, Stadiums and Accessories

2 Beylaunchers
1 LR Launcher
1 Attack Stadium
1 Beylauncher Suspension (got it for a steal)
1 Light Launcher 2
1 Light Launcher
1 BeyPointer (my bro bought it for me)
Here's what I've got right now:

-Storm Pegasus
-Storm Capricorn
-Rock Aquario
-L Drago
-Earth Wolf
-Dark Wolf
-Killer Gemios
i only have
wolborg 2
storm pegasus
rock aries
storm aquario and
dark bull
All Hasbro beys except for Dark Wolf. 2 Earth Wolfs.

I have the Cider Earth Aquila that is blue.
Vulcan Horuseus.

A crapload of plastics, and my brother lost my HMS collection, and sold my blue Wolborg MS for a Hersheys bar.
lol he sold your blue wolborg ms for a herseys bar? If a relative of mine did that I would be so pissed off.
This is my collection:

Storm Aries
Dark Wolf (it was my first blade, give me a break!)
Earth Aquila
Burn Phoenix

It's a small collection of Stamina blades (except for Dark wolf of course...sigh)
My Collection is pretty small
Storm Pegasus x2
Ray Unicorno
Lightning LDrago x2
Rock Leone
Dark Bull
Strom Capricorne
Storm Aquario x2
Earth Eagle
Flame Sagittario
Dark Cancer
Rock Aries
Dark Wolf
Electronic DragoonG
Draciel MS
Beylauncher x2
Launcher Grip
My only considerable collection is my plastic beys:
*Strata Dragoon V
*Wolborg 4
*Dranzer GT
*Dragoon G
*Strata Dragoon G
*Dragoon V
*Dranzer G
*Draciel F
*Driger G
*Draciel G
*A wolborg 1 bearing base with a wolborg 2 AR
And my launchers:
*Marksmen Grip (shipped but has yet to arrive Unhappy will soon)

I also have some spare parts but this is about it.........And soon I'm getting either a Dranzer V or V2!!
Dug out all my old beyblades.. There's about 30 complete ones there, and a huge stack of weight discs from all the ones that broke when I was younger Unhappy

The Pegasis stadium and beyblades in that were presents for someone else and NOT mine. It inspired me to get mine out to have a look at them again!

Photo of ALL my collection

I BELIEVE these are the names (It's been so long..)

Dragoon V
Dranzer V2 (RC I think)
Metal Dranzer?
Trygle (Blue AND red)
Hayate and Hayate 2 (right?)
Dranzer G
Wolborg 4
Kid Dragoon
Metal Driger (Takara version, HMC)
Galeon (purple)
Dragoon S (Blue)
Dragoon G
Driger V2
Flash Leopard (My favourite beyblade of all time)
Flash Leopard 2
Driger G
Wolborg 1 (Yellow)
Voltaic Ape

Driger MS x2 (one Takara, one Hasbro)
Dark Leopard MS
Strata Dragoon MS (Hasbro)
Bloody Devil MS (My rarest, I think)
Draciel MS (Takara)

As for beyblades that I had that broke, there were lots, as the pile of weight discs show (About 25 weight discs?) I had well well over 50 beyblades at the time.. I wish younger me was less careless.

None of these are for sale, they were too big a part of my childhood to sell them on..
Bloody devil, i want one so badly
Nice collection bro. Keep it for more worthwhile money lol
It's not working.
my collection is pretty small i have
burn phoenix
rock leone
dark wolf (fail i know)
dark cancer (another fail but it was free so idc)
storm aries
rock aquario
grand ketos
lightning l drago
storm pegasus
My Collection is kinda small:
Storm Pegasus 105RF
Lightning LDrago 145HF
Flame Wolf C145HF
(These are not the combonations i use)