Beyblade Collection

I love the luster of a new painted Wheel and the glow of a new Clear Wheel Cute
(May. 31, 2010  2:38 AM)Khel Wrote: Got Bey?

[Image: P1050029.jpg]

[Image: P1050027.jpg]

[Image: P1050028.jpg]

[Image: P1050026.jpg]
these are the light wheels I can find atm. These are the ones with parts I care about (extra WB, C145 etc.)

Nice collection, lol nice hasbro faceoff pegasis with galaxy sticker, lol.
(Jan. 06, 2011  1:00 AM)blah Wrote: So pwetty. :3

Very pwetty indeed blah.
Poison Serpent, Lightning L-drago x2, Meteo L-drago, Gravity Perseus, Galaxy Pegasis, Ray Unicorno, Burn Fireblaze, Storm Pegasis, Rock Escorpio, Dark Wolf, Thermal Pisces, Flame Bixys and Aries 145
I dont have that many. I got Fireblaze, leone, aquilla, gil and lacerta and im getting hell kerbecs tommorrow and Unicorno in a few days.
Are you going to Chinatown tomorrow Starbreaker? Enable your PM.
For my collection, I also have Rock Escorpio.
When I first login this site, I even didn't realize there was a series called hms.

But I am happy I found this site and here is what I purchased in recent days...

From top left to right:
- Dragoon MS red
- Dragoon MS blue
- Jiraya MS
- Wolborg MS
- Driger MS red
- Samurai Changer red
- Sea Dragoon
- Jiraya MS red
- Einstein MS
- Driger MS white
- Dragoon MF black
- Dragoon MF blue
- Dranzer MF oragne
- Dranzer MF blue
- Thunder Dragoon white

And there are coming, thunder dragoon blue and dragoon ms uv.

Can I ask a face Kai-V? Smile
(Jan. 07, 2011  8:46 PM)wwqqyang Wrote: Can I ask a face Kai-V? Smile
Ah, you need at least fifty Beyblades.
(Jan. 07, 2011  8:58 PM)Kai-V Wrote:
(Jan. 07, 2011  8:46 PM)wwqqyang Wrote: Can I ask a face Kai-V? Smile
Ah, you need at least fifty Beyblades.
Haha, okay, then i will post my mfb lot tomorrow and together i am sure it's over 50 XD
(Jan. 07, 2011  9:13 PM)wwqqyang Wrote: Haha, okay, then i will post my mfb lot tomorrow and together i am sure it's over 50 XD
OK. Send me a private message if I do not see your post.
Driger (unsure if this is Driger F or's light green anyway)
Dranzer F
Dranzer F (have no base for this one so it uses a regular black base)
Knight Dranzer (this one had me confused since it only said "Knight" on it)

Black Marksmen Grip Launcher
Blue Sniper Grip Launcher
RC Dranzer V Launcher (no idea where Dranzer V is...)
Dragoon Launcher
1x Left Spin Launcher
6x Right Spin Launchers (all in different colours)
4x Ripcords

Hopefully I can get some of the older beyblades from when they were released collection used to be a lot bigger, had a lot of different and now-rare beyblades, including Black Dranzer F..
MFB Beys:
Black Pegasis 100HF
(Light Blue) Pegasis 105F
Aquario 105F
Wolf 125SF
Sagittario 125SF
Bull 145S
(Gold) Quetzalcoatl 90WF
(Silver) Quetzalcoatl 90WF
Virgo DF145BS
Gemios DF145FS
Metal Facebolt Vulcan Horuseus 145D
Metal Facebolt Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
Metal Facebolt Ray Unicorno D125CS
Metal Facebolt Hell Kerbecs BD145DS
Flame Libra T125ES
Thermal Pisces T125BS
Metal Facebolt Earth Aquila 145WD
Rock Aries 145D
Aries 145D
Metal Facebolt Burn Phoenix 135MS
Metal Facebolt Counter Leone D125B
Metal Facebolt Cyber Pegasis 100HF
Metal Facebolt Bakushin Susanow 105F
Lightning L-Drago 100HF
Leone 145B
Rock Leone 145WB
Dark Bull H145SD x3
Elscolpio WD145B
Pegasis 145D
Libra DF145BS
L-Drago 105F
Dark Cancer CH120SF
Mad Cancer CH120FS
Dark Wolf DF145FS
Flame Sagittario C145S x2
Ray Gil 100RSF
Rock Elscolpio T125JB
Thermal Lactera WA130HF
Pisces DF145BS
Rock Giraffe R145WB
Killer Gemios DF145FS x3
Gravity Perseus AD145WD
Mercury Anubis 85XF
Wind Aquario 100HF/S
Storm Aquario 105HF/S
Storm Pegasis 105RF x2
Meteo L-Drago LW105LRF
Clay Aries ED145B
Earth Virgo GB145BS
Storm Capricorne M145Q x2
BB-05 Pegasis 145D
BB-08 Leone 105F
BB-23 L Drago 105F
BB-30 Rock Leone 145WB
BB-32 Storm Pegasis 105RF
Dark Wolf DF145FS
BB-35 Flame Sagitarrio C145S X2
BB-37 Bey: Clay Leone D125FS
BB-40 Dark Bull H145SD X2 (Lost the useful parts on one of them)
BB-43 Lightning L-Drago 100HF
BB-45 Clay Aries ED145B
BB-47 Earth Aquila 145WD
BB-50 Storm Capricorne M145Q
BB-51 Extreme Beystadium and Rock Orso
BB-55 Dark Cancer CH120SF
BB-56 Killer Gemios DF145FS
Dark Capricorne 105RF
Storm Aquario M145Q
BB-59 Burn Phoenix 135MS
BB-60 Beys gotten: Earth Virgo GB145BS
Rock Libra 100WD
BB-65 Rock Escolpio T125JB
BB-70 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
BB-71 Ray Unicorno D125CS
BB-75 Galaxy Pegasis W105R2F
Rock Orso ED145D
Earth Virgo T125ES
BB-78 Rock Giraffe R145WB
BB-80 Gravity Perseus AD145WD
BB-82 Beys: Poison Phoenix WA130SD
Poison Unicorno 130HF,
Storm Serpent T125HF
BB-83 Pisces DF145BS
BB-86 Counter Escolpio 145D
Cyber Aquario 105RF
Poison Giraffe S130MB
BB-91 Ray Gil 100RSF
MF Earth Aquila 105HF/S
4 Layers Special Edition:Virgo DF145BS
Pisces D125BS
Aries 125D

COMING (Already Ordered):
BB-96 Beyblade Super Deck Set
BB-98 Ultimate Reshuffle Set L-Drago Ver.
BB-99 Hell Kerbecs BD145DS

Gold Sol Blaze
BBP-01 Vulcan Horuseus 145D
Okay, here comes my mfb collection :

There are around 40 pcs for mfb and 20 pcs for hms (plastics are not includded) Smile
@C a o S One can dream of launching a Dragoon MSUV in a HMS Tornado Balance (i think) with an HMS Grip battling a Wolborg MS. Thats the life. Awesome Collection.
LOL,look at his username. Khel is the username who posted that...
Okay so I figured I would post my collection after seeing all of the cool ones in this thread, so here is a link to my photobucket gallery. Sorry I don't have a list of everything and to be honest it would take awhile... Some small notes on the collection;

There are 136 unique and complete beys, the HMS wolborgs and the spark/thunder dragoons are actually different beys, a takara and hasbro of each. The same is true of the burn wheels.

I have 4 extra plastics, 6 broken plastics (wings, bound part, spring, etc)

Parts for 7 HMS beys that are extra or mismatched from random boosters

Parts for 2 extra HWS (pegasus and dark bull)

As far as the Strikers I have all 16 Series 1, 2 of the series 2 and 6 of the metal xs

Wolverine 7680

PS it is still growing all the time I am waiting on Gemios and Gravity Perseus right now in addition to 3 of the series 2 strikers and 1 of the metal xs.....
@ wolverine7680 =O Wow, that's a lot of Beys!! I applaud your collection!! You're qualified for a Rose Gold Face now. =)
(Jan. 12, 2011  8:45 AM)桃太郎 Wrote: @ wolverine7680 =O Wow, that's a lot of Beys!! I applaud your collection!! You're qualified for a Rose Gold Face now. =)

what is that?
That is an amazing collection man. Somethink I think you need is an attack stadium though.
Thanks! I bought most of them way back in the day... I do actually need to grab a couple TT stadiums especially the attack stadium but I keep blowing my money on new beys!
Attack Stadium > New Beys, then once you have the Stadium, you can go nuts on new Beys. =P

@clericlaw: It's a Face given to people who have 50 or more Beyblades.