Beyblade Collection

(Dec. 16, 2009  3:37 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: rock aries is hideous you crazies

You may not like it, but I like it so HA!
(Dec. 16, 2009  3:37 AM)Bey Brad Wrote: rock aries is hideous you crazies


the RBL3 Aries looks much better
So jealous of u dragonsclaw for having gaia dragoon and uriel 2!
draciel s
2 master draciel
3 wolborg
metal dranzer
metal draciel
dranzer v
dragoon s
dragoon f
dragoon v
dragoon g
master dranzer
rock bison
blizzard orthrous
flash leopard 2
burning kerberous
wolborg 4
kid dragoon
dranzer gt
metal driger (hasbro)

coming in the mail:
galeon 2
gaia dragoon

Death gargoyle
sea dragon
gaia dragoon
slash riger (blue)
dark leopard (grey)
advance eterner
advance averazer

storm pegasis
dark wolf
BB-20 version pegasis
BB-20 version wolf
I bought it off sasch who has quite a lot of rare beys for sale on his thread,unfortunatly for you he only had one to sell. It's the black version too! I'll be so happy when it comes.
(Dec. 31, 2009  6:50 PM)Akylus Wrote: Does he have a trygle 2 for sale? Go to that thread and it will have a list of all the Beyblades he has.
yes he does have one on his thread.
why you would want trygle 2 is beyond me...

lol this is what happened to my trygle 2
the takara version not the crummy hasbro version.
Yeah, I mean the Takara Trygle 2 not the sucky hasbro one (I had that version before and it was bull carp.).
I was talking to robsta when I said that. The takara version is much rarer too since it comes from a random booster.
Man those are some sweet blades. Also the set up with the pictures is really cool too.
Here is my collection (what's left of it) of plastic beyblades. i know it may look like i threw a bunch of parts together, but trust me, it's legit. I also have a ton of mismatched parts, and i didn't think i needed to show the launchers.

This is my small collection of MFB beyblades. Earth Aquila's comming soon!!!
Plastic Beyblade:
Master Dragoon
This black Dranzer Volcano

Gaia Dragoon

Starter Pegasis
This is my collection of MFBs so far. Wink
[Image: launchers.jpg]

Metal Wheels
[Image: dscf5921a.jpg]

Clear Wheels
[Image: dscf5922y.jpg]

[Image: tracks.jpg]

[Image: dscf5924m.jpg]

Quetzalcoatl 90WF
[Image: 009nfx.jpg]

and Gundam, who has achieved peace with the power of Beyblades. LOL Tongue_out_wink
[Image: peaceandvictory.jpg]
(May. 08, 2010  11:28 AM)diamondclimax Wrote: ...

Lol at your last picture. I like the way you've set them up for your photos... nice.
(May. 08, 2010  11:55 AM)Cpt. Squirrel Wrote: Lol at your last picture. I like the way you've set them up for your photos... nice.
LOL Thanks. XD
That last pic was epic. I can't wait till August because that's when I'll be able to get Metal Fusion blade plus I have a friend at school who has a friend whose dad works at Takara Tomy and my friend can get me him and my other friend free blades, I'm going to ask for Bey Deck Entry Set, Flame Libra T125ES, Storm Capricorne M145Q, Angle Compass, Flame Sagittario C145S, Storm Pegasus 105RF, Metal Face, Rock Leone 145WB, Galaxy Pegasus W105R2F, Hybrid Wheel Reshuffle Set Defense and Stamina Type, Hybrid Wheel Reshuffle Set Attack and Balance Type, Ray Unicorno D125CS, three Beylauncher Suspensions, Rock Giraffe R145WB, Thermal Lacerta WA130HF, Grip Rubber Red Launcher Grip White, Lightning L Drago 100HF, and Beypointer plus I'm getting Earth Aquila, Rock Aries, Dark Bull, Launcher Grip, String Launcher, and Assembly Chamber from Walmart, so when I get the three from Walmart in August after I get he ones from Japan I'll have 22 beys, 9 launchers, and three grips , and I will show pics of the ones I'm getting from Japan first and the American ones later and show all 22 blades and 9 launchers and grips together.
Periods (full stops) and paragraphs are used for a reason. People are not going to want to read your posts if everything is jumbled together like that.
Sorry about that, but I seriously can't wait to blade again.
diamondclimax that last picture is epic!
(May. 09, 2010  12:32 AM)Dirge Wrote: diamondclimax that last picture is epic!

Thanks guys.
But back on topic...