Beyblade Collection

(Jun. 24, 2009  5:40 AM)Limeguy64 Wrote: EDIT: o and blits, what bottoms do you have? XD (didnt see them in any of the pictures)
Well It's easier to tell you what I don't have which is SD Bottom and H145 Track.
lets see.

dragoon s dranzer s driger s and draciel s
dragoon g, dranzer g and gt, driger g and black dranzer Wink
Update on my MFB collection:
Launcher Grip

Will be getting a Bull starter soon, too.
got these new blades:

sea dragon
phantom fox(green)
dark leopard(grey)
dranzer v
my beyblade are:
Driger G
Dragoon Phatom orange and yellow is not a fake
Dragoon GT
BK Dragoon
BK Dranzer
Bootleg Dragoon S
A Customizize Storm Pegasus
and Thunder Serpent
So far, I have:

Driger V2
Draciel MBD
Dranzer S, G, GT
Dragoon S, V, V2, GT
Dranzer MS, MF
Dragoon MS, MSUV, MF
Draciel MS
Gaia Dragoon MS
Driger MS
Thunder Dragon MS
Sea Drake MS
Aero Knight
Dark Leopard
Slash Riger
Magical Ape
Storm Pegasis 105RF NIB
Bull Starter
Wolborg MS
my collection is
3 frisbes for stadiums
1/3 a ripcourd hms
1/4 a ripcourd hms
1 ripcourd mfb
2 left to right lanchers hms
1 right lancher mfb

driger balence hms
dracile defense hms
pegusue ofencense mfb
tfp1119..... The names are Driger MS, Draciel MS, and Pegasis 105F
Driger s
Driger F
Dranzer S
Dranzer F
Dragoon G
Dragoon F
Dragoon S
Grip Attacker Dragoon
Master Dragoon (AR only)
Metal Dracial(The AR is broken)
Metal Dranzer
Ultimate Frostic Dranzer

HMS:Hopper was all i could get ):

MFB:Wolf 125B
just orderd some more
BB-21 and BB-22 (Y)
-Driger G
-Torch Pegasus
-Dragoon Eight spiker
-Draciel S' base
-Some random blue blade
-Shining God MS(without weight disk)
Here's what I have currently:
-Flash Leapord 2
-Voltaic Ape
-Dragoon V2
-Dranzer V2
-Driger V2
-Draciel V
-Appollon G
-Gaia Dragoon G
-Dranzer G (orange)
-Draciel G
-Driger S
-Draciel S (2)
-Dranzer S
-Orca Diver
-Burning Kerberous
-Dragoon V (AR, BB)
-Death Driger
-Advance Averazer
-Death Gargoyle MS
-Thunder Dragon
-Sea Dragon
-Advance Guardian

What I ONCE had (but god knows where they went):
-Dranzer V
-Gaia Dragoon V (=[)
the news beyblades ive got:
Dragoon MS
Dragoon G
Dragoon V2
Dragoon V
Dragoon V2 RC
Dragoon MS UV
Pegasis 105F
Storm Pegasis 105RF
grip and shooter:
Dragoon Shooter
RC Shooter
HMS Customize Grip
MFB Grip
Dragoon Grip
My collection:
Sagitario (Its in the mail)

What happened?
My stuff got robbed at the Anime Expo because I trust too much ! D;

Edit: I don't have my RF, WB, Libra wheel or Beygrip anymore.
ugh i feel you bro

i'm sure everyone here has heard enough of my infamous hms robbery
I can't imagene how you felt since yours was on a much larger scale ...
:\ At events like that I must remember never to leave stuff unattended.
Infamnous hms robery?
(Oct. 25, 2009  7:55 PM)firelord767 Wrote: Infamnous hms robery?

At a tournament in 2004, someone stole this from me:

[Image: CNE002.jpg]
(Oct. 25, 2009  7:59 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: At a tournament in 2004, someone stole this from me:

A whole box of beys? Chocked_2

Holy carp...
Honestly, how did you get all the money to recover from that and end up making an even better collection?!
I'm going to struggle if I start ordering replacements from Japan. Insted i'm just going to wait untill the UK release.

Feel 4 ya
Black dranzer ms, 2 wolborg ms', dragoon MSUV.

I would have thought about suicide after that one Brad
(Oct. 25, 2009  8:09 PM)Cyber Kerberous Wrote: ouch

Feel 4 ya
Black dranzer ms, 2 wolborg ms', dragoon MSUV.

I would have thought about suicide after that one Brad

hahaha i very seriously almost quit beyblade back then. i have this girl to thank for me not quitting:

[Image: CNE011.jpg]

we spent the next day of the tournament teaching her all about beyblade and we gave her any prizes we won, it was a blast. she must be much older now haha, i wonder if she remembers me?