Beyblade Clubs in schools

hey i trying to get schools for a tournament, what your school name i trying to get a bunch of schools for it

Tuckblade you want to see if you could ask your prinble if we can have a tournament bettwen me and your bey team i can get more members so don"t worry about numbers so we can go to the frist team to ten, if you want

can we do this? and other schools can come to i really into beyblade my fav character is valt aio and fav bey is valkyrie and i do the anime lanches but only the ones you can do with valkyrie witch is sprint boost and airily boost

my school is huffman middle

hello i just wanted to say hello but it says it to short so hello
i want a tormument i can"t spell XD betteween any schools that have a bey club

and also a solo one to

can someone answer me please
You guys need to not be posting the names of your schools! There are REALLY bad people out there! I learned the hard way.
(Mar. 25, 2019  2:30 AM)Chessmaster Chi Wrote: You guys need to not be posting the names of your schools! There are REALLY bad people out there! I learned the hard way.

Yeah, that's true and all, but consider the community we're in. I don't think any child predators are likely to look towards Beyblade, especially considering that the age group that plays (mainly) are people who are old enough and well aware of the danger. They feel safe here because not really anybody would come looking here of all places. But even so, I agree, it's not at all the wisest idea to post your school's names guys and girls.
ok then can we creat a privite chat you have to be invited to so nobody would do that? and i really want do this i even have stories in my head aboout this even my club so could some how we could meet at my school to discuus this and i know i caan"t spell XD, CHO Z VALKYRIE IS THE BEST BEYBLADE AND VALT AIO IS THE BEST CHARACTER!!!!!!

please can we hears my club
Oh, nice, I run one, too!
It's always fun to have matches with friends.
i wanted to do tourument like in the anime, teams first then solo can you ask your prinble fury, i can't spell that good XD
hey anyone want to do a tourmuent with my school? i can"t spell, but does anyone want to?
I might ask the principal to start a club, also i might start a club during recess. I love my Balkesh, me and him have been together since the start.
I too have started a beyblade (and card games) club in my school. i am also thinking of starting a tournament there as well for bladers and non bladers a like with beys on loan for those who do not own any.
I mean, nobody in anyone or at least, in MY school knows about Beyblade. And is it necessary?
Beyblade does involve toys.