Bakushin Beelzeb T125XF

(Aug. 06, 2013  1:25 AM)Kai-V Wrote:
(Aug. 06, 2013  12:58 AM)Striker Phantom Wrote: You thought I was joking. And you may think that my method of testing is bad, but it's the same as real life testing. This is what anybody should do if they either really want to know about a specific beyblade, or if they want to make a thread about a bey. This is simply "The Alternative"

Not at all. You have no idea how much testing the Members of the World Beyblade Organization do. What you do is basically just one percent of the knowledge that determines a part's worth. This is why Beywiki is so accurate (besides the outdated things that were not updated yet; they were super accurate at the time of their publication).

And no, that better be a huge bad joke : watching a Beyblade solo spin determines NOTHING.

Sorry Confused
Hopefully I will be able to get Zero G Ultimate Synchrome Stamina & Defense or Attack and Balance. Hopefully I will make a real post. But basically, I don't have a stadium. I mean, I have a made up Zero-G Stadium, but that's about it.