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  Los Angeles, California
Weller Court
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St
11:00 AM on 12/29/2016
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[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Date:
December 29th

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Location:
Weller Court, Little Tokyo
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St, Los Angeles

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Time:
-Registration will start at 11:00AM
-Event will begin at 12:00PM

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Directions:
[Image: cda5bc88a1205e34e0579b1c2566e150.png]
Look for the knot statue, walk inside until you see the tables and market area to the left.

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Format:
The event will be Plastic Format.
-If you do not own any Plastic Generation Beyblades, we will have spares to lend out, don't be discouraged if you don't already own any from this system.

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Prizes:
-1st place: Gold Master Driger
-2nd place: Gold Master Driger
-3rd place: Knight Dranzer

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Host/Judges:
I am the main host of this event, Achi-Baba, and ThaKingTai will be co-hosts.

Confirmed attendees:

Alta host
ThaKingTai co-host
Achi-Baba co-host
Wars End

Possible attendees:

[Image: ee94a2f4711824ecd2df141e91f24c8d.png]Check out the LA Tournament topic to know when upcoming events are being planned.
Hey guys, don't worry about if you don't have any plastics, Jojo [Jp0t] and the rest of Team Shellshock have been generous enough to lend out her parts for you guys (without your own plastics). We want to have as many people as possible come out and celebrate the end of the year Oldschool.

Keep In Mind, that all events this month are free, so there is only everything to gain. We hope to see you around the dish.
Bey Brad Originallyme actually is unable to participate and due to circumstances, he can't unjoin the event. Is there a way for you to do that for him? If you need further explanation, please pm me.

For Second place prize, you also get a light launcher. For first place, you get a light launcher and what I believe are the Radio beyblades as well.
I must be forgetting something, but just to clarify in this thread anyway: did this tournament ever happen? Alta Achi-baba If it did, can the list of participants and/or the spreadsheet be submitted soon?
I'm so sorry about that. Alta, ThaKingTai, Racing Cheetahz, Breakdown, Wars End, and I were all that attended, leaving us to do Winner's streak Club format. I started on the Spreadsheet yesterday and it should be done, at the latest, by the end of the week.

1st: ThaKingTai 14 wins
2nd: Achi-baba 7 wins
3rd: Alta *4 wins

*I need to confirm this
The picture does not work for some reason, but at least with the list of participants, I was able to distribute the points accordingly. Thank you.
Here we are:

Please let me know if there are any adjustments that need to be made, this is my first spreadsheet, and I'm unsure if we went over the the requirements for Club format sheets.

We are hoping to have the next one around Mid-February.
That seems good. Those are all matches that happened within twenty minutes, right?
Yes, at the time, we were unsure if we were supposed to pause the timer in between matches though, but IIRC we didn't pause it often if at all.
You bring up a very good point. Since Club Format events already last little time, we will discuss the matter as soon as possible.