Has a gaming company ever got rid of something that you liked in the next game they released or didn't release a game after it? Please remind us of all the features which a video game has gotten rid of & you want back & the ones they forgot to produce.
When Pokemon Diamond & Pearl was released they got rid of the acro bike from Emerald & all the cool tricks you could do on it Unhappy
COD Black Ops got rid of the tac knife and the commando perk.
I want it back!
I think the Secret Base system from Gen III of Pokémon was a lot cooler than Gen IV.
WoW's old rank system from vanilla was far superior imo, but my problems with the expansions are more that the content they added is ridiculous rather than what they've removed.
They got rid of finding berries in Heart Gold and Soul Silver Pinching_eyes_2
Well I hate that you can't store items on the computer on Pokemon HG/SS... Or can you only do that at your house? I can't remember xD
You can still get berries from Pokemon HG/SS
(Edit) I never saw the 'Finding' sorry bout that.

They got rid of Pokemon Contest In Pokemon B/W and now they have Pokemon Musical.... but its still epic.
They never brought back Kirby Air Ride. I really liked it too. It's one of my favorite Gamecube games.
Modern gaming too away the need for intelligence to win.

Kirby Air Ride is a very cool game. I wish they bring it back.
They never brought Pokemon XD/Colosseum to the Wii.(Battle Revolution doesn't count since theres no story mode)Secondly SSBB didn't have Mewtwo but Lucario is still good.Thirdly In Naruto UN4 they left out choosing your own Ultimate Jutsu.Next (also naruto)They never made Ultimate Ninja 5 they just moved on with the PS3 even though Europe and Asia got Ultimate Ninja 5.(Non Ps3 or Xbox360 owner) And Lastly they never brought back the Kirby64:The Crystal Shards for the future consoles (My favorite Kirby game as of right now)
Also, they got rid of all the cool holidays in Animal Crossing: City Folk. Even morning fitness D:
On Halo reach they got rid of all the good maps. I especially miss Sandtrap. It was so fun putting zombies speed heaps high & then running away on mongooses with a guy on the back trying to shoot them. Scary though but that is what makes it fun.
RIP Gameboy (Kirby's Dream Land and Pokemon) and N64
All the ape escape games announced for but never released in America.

Million monkeys being one of my most anticipated ones. I would have loved to play as Specter.
As a Tales fans, you wouldn't not realize how much I despise Namco (not Namco Bandai) for not releasing the updated version of Tales of Destiny (Director's Cut for the PS2), Destiny 2 (PS2), Eternia's re-release (PSP), Rebirth (PS2), and...some DS escort titles like Tempest and Innocence. Oh, and the Hearts title, too.

At least we're getting Graces f for the PS3...
The secret bases on pokemon. I used to play all night in the underground with my friends playing capture the flag.
The PokeRadar! That was my only way of getting shinies! D:
I wish they kept the auto run in pokemon B/W
No heart beat sensor on black ops....
No rebattle with gyms in B/W
Dark Cloud and Rogue Galaxy. they were two of my favorite games, and no more are being made Unhappy
(Apr. 24, 2011  11:41 PM)Nile Wrote: No rebattle with gyms in B/W
what do you mean?
you could never rebattle gyms
COD in general
the 1 in de riese was going to be called AMMO-MATIC
it gives u max ammo for a certain time

the 2 in ascension were Candoiler and sumthing else
like tugsworther or sumthing???
candoiler would give u more room for ammo
and the other 1 would give stronger shots ( stronger insertion in zombie body, meaning in sted of like 5 shots it could be 2)
Megaman ZX should have had a third game....
(Feb. 24, 2011  1:46 AM)Deikailo Wrote: Modern gaming too away the need for intelligence to win.


Funnies. I wanted the Hornet from Halo 3 and the Scarab gun in Halo 1 from Halo Reach.
(Apr. 24, 2011  11:45 PM)StormPegy Wrote:
(Apr. 24, 2011  11:41 PM)Nile Wrote: No rebattle with gyms in B/W
what do you mean?
you could never rebattle gyms

In HG/SS you could rebattle any Gym Leader again in the dojo as long as you had their number.