BEYBLADE BAR: Re-Opening April 2019

(Mar. 16, 2019  11:45 AM)Kai-V Wrote: Nobody posted about the reopening of the Beyblade Bar yet?

I wish this would open and stay open. Not that I'll ever get there though.  Tongue_out
Hi everyone! Looking for a bit of help to anyone who has done this before.

A couple of friends and I are planning to go to Japan in April to visit the bar but we were wondering about a few things:

- Is it a lotto system to get a table like the animate cafes or do you just turn up and queue like the tower records/capcom cafes?
- Did Takao Aoki do signings at previous bars and if so was it a lotto again to get a chance to see him?
- How easy is it to get a table/waiting times?

Right now the site doesn't say when the signings are but would anyone know a rough date?

Thank you very much Smile
finally!!!!!! a bar for any guy any age!!!!!!!
Plastic gen. has always intrested me.

I'm a burst blader, so yea

(i suck at spelling)