BEYBLADE BAR: Re-Opening April 2019

How can you get the clear driger?
(Jan. 07, 2017  4:09 AM)Naru Blader Wrote: How can you get the clear driger?

It says in the opening post: "When you order items on the menu you'll have a chance to win a Driger Slash Clear Version Layer".
[Image: carequiped.png]


Everything looks super cool, would love to see the rest of the menu!
Here are some clear Driger S Burst Ver. Layers:
[Image: C1iMUU-VQAAkTH5.jpg]

I thought nobody cared about the menu, but OK, here are some photographs of it, although I believe that we saw all of it in the first post already:

[Image: C1iDzGCUsAAhgBN.jpg]

[Image: C1iRwqQVEAEKTPS.jpg]

Some of the Beyblades showcased:
[Image: C1iSN-NUUAAGUxm.jpg]
Thanks to:

[Image: C1iKNfBUkAA0YYk.jpg]

[Image: C1iKNfCUUAIyy3h.jpg]

[Image: C1iKNfMUcAEn95o.jpg]

[Image: C1iKNfVVEAAEVCx.jpg]

[Image: C1h8J8nVEAAdjJw.jpg]

[Image: C1h8LWmVQAA8gjg.jpg]

[Image: C1h8M5dVIAAdCvI.jpg]

Or apparently there are only a couple of Beyblade-themed meals and the rest is all regular...

[Image: C1h9a5AUsAA2UaS.jpg]

[Image: C1h9a5AUQAAyMcr.jpg]

[Image: C1h7BHzUsAAGgb9.jpg]
Wow I really need a Beyblade Bar in Canada... when I'm 19
The entrance, apparently (from what I understand, the Beyblade Bar is on a floor where there are a few more cafés):

[Image: C1jT20dVQAQfGcJ.jpg]
Credits to:

Other displays:
[Image: C1iTW4pUUAApD2L.jpg]

[Image: C1iTW4oVEAEE5G4.jpg]

[Image: C1iTW4oVEAAK4p2.jpg]

[Image: C1jFUGkUAAAgEJZ.jpg]

[Image: C1jFbwjVQAIQjrB.jpg]

[Image: C1iOjDZUsAAlVO1.jpg]
[Image: C1iOjDaUcAAIt8w.jpg]
[Image: C1iOjDlVIAAnyCE.jpg]
[Image: C1iOjDaUsAAoXKS.jpg]

[Image: C1jSYB9UoAAzKei.jpg]

There are really not as many rare Beyblades as what TAKARA-TOMY had promised... Unless they consider any regular Beyblade not having been produced in 15 years to be rare... We can however see that there are sheets saying where it is OK to take photographs though, so perhaps the area where there are rares is for some absurd reason prohibited to photograph.

We can all appreciate the "cacktails" on the menu:

[Image: C1jcbwrUkAAgl8P.jpg]

The menu's cover:
[Image: C1jS7YtUsAAH3P1.jpg]

Also, a video showing you around the full Beyblade Bar:

There are plenty of pictures in these news articles too:
(Jan. 06, 2017  1:37 PM)Kai-V Wrote: Apparently, toy manufacturers in Japan have been bothered by the declining birth rate there and this is why some are slowly shifting attention to their adult fanbase. There are people out there not playing necessarily out of nostalgia for the past, but seriously in the present, as an adult, and apparently they just discovered that or they only now decided to acknowledge it... And if the Beyblade Bar is popular enough, there are plans to open a permanent one later on.

Ah, it's open now? I haven't gone yet, but I'm really hoping to soon. I'm debating if I should go alone, or if I should introduce my girlfriend to my hobby and make her go with me lol.

It looks like a blast, and I'm hoping to meet other adults who are intended this game. I'm really hoping they open a permanent one eventually.

Edit: it's in Paco, I think 7F? Top floor I'm pretty sure. That place changes its theme all the time. When I heard in was in Parco, I had a feeling it would be that bar.
Apparently there were 43 people lined up for the opening, and a TAKARA-TOMY staff person compared this bar to being an adult and enjoy darts and billiard while drinking, so they thought: "Why couldn't it be the same, but with Beyblade?"

There could be Beyblade Bars opening in other areas of Japan if there is demand.

It also seems that the scenes of the Bakuten Shoot Beyblade 2001 anime projected on the screen in the bar are just those that were selected as "good scenes" where all four characters are shown, so that means all the scenes about friendship and all.

Here is another news article with good pictures:

@[Wizard], it is on the 6F actually.
(Jan. 08, 2017  3:16 PM)Kai-V Wrote: @[Wizard], it is on the 6F actually.
Do ya want to fight, kid?

I think darts is a good comparison. I genuinely think this is a hobby that can be enjoyed by many people, for whatever reason. I personally dont like the burst mechanic and I think a lot of the systems are too complicated, I think the best systems for this game were either HMS or the original 4-piece Metal Fight Beyblade. Those systems were the most similar to beigoma, which this game is based on. Beigoma has been loved by both young and old since Edo era, so I think setting up a permanent Beyblade Bar establishment and aiming the franchise more towards and older crowd could be a good thing for this hobby. Beigoma has been dying out, there are still people who love it, but currently there is only one factory in all of Japan who still makes beigoma tops, they're located in Saitama prefecture. I think Beyblade really is the future of this game that has been enjoyed by many for generations so I also think it's best to aim at adults like other games already have begun to do.
The food looks good and I love the displays so far in the pics.
(Jan. 09, 2017  12:18 AM)Captain_Pancake Wrote: The food looks good and I love the displays so far in the pics.

Who doesn't love the pics? Lol
(Jan. 09, 2017  12:35 AM)SUGOI-KONICHEWA Wrote: Who doesn't love the pics? Lol

Apparently everyone minus six Members hahah.
I just realised: how come Beyblade 2002 was apparently the most popular season in Japan, yet there are almost no posters of that season and more pictures and projections of the first and third season in the Beyblade Bar instead? Weird...

Anothe realisation: in Japanese, the Beyblade Bar almost assuredly comes from "Beyblade Burst", because the only difference is that you add two other symbols at the end of "Beyblade Bar" - beibureedo baa, beibureedo baasuto. Probably the reason it is not called a café like other themed cafés do.
Thanks for the tons of quality posts in this thread, Kai-V. Those first character posters are seriously cool. I've never seen some of that character art before. I seriously want the Kai one ...

[Image: C1iBl85UUAAr8HX.jpg]

I think I would stick with the non-themed meals though. Yikes.
(Jan. 10, 2017  12:53 PM)Ninja Blader Wrote: Pictures I saw on Twitter
Some are on this thread.
Also posted on my project thread.

That video is not of the Beyblade Bar... They are just sitting at their own house with a cardboard around their stadium.
(Jan. 10, 2017  1:40 PM)Kai-V Wrote: That video is not of the Beyblade Bar... They are just sitting at their own house with a cardboard around their stadium.

Oh sorry I misunderstood the video.
I've never wanted to go to a bar more in my life EVER EVER EVER. This trumps even the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure bar, for me. Praying that demand stays high and they somehow open one permanently.
(Jan. 11, 2017  4:03 AM)Ninja Blader Wrote:

From what I got in Google Translate, they referenced opening one in New York City? That would be pretty cool! Smile
(Jan. 11, 2017  4:42 AM)Hato Wrote: From what I got in Google Translate, they referenced opening one in New York City? That would be pretty cool! Smile

Just as a thought though, it did not seem to be anything serious, sadly hah.
Hiro Morita, the mangaka for Beyblade Burst, drew a small poster drawing for display at the Beyblade Bar one or two days after its opening, and now he signed some of the files you can get at the Beyblade Bar and TAKARA-TOMY is treating them as rare items, but I wonder if Aoki Takao will show up at the Beyblade Bar even once...

Do they not understand that fans of Bakuten Shoot Beyblade are unlikely to care about the mangaka of Beyblade Burst? The stories and characters are so different, on completely different levels and degrees of awesomeness...
the real question: when is Adachi Takafumi going to show up at the Beyblade Bar wearing a WBO Taka/Fumi t-shirt?

Weird to see that Hiro Morita signed those clear files though considering that they have Bakuten Shoot characters on them haha. They should have had a Burst clear file available too.