BA-02 Guardian Kerbeus Red Ver.

Similar as BA-01 (God Battle Set),
This starter may be available in Asia except Japan.
But we can only find it in Taiwan up to now.
[Image: B0_ED0_CB4-3573-4_E59-9_D6_F-_A90_A9_C7_F91_DF.jpg]

[Image: EA45_DC5_F-_B52_A-44_F9-8_B44-9_F50526551_B6.jpg]

[Image: F83629_D9-1571-4_A1_D-_ADC1-_A6_F57_E0551_EC.jpg]

Gold revolve is an exclusive color way
And pleasebe noted the gold heavy disc is the same as the GK in B90
[Image: F2_CA3939-_BB67-4_E2_E-95_E3-_E09074_FE05_A9.jpg]

Video reviewing this starter:
Gold revolve is awesome and that layer is gorgeous. Glad Kerbeus is getting the extra attention.

Thanks for doing the review!
I need to get this now. Someone throw me a link
(Apr. 02, 2018  11:35 PM)TheGalaxyHeart Wrote: you spelled kerbeus wrong in the title

I always mixed it up with the MFB one lol
Sorry for that
I saw this on Ebay and thought it was fake because of the Kerbeus on the box

gotta go back to buy it then
That's an interesting release! I also thought it was a fake, but now I kinda want it. ?
It's been out for quite awhile now.
its to apparently celebrate the Year of the Dog
(Apr. 03, 2018  6:16 PM)OldSchool™ Wrote: It's been out for quite awhile now.

No one opened a such topic as I searched.
Correct me if thats not the case.
Just received mine. The layer is gorgeous and probably the best gK layer for that reason. A bit disappointed by the weight disc, since it’s the same colour that came in the 3on3 Battle Set but the gold driver more than makes up for it.
Let me know if you want to get these cheaper than Ebay. Send me a message Smile