Are all Longinus bad?

If you guys have been wondering If all of the Longinus are bad, I will tell you today that I have an
experience with all Longinus and I will tell you how I feel about it, basically it's not that bad, I mean
it doesn't lost to every bey, right? But many people are complaining that Lost Longinus, Nightmare Longinus,
Bloody Longinus are trash. Including Zwei Longinus.

Lost Longinus will instantly knock the opponent off If the launch
is really perfect.

Nightmare Longinus barely win in battles, it only win against the
first evolution attack types.

Bloody Longinus has a sharp spikes but they don't do many damage because they are
so close together that they can't hit the bey that it is battling, and it stops quickly too.

The greatest Longinus is released by Takara Tomy, Zwei Longinus. Not the best Beyblade but
not the worst, It either finishes the opponent in one hit or the opponent wins with a spin finish.

Over all only the latest Longinus is good, reply what you think about all the Longinus are they all
good or bad?
I think the Longinus beys are pretty good. I mean, most of them suck on stamina, but hey, when its stock combo, they don't have much stamina anyways. As for attack, imo the only one that's sucks is Bloody Longinus. Nightmare is pretty good, Lost was one of the best when the dual layers were still a thing, and Zwei is just over powered, and somewhat top heavy.
Nl Review out of 5 for the following
Burst 4
Stamina 3
Attack 2
Defence 1
overall 10/20
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