75,000 Members Celebration BeyLotto = Results!!

The moment you have all been waiting for has come!

Oddly, out of more than five hundred people who visit this site everyday, only 364 have entered the giveaway. Oh well! "Too bad" for you, and "Alright!" to everyone who did enter because it gave them more chance!

First, here's a recap of the prizes:

34 winners are going to be able to choose one of these Face Boosters!

On top of that, 4 of these 34 winners will be in the top four for these prizes:

1st: Wide Square Type BeyStadium + Dark Knight Dragooon LW160BSF Limited Golden Dragon Model + Triple Battle Set + BBG-13 Synchrom Battle Set

2nd: Triple Battle Set + Berserker Begirados SR200BWD + Zero-G Stadium Attack Type + BBG-13 Synchrom Battle Set

3rd: Triple Battle Set + blue VariAres D:D + Jade Jupiter S130RB

4th: Phantom Orion B:D + Lightning L Drago 100HF Kyokuryuu Ver. + Beylauncher Cosmo Blue

The Triple Battle Sets are kindly donated by Hasbro!!

So, thirty-four winners, but four of those thirty-four are TOP winners!

But now, to make you linger even more, let's explain where the 3s and the 4s were in the prizes which made us choose those items. Some of you had great ideas, even more reasonings than we had originally, but in the end, there were still some reasons missing!

The Wide Square Type BeyStadium: BB-33, and it is four-sided.

Dark Knight Dragooon: Three Os, three words, three heads.

Triple Battle Set: "triple", three products inside this Set, and we were donated three by Hasbro USA.

Synchrom Battle Set: 1+3=4.

Berserker Begirados: Ber-ser-ker (3 syllables), Be-gi-ra-dos (4 syllables).

Zero-G Stadium Attack Type: three exits.

VariAres D:D: Has 3x4 modes, D:D has three tips, VariAres has three sides, and the name has four syllables (Va-ri-A-res).

Jade Jupiter S130RB: Jade has four metal balls, 1+3=4.

Phantom Orion: arguable, but it could be said that it has four syllables (Phan-tom O-rion). It also only has four parts including the Face.

Lightning L Drago: three heads, L-Dra-go, Kyo-ku-ryuu.

BeyLauncher Cosmo Blue: Bey-laun-cher, cos-mo blue.

We admit, some were superfluous, but we forced them in for the benefit of the community, so that you would have more awesome prizes!

Finally, it's time! The thirty winners of a Face Booster are:







T. L-Drago 9207



ashton pinto

Mega Blader










galaxy blade






omega dragonis1


Zero X


Real Madrid

Congrats to you all! There were a lot of entrants, so it was difficult to be lucky enough to get in the top four, let alone in the top thirty-four to get a cool Face Booster!

The drum rolls...



Until bj3rdd wins the 4th prize!

dbk gets the 3rd prize!

Hamlet catches the 2nd prize!


~Mana~ wins the 1st prize!

Wow, you guys are one lucky bunch! To claim your prizes, send a private message to Kei with your shipping details.

For everybody listed in this post to claim their Face Booster, simply post in this topic, and we'll once again make the Faces rain! The top four winners aren't excluded, by the way!

Again, this is a huge milestone that's awesome to celebrate, and we hope you enjoyed this little thrill in the form of a BeyLotto! Keep watching for the next few monthly Passport Holders giveaways, that'll be your way to try your luck again!

See you at the 100,000 Members Celebration (and many times before that too...)!
Congratulations to all the winners !!! Grin
(I lost. xD)
congrad to the winners
Ah,well.Congratulations to all of the winners!
Nothing?! Oh well, congrats everyone who won something! Especially the top four!

When I read where it says the drum-roll, the 20th century pictures theme played on TV, Lol.
i pick the azure face booster
Congrats guys! Teach me how to be lucky like you!
Screw this. XD

Ah well, it was worth a shot, for the fun of it.
Congratz to all winners
hopefully my luck will work next time
No i lost again! Congrats to the winners.
Congrads to winners, maybe I'll win next time.
Oh sweet, I actually won something XD
Sure it was a Face Booster, but it's something I've never gotten before :3

I'm feeling Face Booster Crimson Wink
Congrats to the winners. Good to see some NC bladers winning stuff.
Congrats everyone. Nice to see Hitsugiya won something
Yes! I won fourth! Thank you so much Kai-V and all the others!!!

Edit: Sorry I posted in all caps, I fixed it.
Congrats to the top 4! I'm happy to get a Face booster!! I'll take Green please. Smile
(Nov. 05, 2012  2:36 AM)bj3rdd Wrote: Yes! I won fourth! Thank you so much Kai-V and all the others!!!

Edit: Sorry I posted in all caps, I fixed it.

Do not forget to post your Face Booster choice too.
Face Booster Blue please.
Face Booster Crimson. Thanks!
Wow. That happened. I was feeling it. Ah well, congrats to the winners! (I'll wait till 100K members and make the move of first place)
Wait so Hasbro DONATED items to us? That is prodigious.