5 combos to use if you don't have Cho-Z

5. Blast Jinnius.0B.Wd-S
Blast Jinnius has it's wall ability, add 0 Bump's weight and Wedge-S' Unite like performance, it could be a threat to Cho-Z

4. God Valkyrie/Genesis Valtryek.0V.X (With Metal God chip)
gV has the spring blade ability which will give it increased burst resistance and a metal god chip with increase the weight. That plus 0 and Vortex (To add weight to attack points) and Xtreme, this will be a fierce foe

3. Drain Fafnir.0B.Br
Fafnir has the spin stealing gimmick. Add the life after death and weight of 0 Bump and add bearing which outclasses atomic and you get an OP COMBO!!!

2. Spriggan/Spryzen Requiem.0B.Br
Same thing as #3 but better

1. Nightmare Longinous/Luinor.B.Octa
Add nL's weight with both Bump and octa and you get something heavier than Cho-Z

 Put your combos that are not Cho-z in the comments below.
Hasbro Balkesh B3/(2/4/10)Cross/Bearing. It might be banned sooner than you think, because it's good and it's capable of defeating the more recent Cho-Z combos. Atomic's a decent swap for it if Bearing gets banned.
Don't have Balkesh
You said

"Put your combos that are not Cho-z in the comments below."

You didn't say

"Only put combos for stuff I have that are not Cho-Z in the comments below."
Blast Jinnius is NOT good.

Also, Genesis Valtryek/God Valkyrie is not good either.
I made this Cuz i don't have any torney allowed or tourney recommended Cho-Z beys