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Full Version: Make Your Own Beyblade Burst Character
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Name: Ashura Hita
Beyblade: CH.Ng.Tn 環
Layer core: Helios. Depicts the sun. Normal teeth.
GT chip: ring. six Hexagons. the center does not have a hexagon.
Attack Base: Cosmic. Has four contact points on the top and a smooth bottom for LAD
Disk: Negate. First on Echo Sonar, has the bound defense gimmick of deep chaos but upside down.
Driver: Tension. It is a survive sized low angle cone with a circular ridge lower down.  It can be set into three modes. Fixed stamina, Bounce, or fixed attack.
Fixed Stamina is slightly taller than normal height.
Bounce allows it to bounce on the bursting spring, slightly improving burst resistance. Unlike Nothing it does not wobble nor free spin.
Fixed attack is at the height of yard and compresses the spring. Greatly improving burst resistance. it is a flat tip in this mode.
Name: Hitashi lys
Beyblade: GL.Ph.En無
Layer chip: Lupos. depicts a wolf. Has four tall teeth.
GT chip: Nothing. Has no hexagons. Has the bars and arcs.
Attack Base: Gran.
Disk: Phantom. Has a plastic core with a heavy metal ring.
Driver: Endless. First found on Decay Serpent. It is basically F230CF but as a driver at normal height. Can be locked for attack.

This bey is practically Phantom Wolf F230 CF
deleted 12/29
(Mar. 20, 2019  6:17 PM)Dragunix Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a driver called endeavor from before this concept. Should I change its name or just keep it?

Keep it
(Mar. 20, 2019  6:17 PM)Dragunix Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a driver called endeavor from before this concept. Should I change its name or just keep it?

What is your endevor driver concept?
(Mar. 20, 2019  6:22 PM)MWF Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 20, 2019  6:17 PM)Dragunix Wrote: [ -> ]I've got a driver called endeavor from before this concept. Should I change its name or just keep it?

What is your endevor driver concept?

Sounds cool!
Deleted post
Name: Hiro Shirosagi

A wandering Japanese-American blader who tests his opponents strength with his left hand which is his weaker hand. If his opponent can't even beat him like that, he just decides they aren't worth his time and walks away, but if they put up an actual fight, he'll use his right hand. Even then he ends up winning most of the time. Just like his older brother Lui. (not canon) His hair has the flaming textures of Lui's but it looks like Shu's hairstyle.

His bey is called Nemesis Longinus. True to the Longinus fashion, it's a left spinning attack type that looks like Nightmare and Bloody Longinus fused together, so it has 4 metal dragon heads that are sharper than either previous bey, with 2 looking like Bloody's and 2 like Nightmare. Its closer to the size of Bloody and it retains the gimmick Nightmare had. Its center has a purple metal dragon head with blue curved horns extended out from it.

it's parts are End and Diverge. End looks like 0 but with hidden plastic blades that go out if it's launched hard enough. Diverge has a very special gimmick. As the name says, the tip, based on Destroy, will diverge or separate to reveal an Extreme tip, which will make it rush into battle even faster. You have the option to lock it if you wish to use the Destroy mode. The entire bey is overpowered, but it has only slightly stronger teeth than Nightmare Longinus, and because of Diverge, it won't have so much stamina.
i am not to crazy about this
(Mar. 20, 2019  6:31 PM)Dragunix Wrote: [ -> ]@[MWF]

This should be it

(Nov. 04, 2017  10:17 PM)Dragunix Wrote: [ -> ]Name: Fyleon Azuki

Beyblade: Requiem Beowulf 10B (Bump) Endeavor


When launching Beowulf, especially in its free-spinning mode, Fyleon uses a special launcher called the Tachyon Launcher. 

ok. So it is a free spinning defense sharp?
deleted 12/29
Name : Omegan
Beyblade : Zenith Omegian lvl3 smooth alloy

That's all I have now
(Mar. 21, 2019  10:24 PM)Dragunix Wrote: [ -> ]
(Mar. 21, 2019  4:07 PM)MWF Wrote: [ -> ]ok. So it is a free spinning defense sharp?

it is a larger Fusion shaped tip, but with a metal WD in the middle and a POM segment on the outside. Both parts are attached to hybrid ceramic bearings, allowing for LAD, precession, and stamina when combined with the low friction materials. The whole driver is relatively heavy, and is great at burst resistance due to its low friction, but is slightly less resilient towards KOs. However, the free-spinning POM ring and its weight often outweigh these flaws.

Slightly skinnier than Octa/Charge in diameter

I asked if the name of one driver should be changed because mine was made a while ago.

A can change the name.
Character: Asha Akiyama
Bey: Hollow Aquarius( defense and stamina type)
Birthday: October 16th
Age: 13-17

Appearance: blue tank top with a star in the middle. A blue shirt with dark blue shorts. Sea green tennis shoes with stars. And dark blue gloves.

Hair color: Pink
Eye color: Baby blue
Skin color: Carmel
Race: Black and Japanese
Nationality: American

Backstory: Asha was giving a beyblade by her dad before he died. She was only 7 when he died. Her mom was stunned and told her to always keep going and keep fighting no matter what happens.
Name: Mick Starlight

Age: 13

Apperance: Mick has messy blonde hair and emerald green eyes, along with a pair of black square roofless glasses. He usually wears a white T-Shirt with a few yellow stripes, and black jeans with a silver chain that comes from his pocket fastened to his pants. He also wears blue high-sneakers.

Home Region: Japan

Personality: Mick, despite being intelligent, is also a huge showboat and will rub victory in your face if he obtains it. Despite this, he's not a sore loser, and is actually a caring person, especially to his little brother Star

Beyblade: Quad Heroiyan
A Stamina-Type bey of the Cho-Z Layer system
The Bit Beast is a Blue, 4-Armed titan In white and Yellow armour. The sleeves of the Upper armour have lightning bolts on the elbow joints. The Helmet is Blue and the eyes are yellow.

Special Move: Double Barrage
Heroiyan strikes the opponent's bey twice. If both strikes hit, there is a chance of a Ring-Out or Burst Finish.
The Bit-Beast uses both of it's left arms for a singular punch.

Special Move: Quadruple Mayhem Strike
Heroiyan strikes the opponent' bey four times, the fourth one being a dash attack. The Beast does a barrage of punches then does a uppercut with both right arms.

Backstory: Mick was introduced into Beyblade earlier than Kasai was. Despite their rivalry, Mick was orginally alot nicer to him and helped him stand up to bullies, despite his claims that "Only he could defeat him"
Over the years, Mick and Kasai's rivalry has more intense, but he tries to keep his brother Star away from the conflict. After Kasai obtained Pyrojin and defeated Mick, he softened on him and since then they've been on respectable terms.
(Apr. 11, 2017  3:59 AM)Phoenix S. Wrote: [ -> ]here is my custom character and bey

My character: Storm Seruga(sir-ooga)
(you can order the layers however you want)
Bey: Galaxy Draco (balance-type) - counter clockwise
Galaxy Draco is an interesting one, it has 3 layers after the main Layer each one has an interesting ability. the top most layer is a free spinning defense layer so it can block certain strikes when pivoted, at a certain angle, the middle one is a stamina based layer, pretty round like maximus garuda, but not that round. and the bottom-most layer is the attack based layer huge smash attacks can be done with this and usually shine the most with low stamina.
each layer, when specialized into a combo has their own special attack the performance tip(yes i still call it that): is a free spinning one, creating friction against the stadium floor, and getting a little more speed as the battle goes on. the top-top layer, the disk, name thing: is "Galaxy Draco 5ES"
if you win with the Defense layer that is known as "Zero-Gravity Wall"
if you win with the Stamina layer(keep in mind it spin reverse, soo think of keeping the attack layer on it) it is called "Absolute Black Hole Drain"
and finally if you win with the attack layer: it is known as 3 different names, if a burst: "Galactic-Impact" if a ring out: "Gravity reverse" and if you somehow just get a survivor finish with this: it is known as: "final stand"
Character: Jason Phoenix
Bey: Jynx Python
Combo: Double 0, Lift, Zeta
Moves: Jumping Strike, Ariel Dash, Dragon Steal
Ultimate: Flying Bite
Abilities: Layer can spin steal, frame can either deliver low sitting attacks or high attacks, tip can go from attack to stamina to defence.
Owner lives in: Darwin, Australia
Jason has: A black short shirt, white Polo pants, red eyes, and spiky(obviously) hair with black and red spots.
The Beast looks like: a giant hybrid between a cobra and a rattle snake, has two arms with hands and claws, one eye is an X, has three dragons circling around it, standing for each mode.
Accent: Australian
Character: Dave Striker
Bey: Shockshift Conqueror
Combo: Double 0, Lift, Zeta
Moves: Blitz Splits, Rebounder Burst, Balance Breaker, Awakening Deliver
Ultimate: Generator Overload
Abilities: Can copy any ability of any beyblade in existence and fuse them together; also can switch between infinite abilities, as it will generate a new ability every nanosecond.
Owner lives in: Tokyo, Japan
Dave has: A dark maroon leather jacket which is designed around his beyblade. He has a hat and some sunglasses, which are also tinted a dark maroon. Dave has some nice sneakers and he has a decent shirt.
The Beast looks like: a humongous hybrid between all beyblade beasts in existence! The Beast is mostly made up of other beasts, but it has a unique beast which uses all of the other beasts' powers to strengthen itself.
Accent: Japanese
My caracter is Akuma Yamikasai. His bey is Inferno Kagutsuchi. Its combo is iK,10 gash , switch. Ik has gimmick that has a ring to twist under the layer that will retract or produce four blades. This will alternate attack and defense mode. It's frame looks like four curved sword-like protrusions similar to duo Artemis' setup. Switch is like zeta with two modes. You can flip it from jaggy to survive.
(May. 10, 2019  1:52 AM)Suoh sadboii Wrote: [ -> ]My caracter is Akuma Yamikasai. His bey is Inferno Kagutsuchi. Its combo is iK,10 gash , switch. Ik has gimmick that has a ring to twist under the layer that will retract or produce four blades. This will alternate attack and defense mode. It's frame looks like four curved sword-like protrusions similar to duo Artemis' setup. Switch is like zeta with two modes. You can flip it from jaggy to survive.

This is good!
Thanks! I kinda changed the name and owner and stole them from my own anime concept
Alexandra Bogard

Alexandra is the twin sister of Xhan Bogard, and shares his passion for Beyblade. She is overseas training. Her bey is Infinite Arondite (I chose Arondite since it was called Xcalibur's counterpart in legend). Alexandra doesn't like to lose, but doesn't show it unless she loses even though she reveals her full power. Her special move is Counter Pulse. When the opponent attacks, Arondite counters with an even more powerful attack using the fusion driver. Arondite's other parts are the Twisted Forge disc.
Character: Aeo Quadir

Appearance: He has light blue eyes and spiky, sky blue hair. He wears a light blue T-shirt and a white coat, and dark blue cargo pants. He is quite tall and kind of skinny.

Personality: Aeo is a very smart individual and enjoys anything to do with math, and is somewhat friendly. He also likes science, and mostly studies aerodynamics, which is why his current beyblade is mostly air themed. When in a battle, Aeo observes his opponent's beyblade very closely to find it's strengths and weaknesses.

Past Beyblades: Aether.W.F, Aviator Aether.B.T, Rise Aether.6G.Float, Divine Aether.11.Thruster

Current Beyblade: Aether Quasar.12.Turbine

Aether Quasar: A right spin balance type Layer named after Aether, the primordial Greek god of light and the sky. It has 4 sleek main contact points, 2 made of P.O.M, and 2 made of metal lined with plastic. In the center of the beyblade there are 2, white, feathered wings circling around a circle-shaped metal core. The 2 gimmicks of the beyblade are 1: the P.O.M wings make the beyblade harder to grip onto, increasing burst resistance, and 2, when the beyblade is launched, the 2 plastic contact points extend out, revealing 2 large metal wings lined with plastic. These wings are shaped like that of a plane's to generate lift, but are slightly altered to also push air out. The main colors are sky blue, white, dark blue, and silver.

Turbine: A tip kind of like a fusion between Trans and Flugel, Turbine has the ability to change from a metal sharp to a rubber hole flat and back by twisting it. It also has 2 medium sized metal wings also shaped like that of a plane's to generate lift. The driver is white and the rubber is blue.

Special moves: Jet Launch: Aeo launches Aether in attack mode at an angle, making the driver's wings scrape the stadium and generate lift, giving it a speed boost.

Quasar Launch: Aeo launches Aether in stamina mode while spinning in the air, giving Aether somewhat of a stamina boost.

Hurricane Barrier: Aether, in stamina mode, makes a barrier of wind, pushing away the opponent's beyblade. Similar to Horusood Field but more compact.

Tornado Rush: Aether, in attack mode, uses it's wings to lessen friction with the stadium and to make a barrier of air around it similar to a tornado, making it go in an extremely fast flower pattern and pushing the opponent's beyblade away with the barrier of wind every time it gets close to it.

Rising Blow: Aether, in any mode, lifts itself into the air using it's layer's wings and it's driver's wings, then falls down onto the opponent's beyblade, striking it from above.

Accelerating Cyclone Barrage: Aether, in attack mode, does an even faster version of Tornado Rush, getting more quicker with every hit, usually ending in a Burst Finish.

Extra: Aeo's Aether Quasar was made during his experiment Project Quasar where he took the air-commanding/creating abilities of Maximum Garuda and Air Knight, improved them, and put them into his Divine Aether, transforming it into Aether Quasar. 
Character: Chelzar Orion
Appearance: (Reg:) Chocolate Brown eyes, wavy black hair, faint scar running down left cheek, wears black t-shirt with an orange flame logo, wears blue athletic shirt(Takes off in battle), dark grey sweatpants with orange streaks on either side, Black Sneakers with orange and yellow imprints. (Full Power:) Eyes turn fiery orange, hair changes into a flame-like color.
Personality: (Outside of Battle:) Quiet, calm, introverted, rude, loves to taunt future opponents, intelligent, appears to be hiding something. (In battle:) Extremely extroverted, extremely rude, arrogant, loves taunting, dismissive to others, will break others' beys.
Past beys: Curse Chimera/Chimerus,  Triple, Strike(Dual), Burn Chimera/Blaze Chimerus, 7 ,Xtreme(God), Raze Chimera/Raze Chimerus, 13, Blade, Ember(Cho-Z, destroyed), Demon Chimera/Diablo Chimerus, Zenith, Destroy'.(Cho-Z, replacement for Raze Chimera)
Current Bey: Inferno Chimera/Chimerus, 13', Blade', Ember', Scythe.
Bey(Only Inferno Chimera:)
Gachi-Chip: Red-Orange in color. Black circle surrounds the hole where the Scythe layer weight is protruding. 3 small "heads" encircle it, each being made of metal.
Layer Weight: Similar to Metsu from Zwei Longinus, except one side only has 1 base, while the other 2 are spread to opposite ends.
Base:  A Counter-Clockwise base. Base is a clear orange, with black and red markings along it. There are 3 major contact points (Think a counter-clockwise Valkyrie), each being made of almost pure metal. These 'heads' can retract into the layer, as well as extend further from it, thus creating three modes: Counter, Strike, and Breaker.
Disc: 13'. Red variation of 13. Slightly heavier than regular 13.
Frame: Blade'. 3 blade like structures protrude from the middle, creating a Valkyrie-like frame. It is a metal frame(Unlike the original), and has the same gimmick as Turn and Lift.
Driver: Ember'. A prime version of the Ember driver. It consists of a merge-like driver, with 3 metal strips coming down on each side of it. The tip of the driver is free-spinning in both directions, and does not have rubber like Merge. It is also noticeably a little thinner than Merge. It is colored see-through orange.
Gimmicks: Left-rotation, layer base mode change, click based ability.
Gladiator Boost: Chelzar will step back x3, and then jump into the air. He swings his launcher at a 60 degree vertical angle, allowing for increased attack power. Only used when going Breaker Mode.
Ultra Ember Break: Chimera's Ember' driver uses it's free-spinning tip to rapidly change direction. It is similar to Spriggan's counter break, and can be used in a chain of attacks.
Inferno Counter: Chimera, in counter mode, uses it's layer's rounded shape to hit the wall of the stadium, and zoom backwards for a devastating counter.
Inferno Strike: Chimera, in strike mode, goes underneath the opponents layer, and collides with the disc or frame to burst the opponent. This is similar to Bloody Longinus's Dragon Scream, and not very useful against left rotating beys. To compensate for that, Chimera will attack the layer instead.
Inferno Impact: After taking a certain amount of damage in Breaker mode, Chimera's blade' frame and ember' driver will align with the heads of the layer, allowing for a brutal strike. Breaker mode greatly increases attack power, but at the cost of stamina and control.
Inferno Crush: In any mode(Preferably Breaker), Chimera will fling it's opponents into the wall of the stadium, and then slam them back into the wall, creating a pincer attack. This is Chelzar's go-to move for breaking beys. Use when Inferno Impact is activated for maximum carnage.

So... how is it?
Aether Orios. Very similar to Shu. Shu even trained him

Appearance: Wears a light blue t-shirt, grey pants, hoodie and is always seen with her phone

Personality: Quiet, calm and doesn't make friends easily.

Beyblade: Adapt Orios 00'Breaker Barrage. Cho-Z layer system
Layer: Adapt Orios: Similar to judgement joker with the rubber on, but on the shorter blades there is spin stealing rubber. Dual spin layer with burst stoppers.

00': Slightly heavier than regular 00

Breaker: Metal frame with edges similar to Cross, but greatly sharper

Barrage: Metal tip with 4 modes, similar to xtend plus. Attack, Stamina, Defense, Rage. Attack makes it go like destroy. Defense acts like Atomic. Stamina acts like a heightened Eternal. Rage makes it go even faster than Xtreme.


Breaker Slash: This is when the 4 points on Breaker line up with Orios to create a powerful attack.

Ultimate Adapt: When Aether looks at the opponents spin direction, he can choose to change his spin direction or stick it with the same, depending on what attacks to use

Orios spin: Exactly like Frees drain spin
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