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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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Well im the founder of our local team supernova its been 2 years from now.
My teamname was meteo Pegasus. It consisted of me and my friend and two backup bladers

I was also Part of team galaxy nova
Do any good bladers live in Roxbury crossing in Boston massachusetts? Pinching_eyes_2
I am the number one bladed in boston Massachusetts! Yay!
I'm the leader of the team:
The Elite Five / E5

We have five UK members and an average points total of 1273. This is probably going up once the results of the recent tournament we just had is updated.

Cool fact:
BeyJun who competes in tournaments is only 4 years old.

Please visit the link in my signature to see the team thread.
Im on a bey team called SuperNova. Im glad to be apart of something thats bigger in the world of Beyblade.
Along with the Infernobladerz, I have a new old (oh the irony) beyblade team called team slashback. Just me and my friend but he hasn't officially signed up yet.
: Wait, you're 4 and type like that, and am the leader of an elite team? Are you a prodigy?

My team now officially has 4 members, me, Nick, Nathan, and Tempo-Master.
Leader of the Argonauts Tongue_out We like massacred our members lol. (We took out 4 of 10 members 0_0)

\________/ <----Argos
im a part of team hellfire
Team Spirit Fury
I'm (proudly) the newest member of the elite Team Hell Fires! We're mostly a group of writer bladers! Go team!
Are there any bladers in Boston?
(Apr. 19, 2012  3:41 AM)Dragonmaster45 Wrote: [ -> ]Are there any bladers in Boston?

Yes, but that belongs in the WBO General forum. There is a topic for Boston there, so you just need to find it.
hey i am a team blader we call are selves team galaxy smashers
Our team has three members plus, a back up blader ... Name: Team Underworld; Why we call it that: because our beys are the lords/rulers of the underworld: here are our beyblades: Jayden [me], with {TEMPORAROLY} Twisted Tempo 145WD, I will be getting Fusion Hades AD145SWD; my two friends, Jeremy and Mark, have beys, and Jeremy Has Hell Kerbecs BD145DS, and Mark, has Diablo Nemesis X:D. And we've been training for 2 years and next year, we will enter the Championchips and become #1!!!!!!!
[/size] i am a team blader we call are selves team galaxy smashers[/font]
i am a team blader we call are selves the galaxy SMASHERS

im the leader of team AKATSUKI we are located in the phillipines.
It's called team nebula.
I have a bunch of bey blades
It's in Florida but we can make more groups all over the us Eee
I am the leader of The Shinobi Bladers
Sadly, no members yet Unhappy.
I'm still accepting so PM me if you want to join
I'm the Leader of My Proffesional Beyblade Team Nightmares.
i am acttuly i am the leader of my team called the point steelers oh and i have a quesstion how do i get a bey and send battle request
Forgot to mention this about a month ago, but I am part of the North Carolina team, Kusunagi!! My first ever team!
I have a team. I am the owner/founder of Team Honoo Arashi. This team is trying to catch up to my friend's, team...Team Kusunagi! I'm actually glad I made the team. A new friend came out of it. Smile
My team was called the "FLAMING FURY FORCE FIVE!" unfortunatly, the weakest one quit because when we tried to help her, she thought we were yelling at her. She created her own team with a plan. At the next tornyment I(the leader of flaming fury) faced her shee confessed her plan. It was, "If i quit they would need to think of a new name. This will cut into their training time and I will be victorious over them!" Unfortunatly she diddn't know that four also start's with an "f". I admit, she did improve; but i still beat her! I left her with the team she created because she was better off there. At the tornyment my fourth member noticed the girl he likes is on that team too. He left my team to join their's. After that, with my team's top three (including myself at number1), we had to train extra hard to make sure we were on top. That crushed the other's spirit's so now,(the reason I told you the story) I'm a Lone Blader. I still have the team name so if u wanna be part of Flaming Fury and live around New York, Shoot me a PM
I am the leader of team ruin
leader of team in for the kill
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