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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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Sort and simple, me and a few buddies called ourselves Legacy Grin We used Master Dragoon (Me), Master Driger, Master Dranzer and Master Draciel. We kinda sucked lol But we had fun
A couple of years back, when the originals were super-popular.
I was the leader of my local group called: Soul Bladers.

There was 3 more groups in my area at the time; Rescue Rangers, BeyBlade Owners and Dragon Pack.

Dragon Pack had the most members, with about 10.

Rescue Rangers had 7

BeyBlade Owners had 5

Soul Bladers had 4.

We played against eachother and my team was the top with zero loses...
uhh i am part of an online team if that counts
metal fight bladera i know so orginal
The Lone Blader; consisting of: me! and Storm Pegasis, so technically yes we are a team lolz
(Aug. 02, 2010  10:30 PM)pegasis105rf Wrote: [ -> ]mine was the spin masters

isnt spinmaster a toy company that produces bakugan?
Back when Beyblade first came around me and some friends were trying to make a team called The Mystics. One of the things we were working on was custom stickers for our blades.
When I was in elementary school my team and I were the X Bladers. We were almost undefeatable Grin
But now I'm a lone blader Me Dark Bull Rock Leone and Storm Pegasus... Grin and yes we are a team
Me and my friends areThe Blade Shredders. Well would be until I just read that somone else just said it was there's. Heh (sighs)
I suppose I'm be the defacto "team leader" of the Beybladeurs Sans Frontieres. Although, I don't speak fluent French (I honestly just picked the name because "Beybladeurs" sounded silly) and I'm trying to develop it more as a sort of local promotion organization at the moment; I just decided to erect a "team" because of the excitement of doing so and the whole fingerless gloves shonen hype and whatnot.
when i bladed me and my partner were called the oblivion squad
My team during the first two generations and now was and are the Iron Brigade! we kinda sucked, our overall records (I kept them in a notebook in case I could get the team back together[I did.]) were 27 wins, 29 losses and over 30 ties (I wrote that I didn't feel like writing ties anymore) Now, we have 6 wins in 3-on-3 battles and 1 loss. We all use only stamina types, and that's not good in a 4-man team
Oh yes and I hope that our new team name The Genesis Bladers isn't taken already but if not keep in all your minds that this team name is now taken ha ha ha ha ha ha heh hegh (coughs) hegh (sputters) hhhh........dies.

(Aug. 13, 2009  9:48 PM)Jsc Wrote: [ -> ]Does my Imaginary team count!? XD

(Aug. 17, 2009  3:03 AM)firekid115 Wrote: [ -> ]me and my freinds made a team together:


although i still dont see the point of teams.

seriously (i guess it was a long shot naming our team close to blade breakers) (sighs)
(Feb. 25, 2010  7:15 AM)Ashari Wrote: [ -> ]my team was Cyber Evolution we broke the team up now they decide to play pokemon and stuff

(Jul. 14, 2010  8:44 AM)momiji manju Wrote: [ -> ]Hah, he should challenge the waterfall boy.

the forbidden waterfall boy oo!
Okay one of my teammates quit on me, so we're a 3-man team.
But that's okay, now we can make a website ( and battle other 3-man teams

YOU'RE GOIN' DOWN Steel Constrictors!
My team is called "MaxL"

Because team play in a game where you can't control the object you are using to play, therefore having no real co-operation once the beys hit the stadium is frankly stupid. The whole point of having a team is co-operation and in Beyblade you can't tell your top to not attack your friends.

Anime =/= Real Life
you haven't trained your beyblade hard enough. Gain more beyspirit.

Guys! It's easier to control your beyblade when you use Storm Capricorne M145Q. True story.
A team doesn't mean everyone in the stadium at once! It could be best of 5 or 7 matches based on how many are on your team. That's what we do, you battle until you get 3 wins, or 2 wins and a tie, or 3 losses to determine the winner. If you win, you keep going. If not, the next person gets a shot.

HEY!!! Nobody's paying attention to my site! GO TO THE WEBSITE!
lol When i was 10 I made one called the blade stompers XD I demand entry to Triple Beef Burger :L
team meteor smashers is my team name because we have skills that could smash meteors:Eee
My Team name is X-Clan, we pretty much use that name for every thing lol, so we dont have to be known by a whole bunch of different things and so we're easyer to find
Team Chaos Lightning
(Aug. 25, 2010  5:03 AM)Dan Wrote: [ -> ]Therapists.

that's what we'll all need if we keep blading while yelling attacks at age 30. lol

if anyone here is over 30 and doing that sorry no offence.
And if anyone is lookng for people to inlist in their team i'll join!
I used to be on a team,... i think it was called xsaber or something.
But after a while we all went our separate way.
I have no Idea where they are, so im a solo blader.....
My Team is Bey Bakers
It is (and was) just me and my 5 friends who beyblade in my area so we didn't have teams. I'm trying to find out if any other beybladers live around me (Philadelphia).
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