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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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me and my wbo buddies are forming team but we need a team name
the ZODIAC BLADERS!I'm an aries!
i want to join a bey team i want to be in the zodiac bladers cause i'm a leo
You realize everyone has a zodiac sign, right?
It seems like your implying to join because you have a sign. :Y
no dan u have to have a certain sign to join and there can be only one
Sushi is right I'm an aries and i am in the group.
you should add more content to your posts, in future. Otherwise it just ends up as SPAM
I am part of the Excaliber
my team name is the MF Gravity perseus R145RF'z (with a z)

members: skaterforlife
Leaders: skaterforlife

my bey is MF Gravity perseus R145RF
Beyblades Battle Force 5

But there was only 3 of us...
Where I live we have Team Gravity. .___. We're all pretty good and have really good launch speeds.
We are called: Big Bang Bladers, I'm the 2nd best in our team.
Not yet joined a team, but I will lead if i do. Till then, lone wolf.
might make a team , im not sure but might be something like "team metal crushers" or something.......
does anybody want to start a beyblade team? i have earth eagle or i could join your team...
(Aug. 13, 2009  3:14 AM)StormDriger Wrote: [ -> ]Well i joined Omega's team which is called Beyblade Prodigies . We have our own site and Youtube channel and everythingSmile
How did you make a website?
I made the team up and I am the leader! The team is called Raider Bladers!
my team was named the Bladeslayers before we disbanded. But im trying to bring us back together.
well currently I dont have many friends that like beyblade or are into beyblade at all so i would definitely name it flordian hurricane if i had friends that cared for making a team.
Scratch that Blader's Hurricane
I have a team only just started with 4 members called The Eternal Warriors
me and my friend made a team called burning clawstrike because we both like the C(Claw)145 track
i have been part of many teams but i can't remeber their names so yea i'm alone wolf blader now migth make a team with my buddie migth not sure if i will theres not very many bladers here
my team was and is DARK SHARKS WANT TO JOIN IM MAKIN A FORUM ABOUT IT!!! pm me if u want an application sheet
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