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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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Hmm, im thinking of either making or looking for a team to join in my area. I think it would be kool to have team tournaments tho, like legit WBO tounies for teams. it would be intense.
Are there any teams in the Chicagoland area?
There's three. The Knights, and two others who's names I cannot remember. Two are application-based, however. Unfortunately, being grounded in theory and having never been to a tournament, I am in none of them despite being in Chicago.
My team has enough bladers as is, but if anyone wants to join my team, Storm Bladers, I'll vouch for you. There can never be too many members of a single team, as I see it.
I'm a solo player, don't like groups, but I'm a newbie and I have much to learn!
The closure of TTT only gave way for a greater team.

E5 stands for The Elite Five. The UK's newest top team.
I am starting a team in the Chicago area called the burn bladers and I am the leader. Anyone want to join?
im part of the bey bezerkers
I am part of the Grand Bl@sters. It is a fairly new group, and I am not the leader. The leader is Bey M@ster, so if you want to know more, contact him.
Well if any one wants to join my team you can just send me s private message and i liv n houston
im 11yrs old

I'm A member of Team Cree, a Melbourne Team, were relatively new but will get better, I honestly only joined it because I wasn't in a team and the name reminds me of Deltora Quest.
Will be attending the Melbourne Beyblade Tour 2011-2012, and I'll only be at Halloween's Aftermath though.
TEAM: NorthWesters! YEA! Anyone how lives in WA or OR can join.
im in team darksky if you live in brisbane australia plaease join we need dmore members
Mine is Kusanagi named after the mythical Japanese halberd that was said to create the first landmass. It is an invite only team, because I only invite people who I have met and battled and think are good enough to bear the title of being in this team.
If I had one which I don't, the name of my team would be Epic Fangz of the Phantom ! Grin
mine. is called galaxy strikers. pm me to join if you'd like.
Team Shadow Nova, Largest operating Indonesian Team, as well as the largest branch of Team Omega Nova Smug
Im the co-leader of the North Pasific Powers and the first one other than Pocet Byxis in the team
name chage. its know chronospheres
Team BeybladersX, my team leader text messaged me that we are going to change the name of our team, but i was thinking of indo bladers cause were all indos well anyway dont want to spam Smile
team blaze
I'm the leader of the team: Nova Strike Battle Bladers, or NSBB.
U can call my team Galactic Blitz
My team is team Delta Blade
im the leader of my own beyblade team known as team Shattering Dreams, our goal is to beat you so bad we crush your hopes of becoming number1 in beybladeWink haha.
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