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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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I am part of the Burning Bladers (Irish Team). In fact I'm the Leader of the Northeast section.
i am part of a small team. We are the Bey Vortex Tongue_out we only have 5 people but we all know eachother so thats good Tongue_out We are located in Texas, USA
Mine is Team Hero's we are a team in england' London.
the blade elites. secret, for now.
im not in a team but it would be team full moon
I don't have one.
my team is drako pyrosus im team leader, my team name means dragons fire. me, my bro and 3 of my friends are in it my friend 1 is the suport member im the captain and my bros the advanced guard my friend 2 is the sub and my friend 3 is the middle person person between advanced guard and captain.were the floridian team from the us we never lose.were unstopibal my bigbang pegaus,fang leone,and l drago detro and i never lose. bring it on.

also pm me to join my team or meat me at my competition check out the forum
I am in TTT - Team Triple ThreaT which is a London team.
Team? Dranzer and I are a team, that's all I need.
T.O.N - Team Omega Nova

We are one big team in Perth, Australia. But we have teams that go under our name all over the world, Ireland, Indonesia, Sydney, Melbourne. Together I have lost count of the member we have.
I'm in team Shadow Jungle from The Northwest Washington State
I have been makeing a team called the ECBBA I need two more people then its a real,team
metal breakers it's the same as bladebrakers. I thought of it last month and asking my friends if they want to join.
Oh, yeaH, Judgement Force, the team that brings judgement.. *Suspensful music comes on*
lol nice qwertx, i've started a team that will soon be on here, and it is called:


named after my custom bey, in english it means God's Whirlwind (i'm not japanese it's a loose translation of the word Senpuujin in symbols) and we're based in the UK, it's not a team where you get banned for not going tournaments, it's mainly a team where if you do win a tournament, then you are doing it for our team. I can't go to many tournaments, but when i do, and if i win i will hold up my custom bey to the air to show my team.
(Aug. 14, 2009  5:49 PM)Guardian Odin Wrote: [ -> ]My last team was Aerodyne Mercury, but that made absolutely no sense. If I were to form a new one... hmmm.

Team Heavy Edge? Damn. Now I'm gonna form a Bey/Striker team. I love the whole team concept, really. Even if it doesn't really have legs.
so r u part of a team now

Im now in the team The BlackHole Bladers!
I am gonna make a team called Team Forbidden Star
Mine is Team Nova Destroyers, located in california!

My local teams were: The stadium kings, Dead spinners, Drigger core and us the Blade Warriors
WOW thats really WICKED.[/font][/size] My team name is dark striker its dark wolf combind with ray striker i know its cool.

i was wondering whats your beyblade
hey bladers i was wondering if you want to join my team
mines senpuujin, if anyone wants to join just look at my signature, my bey is a certain basalt ketos WD145CS
My team is called Beyblade Metal Galaxy, and we're just... starting... you know, novices. :\
Team Storm Bladers
Co-Leader: Me
I am in team Bey Edge. I am the captain and the other members are noorx333 and shadowblade1043. We live 30 mins from LA California. My youtube channel is
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