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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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Me and my friend are a team. We have tons of bladers at our school. They are mostly 7 years old though and think that they're cool cause they smash there beyblades by launching them against the wall and on concrete. Then they battle me with their beyblade with the "Eternal Smashed" tip. We are probably the two best bladers at our school (not the 7 year olds, me and my friend) so we're unstoppable! dang, im ranting again. I need a team name though...
my team name is JMBO(Jakarta Master Beybladers Organization) I want to make my club as an official club, can WBO help me? sorry if i make mistakes in making a post.
Team Omega Nova after I changed.
(Apr. 24, 2011  5:01 PM)Ethan37066 Wrote: [ -> ]I want to start a team in the Chicago area in Illinois called team champions but I am
not that old so I was wondering if anybody would like to join and help

I live near Chicago/Park ridge/Niles. I already have a team though.
Use to be Double Link Bey

now by myself
my beyblade team is BB-Domonation and i'm the leader of it you should join! and the website is also on facebook im Tyler BB-Domonation just look up my email
join my team BB-Domonation also on facebook im Tyler BB-Domonation just look up my email
My bey team name is B-TGOD

bey - taylor gang or die

Bladers : Tyler - Lightning L-Drago
Anthony Burn Sagittario

Chaos Bladers
sadly i'm not realiable yet in beyblade battles so i need a team to help me Crying but when Fico the Volcanic Crusher get's here game over fellas Bey Bezerkers
the infernobladerz we are undefeated!
I am in: THH - Team Hell Hounds which consists of me, Blitz, Akatsuki and Raijin.
I actually dont have a beyblade team i was actually looking for one since im new to the organization my bey blades consists of rock giraffe 145 wb and storm saggitario low profile track wb im ALL ABOUT THE DEFENSE WEWT!Stupid
BDomonation is the Best! =)
Let'sPlayAChildren'sSpinningTopGame! And Team Gravity Warriors.
(Apr. 26, 2011  12:15 PM)Ethan37066 Wrote: [ -> ]I want to be on gravity warriors

Sorry no more spots. Well I am on Gravity Warriors which consits of Coasters, Terra Blazer, Finisher L Drago, and some other guys.
my team is called The Power Bladers
itz kewl ima be open for any team out there wholl accept me so first come first serve
This thread is for stating the name of your team, or what team you are a member of at the least. Not for stating that you ware open to be accepted.

@ BigBangScolpio2 below, I am informing others as well as you that sometimes do not bother to read the previous pages.

EDIT: I do not appreciate being insulted on false grounds.
well if u used ur eyeballs ud c tht i sed im new so mb
cdalm down itz just a comment
I am on Team Gravity Warriors, the founder to be exact. My team keeps posting "if you want to join" carp and I just wanted to state, there are NO openings anymore. I know that this isn't the place to state this, but I need to end this.
(May. 15, 2011  4:26 AM)firephionex Wrote: [ -> ]my team is called The Power Bladers

go go power bladers! *da-da-dee-daa-daa-daa* bladers together, samurai foreve-er...

Sorry, just had to do that. Power Bladers sounded WAAAAAAAAAY too much like Power Rangers for me to just leave it alone. Anyway, I wouldn't be in a team even if there was anyone to MAKE a team with down here in Sarasota, FL...
bey bezerkers
Team ShadowKlan
WBBA Canada (Situated in Vancouver)
Team Adventure Bladers. Were just starting.
Proud member of team galaxy balders

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