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Full Version: What's Your Beyblade team name?
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Peeps didnt like the old name so we let our friends choose it. so we are now the.....
and they named our HQ "The Snack Pack Shack"
sometimes I hate people more then I think I do..
does anybody have a team i can join in pennsylvania i want a team really badly
Bayu, Light Nebula & EartH
is that your team or something
my team is called the worldbreakers
The one I founded still remains the Genesis Bladers.

[Image: yeahsig1.jpg?t=1297807498]
We are Team Zetsubou!

Zetsubou means Despair in Japanese.
Zero Blade.
We only have three (maybe four) members and a logo so far. I'm considering renaming it to ZX Blade, Zero Breaker, ZX Break or something else, since I have a feeling someone else aready has "Zero Blade", lol.
I just got into beyblade like... 2 weeks ago lol (and I'm 16 XD;;). Mostly because no one's ever into anything around where I live, or at least not everyone. I can assure that there were no beybattles going on at my elementary school.... anyways, one of my friends who moved to my town in the 5th grade recently got some of the new ones and has a few of the old plastic ones as well because they used to be popular where he lived and showed them to me and I thought they were pretty cool lol. Anyways, if any tournaments start up up here in Washington, we might end up going as a team :3 as for the name, no clue lol. Maybe Team Konguki since I kinda use either konguki or kei konguki for everything rofl. also, if I can get my 6 and 7 yearold cousins into it, they might join too XD
Team Galaxy wings XD. Nile founded it and I'm a member of it.
i dont battle in a team, never get the chance, but along time ago i had a team of five bladers we where the neoblades. but that was a long time 2004 ago LOL
I voted no, but after that, I recently made a Bey Team called Delta Blaze....
My beyblade team is called Squidbillies, a bunch of my friends and me thought so. We got 5 so far.
My team is called "Team Me, Myself, and I"
The Forbidden.
On this site i might be on Nile's team galaxy wings(not sure yet).
B-troit demolition I am the leader
Spiral Bladers is my team's name. We have had our team together since 2000. As the leader, I am proud to say that we may be the only legitimate team that exists at the moment.
My teams name is:
We whoop Bluezee's rear end.

Pshh, what a N-O-O-B

I'm the leader.
well back in the day, me and my big bro had hms while all the kids in the neigborhood were using plastics, after about a day we were known as the...
our team name is team galaxy wings!
(shush, it might be n00by but its better than urs!)
(Mar. 24, 2011  3:14 AM)SSJfisherman Wrote: [ -> ]My teams name is:
We whoop Bluezee's rear end.

Pshh, what a N-O-O-B

I'm the leader.

Can I join? I could probably beat Bluezee.
I've never played on a team before but if i had a team it would be called: The Ancient Wings of The Wild
Team GalaxyStorm! Awesome UK Team
Haven't actually got a team, I will ask my friend tommorow if they want to think of an name.
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