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Full Version: [Plastics] :: Random Thoughts/Parts Discussion Thread
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On the first page of the collection thread, someone mentioned a "Draciel Gravity" release, a later release in a darker colour with a CEW, so maybe it was a hasbro thing?

So yeah, just to recap on that long post from earlier, Burning Kerberous's Base and SG are THE zombie parts to have, and Tiger Defenser is a really, really good AR, as usual.
Hasbro released Driger G in black and Draciel G in a dark green so it's likely it was that one. We'd need someone who has one or both to confirm this. Also there is a red sparkly recolour of Dranzer G too. That could also have a CEW as could the black Driger G. As usual though the problem is that those are all quite hard to find. Also just realised that none of the 4 saints(Dranzer, Dragoon, Draciel and Driger) have an articles on their G versions. If they did this info would probably be known. I'm only really surprised that Dragoon and Driger G don't have articles since they have quite useful parts.
i hasbro gaia dragoon g has fixed tip for the i think..not all hasbro EG comes with CEW..XD
I will ask about the black driger G, I know a couple of members who have it.

The articles would likely only cover the usual releases, this seems to be quite obscure information.

None of the blades before the GT series(Dragoon and Dranzer GT, Zeus Gigars and Torch Pegasis and possibly Wolborg 4 and Rock Bison) had a CEW. They all had normal engine gears. That's why the hasbro recolours are interesting since they had CEW's where the original versions didn't.
Wolborg 4/Rock Bison's parts don't count as CEW's. They used a different attachment system. Flame Pegasus wasn't actually a GT series bey, according to the wiki, but yeah.

I'll see what Relic and Bladingspirit5 can tell us about the Black Driger G.
That's why I said possibly since i'm wasn't sure about Rock Bison and Wolborg 4. Also I would considering Torch/Flame Pegasis(and thunder pegasis) GT series since they do have CEW's.
Hey, no need to be so defensive, I was just clarifying Tongue_out I know you know a lot about plastics (at the very least, you know more than me about releases and prices!)

Yeah, and they also have gimmick EG's that aren't just engines. But, the release list calls them G-Series. Maybe they were just the precursor to GT's or something.

The CEW that comes with them is the one CEW that gives Zeus's Customise Gear decent LAD, btw.
(Jan. 10, 2012  12:25 PM)Ultrablader Wrote: [ -> ]:

None of the blades before the GT series(Dragoon and Dranzer GT, Zeus Gigars and Torch Pegasis and possibly Wolborg 4 and Rock Bison) had a CEW. They all had normal engine gears. That's why the hasbro recolours are interesting since they had CEW's where the original versions didn't.

OK, now even my Rapid Eagle G has a CEW... Tongue_out
About the Black Driger G and Dark Green Draciel, you can ask BS5 and Relic; but I found a more direct source of info. The pics are great, let me tell you. Grin

EDIT- P.S- Both of 'em seem to have CEWs. Please check out the imageshack links in that thread for pics. Smile
Would you mind telling us the parts of Rapid Eagle G? It would help the list I'm working on immensely.

And thanks for that link, that basically settles it then.
Parts of Rapid Eagle G-
AR- Penta Wing
WD- Ten Heavy
EG- Right Spin EG
BB- First Clutch Base (this one is extremely circular around its rim, which makes it look good for compacts. But its an EG BB after all...)
CEW- Semi Flat (Metal)
Do you have a photograph of the base, or are you able to work out what it's a copy of? (As all of the beys hasbro released with EG's used copies of other bases).

By the way, I just updated my Wolborg 2 rewrite, it should be finished now, but it'd be cool if you guys gave it a read/checked it out/gave it some attention, because I think it's a significant improvement over the rather patchy article on the wiki at the moment Tongue_out

I need to rewrite Dragoon GT, too. A lot of the wiki articles back then were done like a normal wiki, without the whole "go through the forum first" thing, so things were missed or overlooked. I'll be trying to update articles where I can, particularly once I return from the holiday I'm taking next week.

And by holiday, I mean training with spinning tops under waterfalls, and trying to learn the waterfall technique (expect flash floods and widespread power outages).
I can't make out what is it a copy of...
Wait a few minutes, I'll take a pic.
I'll edit this post with pics within a few minutes...
Ahh, one of the few EG bases I don't have at the moment! That's Dranzer G's base. Never realised it looked so much like Cross Survivor! Thanks Jan! Grin
I hate this, I really hate this...
I never knew this BB might be that good...
When I bought it, the BB was broken. Crying
The Clutch doesn't work, and all this while, the belief of EG BBs being bad had kept me happy. But now...
But well, your welcome! Grin
I never knew that I could actually help so much considering the limited number of plastic beys I have atm... XD
Don't worry, it's not that useful a base as far as I know.
As for the clutch, are you actually pulling the tabs out to set it?

The thing about India is you guys seem to have a lot of rare hasbro beys, as they stayed in stores for a long time after the line ended, and I assume that they stayed popular there longer than other places, or something, so more were ordered. I've still got Relic on the lookout for a Black Driger G for me, ahah.
There are no tabs...
It came tab-less... Unhappy
But well, it doesn't matter now, as you said that it ain't very useful! Wink
EDIT- Wait, I didn't get your post. What are tabs? Probably I am talking of "some other part" above, as it can't be pulled out, as you are mentioning. Confused
The whole BB is fixed. Nothing(except a couple of springs) can be removed without breaking things. You won't see the springs in my BB, as the parts which keep the spring in place came broken...
Oh wow, I thought something was missing, but couldn't tell. I've got a couple of bases with missing clutches, I assumed someone took them apart and lost them, but maybe they just came like that.
The part which supports the spring is a thin strip of plastic, and from the looks of it, it had to be fragile...
Also, once that strip breaks, it leaves a gaping hole at the side of the BB, and against LTACs, this base would die due to the major recoil it would suffer; thanks to the hole. But yes, if you were to find one which is pretty much intact, then it might not be a problem... Smile
So maybe, what you saw as "missing" might be the strip of plastic. Smile
EDIT- Also, read my above post, I've edited it.
Your tabs are missing. They're the things that you pull out and they click into place, it sets the clutch so when hit, they move inwards and activate the SG. Hard to show though, and I can't really be bothered finding a picture.

It looks like the whole internal clutch setup of your base is missing, though.
Well,I noticed now...
It looks like "any other BB". Its almost empty from inside. Confused
As it is, none of the Hasbro Right Spin EG beys I purchased had a functional EG/Clutch mechanism... :\
I still have a few friends who own Draciel G, and even their BBs don't get the SG activated.
Also, about what you said about India, that is completely true. Smile
You may not find any in stores now, though...
The reason why we got most of the rare Hasbro beys because getting the original ones was next to impossible.
I mean, the original versions were rarer than the recolors.
You see, I still dream of being able to find an ancient toy store in some isolated place, and purchasing 20-30 Dragoon MS beys from there, for $5 each! You see, beys are cheaper when bought in large stocks. Tongue_out
And then, I'll sell them here. Joyful_2
Do they remember to wind them up and pull out the tabs (or pull out the tabs and wind them up)?

To be honest though, most of those bases are useless anyway.
Yes, they do of course! Tongue_out
One thing I love about Hasbro- Their instructions were readable. Tongue_out
Also hey, if you try to look at the collections of my fellow Indian mates, you'll see that most of us own the recolors than the original colors. Tongue_out
For the first time, India was at an advantage! Tongue_out <<off topic.
i remember i mentioned about Dranzer G's BB base almost identical to Cross survivor in my draft..but yeah..most of EG system BB are sucks..the oonly EG system that have some use (little) is the first clutch BB (and i think only BB in G revolution that can be use for compact/spin steal is Zeus since it is the only one that is perfectly round...however,almost not possible) it legal to put Uriel rubber tip into Dragoon V BB?
thats the only way i would use my Uriel tip..(i have double Uriel tip.. Wink )
Edited to more understandable sentences..haha
Zeus BB is a first clutch BB. Maybe you mean No Clutch? And a few of the bases have some use with Takara Zeus's EG and the CEW from Flame Pegasus.

Yeah, if you mean Uriel 1/Wolborg 3's tip, it would be legal, as the tips are basically identical in form and function.